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Aqualung Din Adaptor

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Manufacturer: Aqualung / Type: Bottles

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    1 Review
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      04.10.2012 10:40
      Very helpful



      A well made essential piece of diving equipment that is reasonably priced

      -------The Product-------

      What is a DIN adapter you may ask. Basically it is an insert that is screwed into the air release valve on a scuba diving cylinder to change the type of connection required with your regualator (breathing apparatus).

      Scuba regulators are made for either an A-clamp fitting or a DIN fitting. The A-clamp (which I tend to prefer) type is where the attachment is tightened using a screw on the back of the valve and tightening the crew causes a high pressure seal at the connection by 'pulling' the pieces together.
      DIN is the german standard fitting (although is used worldwide) where the seal is made by screwing the connecting pieces together directly. DIN does make it harder to get a leak, but I find A-clamps reliable and quicker and easier to assemble.

      Diving cylinders are built for the DIN fitting as standard. This DIN insert is needed to convert them to accept the A-clamp style seal. Often the adapter comes with the cylinder and you may not even know you have one, however as I recently discovered, it is good to have a spare for when someone borrows your cylinder and removes the adapter.

      The O-ring on the Aqualung DIN adapter is grey. For a few pence you can change it to any colour O-ring you can get hold of, but it won't affect your diving.

      -------Use and functionality--------

      The DIN adapter scres into the DIN threaded part of the valve at the top of the cylinder. It is designed so that the centre is the shape of an allen key which can be used to tighten the adapter fully. When tightening it is a good idea to use a small amount of silicon grease to prevent any corrosion, wear or leakage.

      Once the DIN adapter is in place, a rubber O-ring sits in the outer circular groove of the attachment to provide the seal when the cylinder and regulator are tightened together.

      The thread is well made and easy to screw tighly into place.

      -------Quality and Manufacture---

      The DIN adapter is manufatured from stainless steel, which is fairly good at resisting saltwater. If rinsed with freshwater (as you should with all diving gear) after diving it should last a lifetime.
      The rubber O-ring will corrode and break and it is essential to carry spares when diving. I've actually had mine about 2 years and the O-ring is still in good condition.

      The adapter is lightweight, well made and I can't fault the quality or manufacture in any way.


      Selling for around £6.50 it may seem expensive for a small bit of metal with a rubber ring in it. As it's an essential item if using A-clamp style equipment on a DIN cylinnder I think the price is quite reasonable as the makers could probably get away with charging a bit more as people would still have to buy it. This is about standard for all manufacturers and They are all pretty much identical, so I cannot really recommend Aqualung over any other make.


      A well made essential piece of diving equipment that is reasonably priced.


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    Aqualung Din Adaptor. Din adaptor. M25

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