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Atomic Aquatics Ti6 Sharp

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Manufacturer: Atomic Aquatics / Type: Knives

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    1 Review
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      20.08.2012 14:25
      Very helpful



      Great Item but not worth the money

      A dife knife, as many think, is not primarily for fighting off sharks. It's used as a safety precaution in case you get stuck in lines or netting. Around shipwrecks this can be a real danger and the panic caused when you can't move can't move means other things can go wrong too.

      The knife has a serated main blade which is good for sawing through thick lines or rope and a smaller line cutter on the back. The linecutter is the little 'nook' you can see in the picture and is used to clip through thin lines such as fishing line that is ofter found loose in the sea and is easy to get tangled up in.
      It's also got the pointy bit at the end of the knife. As far as a dive knife is concerned, this part doesn't really have much of a purpose andd as found with other dive knives a flat blunted end is often provided which makes the knife safer.
      The knife is around 10 inches long and together with the unecessay point really feels a bit Rambo.

      The knife is sold with a plastic sheath which has a saftey lock (a click into place type) which requires pressing of the clips to release the knife. The sheath has rubber straps with plastic buckles for securing the knife into place around your leg. I prefer to attach it quite high up the thigh as it is then easily accessible if your movement is restricted. Others prefer to not use the straps and keep it in a pocket of the buyoancy control device (the jacket that fills with air). It comes down to personal preference and how you feel comfortable diving.

      I wouldn;t recommend carrying the knife around if you are not diving as it is most likley classified as an offensive weapon and can look quite viscious. It would probably be a great knife for other uses such as jungle expeditions, but i am yet to try it out on one.

      Atomics make excellent gear as highlighted in my other reviews. The build quality is superb and the knife and sheath are well finished. The knife easily slides out of the sheath and the release mechanism is easy to use.
      The blade is titanium which will not corrode in seawater, so unike other knives there is no need to smear silicon gel all over the blade when being stored (vaseline is a good substitute for silicon gel)
      The knife and sheath are lightweight so easy to carry around and will not feel restirctive when strapped to a leg.
      The straps feel strong and reliable and have shown no signs of wear with fairly regular use. You can buy replacement straps fairly cheaply if they were to break, something that is worth having as a spare in your dive kit as these are usually the things that will go eventually.

      This is an expensive knife. It sells for about £88 which is a lot more than really needs to be spent on a dive knife. In retrospect I'd stick to a £30 stainless steel knife with a blunted end and shorter serated blade. Although a very good item I would not say it is worth the price tag.

      4 stars based on the quality, only deducted one because of the price tag.


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    • Product Details

      Atomic Aquatics Ti6 Sharp. ATOMIC titanium blade.+ Blade length : 10 cm (4 inch)+ Serrated edge and large line-cutting notch+ Housed in a locking lightweight sheat

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