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Atomic Aquatics T2x Titanium

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Manufacturer: Atomic Aquatics / Type: Regulators

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    1 Review
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      18.08.2012 12:52
      Very helpful
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      Best Regulator I have used. worth every penny.

      The Atomic Aquatics T2x Regulator is widely regarded as the best regulator on the market. It is by far the best I have tried and now the one I use regularly as my main regulator.

      I'll start off with the price as it certainly isn't the cheapest regulator system around. At just over the thousand pound mark you really are at the premium end of regulators. Hopefully the descriptions below will persuade you that it is worth paying for if you are serious about diving. For the beginner, stick to something cheaper...there is always time to upgrade later on.

      The regulator, being the part of kit that you breath through when scuba diving, is clearly the most important part of your diving set up. If this fails things get dangerous, so you want to be confident with your regulator. The Atomic Aquatics T2x Regulator uses high quality materials and consists of an extremely well designed first and second stage.

      ---First Stage (The bit that attaches to your cylinder and lowers the air pressure to make it breathable)----
      The first stage is a piston type, made from Titanium (quite possibly a reason for the high price) which has 5 Low pressure ports on a revolving turret and 2 fixed High pressure ports. (Your Buoyancy control device and breathing go on the Low pressure and an air gauge or dive computer to the high pressure ports)
      The stage is well balanced and machined from a solid bar of titanium giving it strenght. Titanium is corrosion free, will suffer minimum wear and extremely lightweight making this an ideal regulator system for sticking in your suitcase to take on holiday.

      ----Second Stage (The bit you breathe through)---
      An excellent feature of the regulator is that the hose entering from the first stage incorporates a univeral joint meaning you can move the regulator around more than most to get in exactly the place you want and do not have a hose sticking in your face.
      This may be a bit complicated, but the regulator works using a venturi vane to control the airflow. On a lot of regulators you can manually adjust this to control the flow of air making it easier or harder to suck the air in. The T2x has an automatic pressure sensing diaphragm which controls the venturi depending on the depth you are breathing at. It also has a manual knob on the side to adjust.

      The low weight of the seond stage means you don;t have something bulky hanging out of your mouth when on land. The mouthpiece is soft and unlike some other regulator mouthpieces doesn't destroy your gums after extended use. Overall extremely comfortable and easy to use. The mouthpiece is slightly ribbed which helps with gripping it in your mouth.

      ---Purge control----
      Purging is when for some reason your regulator is full of water and you want to clearr it using air from your breathing line. With this regulator you can either 'blow' if you still have air in your lungs. This requires moderate pressure but the regulator clears easily. The second option is to pust the front of the regulator and flood the regulator with air. The button feels like a diaphragm over the whole of the front of the regulator which is extremely easy to use.

      Freeflow is when the balance inside the regulator goes wrong and air 'free flows' out of your regulator. This often happens when you dive in off a boat and the regulator hits the water. Your air empties quickly and you have to refill and dive again later. I have never had this happen using the T2x, even in cold water, which is a massive advantage over other regulators. I believe that this means the balance of the second stage is extremely well designed.

      I dive on air , however the manufacturer states that this can be used for Nitrox to 40%.

      Top end materials and superb design make this a top end (and top price) product. For piece of mind when breathing underwater I can't recommend this regulator highly enough. I have never had a problem using it and it is way more comfortable than other regs I have tried out.


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      Atomic Aquatics T2x Titanium. Atomic Aquatics T2x Regulator Why Titanium-Atomic Aquatics was the first to design and manufacture an all-Titanium diving regulator. This exotic metal was chosen for its absolute corrosion-resistance in ocean water, its stren

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