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Whirlpool ADP2315SL

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Brand: Whirlpool

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    1 Review
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      02.10.2013 14:04
      Very helpful



      not the best but not the worst

      One of the perks of buying a brand new home is that it generally comes with all the kitchen white goods that you need just like ours did when we purchased it last march. All of the appliances are made by whirlpool and that includes the dishwasher I am reviewing here.

      Obviously as our dishwasher came with the house we didn't purchase it seperately so I don't know the price paid for it or where it was bought from. I did have a look on google to see if I could get a rough price but it would seem they don't actually sell these anymore the only way I could find to get one was on gumtree or ebay second hand.

      It is a full size dishwasher in a stylish silver colour and fits well under worktops with very little gap at the top, its not integrated though which I prefer as if we move we could take it with us.
      There are 5 settings which you choose by pressing the selection button on the top panel until the setting you want lights up. The settings include a half load cycle, eco cycle that washes dishes at 50 degrees, a rinse cycle and a heavy soil setting. For everyday use I use the eco setting.
      Its very simple to use as all you do is turn it on with the power/start button, select your cycle, and press start. There is also a cancel button.

      When you open the door it opens downwards like most dishwashers. The part for the tablet is in the door and is easy to fit the tablet in and close. It has two metal racks the top for glasses, bowls etc and the bottom for plates with a large cutlery basket. I find the layout of the dish washer easy to use and it fits alot in it, we only put the dishwasher on every 3-4 days for a 4 person family. That said I don't tend to wash the kids bowls in it.
      Underneath the bottom rack is a filter and a basket that sits in the bottom of the dishwasher to trap any excess food and stop it clogging up your drains. I tend to take these out after every other wash to rinse them out or your dishwasher will start to smell but this is really easy to do. Both the top and bottom washer blades click in and out easily as well.

      We have had some issues with this dishwasher, it doesn't always fully dissolve the tablet so it can leave the dishes still dirty but this seems to be on a totally random basis and doesn't do it every time which is strange.
      Sometimes the water pipe falls out of place so you have to check before each wash else it won't work properly at all.
      It tends to collect grease and grim along the bottom seal but I have found this with most dishwashers so every so often I do a cycle with the dishwasher empty to give it a good clean, its definitely worth doing.

      I have found this dishwasher dries the dishes alot better than any dishwasher I have used previously which saves me having to dry them as I put them away.
      The dishwasher is a little noisy but no more than any other dishwasher I never expected it to be silent and I can't say that I find it overly annoying.

      Extra info-
      it is an A rated for energy efficiency.
      Comes with a warranty provided you register it with whirlpool.
      Also came with some trail finish dishwasher tablets.

      Overall I like this dishwasher when it works. Its extremely frustrating to open it and the dishes not be clean and I never know when its going to happen. When it does work its pretty good and my dishes come out clean and dry. Because its not reliable I wouldn't necessarily recommend it to others and I am going to deduct 2 stars because of this.
      Not the worst dishwasher ever but could be much improved by whirlpool to make it reliable and a much better product.


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      Whirlpool FULLSIZE DISHWASHER / Short name: Whirlpool ADP2315SL

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