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    1 Review
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      09.12.2011 11:00
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      A nice little appliance that makes life that little bit easier!

      Remember those old adverts? You know the ones. The ones where a Spaceship hovers above the earth, a hatch opens and down floats........a washing machine?!?! A Dishwasher?!?!! WTF?!?!!

      Zanussi's logo used to be "The Appliance Of Science" and has always had a good name as far back as I can recall so, when I decided to treat us all just before xmas and buy the household a Dishwasher (no more washing up ~ yaaay!), theirs was the brand I decided to go for. And to be fair, it does a half decent job and I am fairly pleased with my purchase! Well, it saves me a job right away so there's one advantage!

      The appliance itself is white (which is no doubt why they call such household appliances "White Goods") and sits at a height of 81.8 cm with a width of 59.6 cm and a depth of 55.5 cm. I mention these things because if your kitchen is at all like mine (of average size) then your space under work-tops may be limited and it is fair to say that we only just managed to squeeze ours in next to our washing machine leading to much heated discussion along the lines of "It won't fit" and "I'll make it fit!".

      It only has 4 programmes (but how many do you ACTUALLY need?) but one of those includes a 30 min wash which is ideal for our household because we are always in and out and often on a tight timescale and though this is still longer than it would take me to do it, the dishes etc come out sparkling clean to a high exacting standard that even the Mother-in-law would be proud of! No more complaints then of "Ahem ~ and who washed this one up?" because with this machine, we have had nothing but near perfect results every time. Maybe that is true of every Dishwasher, I don't know. We had one in my house as a kid but this is the first such appliance I have actually owned so it is fair to say that my opinion is solely based on what I have seen from this machine!

      That is not to say that it is all perfect though! Many people have complimented the machine on how quiet it is, which is true, and how easy it is to set up ~ not the best at such things, I was able to plumb this in etc myself quite easily ~but there are a couple of small niggles that I have discovered.

      Firstly the cutlery basket has only one size hole meaning that teaspoons etc have a habit of taking a tour around the machine mid-wash. This can cause a bit of a noise and a little game we have started playing upon emptying the machine is called find the missing spoon/ fork etc. This can be fun seeing as how we have a young four year old child who has very small cutlery quite often! Also although it has legs at the front that can be adjusted for height, there are no such legs at the back of the machine meaning that this can rock about a bit during a cycle if you have the legs at all raised. Also obviously this can make the machine a bit lop-sided if you have the legs at the front raised with no such luxury at the back so it is probably best not to play about with these unless you absolutely have to! A design fault...maybe? But it is only a small thing that hasn't worried me unduly but is worth mentioning!

      The only other issue I have with this Zanussi is with the glass holder section in the machine which doesn't really do as it says on the tin and has a habit of letting the glasses fall over! This is another little niggle which doesn't worry me unduly as my wife prefers me to wash glasses in the sink anyway (coming from a Hotel work-based background like myself) as she thinks the machine can leave them a little smeary but I know this might be an issue for some people!

      Overall, this is not a bad machine and competitively priced at a little under £300 from retailers such as Comet who tend to be a bit flexible with their prices anyway in this current climate as there is mucho mucho competition and they are very eager to make a sale! By mentioning that I had seen this cheaper elsewhere, I managed to get another Fiver off so it is worth bending the truth a little to get a good deal!

      I would not say it was the best machine on the market but it does seem to do a better than average job and there are only a few quibbles as previously discussed. As well as the 30 min wash, which cannot be recommended enough, there is also an intense setting which obviously takes longer but which viciously attacks more stubbornly stained items so it is clear that the manufacturers have attempted to think of everything which is why, maybe, a few more minor details have managed to slip under the radar.

      May I conclude by saying that I am pretty much impressed and that by buying this product you are putting your faith in a brand whose name you can definitely trust. Zanussi have once more proved with this Dishwasher that they are able to get the most important things right and I have no regrets at all about buying this machine!


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    Short name: Zanussi ZDT41

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