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Best Divers Adaptors Holder Handle

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Manufacturer: Best Divers / Type: Bottles

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    1 Review
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      18.08.2012 12:14
      Very helpful



      Well made simple attachment for your scuba cylinder

      This item is basically a bolt on handle to help carry your diving cylinders.

      A dive cylinder weighs between roughly 11kg for a 10 litre steel cylinder or 23kg for an 18litre steel cylinder. The aluminium ones are lighter. I haven;t used an aluminium cylinder but am assuming that the are just as awkward to carry. Cyclinders are supplied with a valve on the top which is really the only way to carry them. This is not particulary safe as it is extremely easy to open the air valve and can be quite painful trying to grip by the knobbly bit of metal around the valve.

      This Divers Adaptors Holder Handle attaches around the neck at the top of the cylinder where it narrows in order to fit the valve. It doesn't matter if you are using the international DIN type valve or the A clap type as I do. The handle fits below either.

      The handle is supplied in two parts and is bolted together by placing one part on either side of the neck and tightening the bolts with an allen key (not supplied). The bolts have be tightened a lot to bend the plastic to a close fit around the neck of the cylinder which can be a a bit of effort. Make sure you have the handle positioned where you want it so that it will not get in the way of any regulator or inflator hoses before you tighten it fully or it can be a bit of a nightmare to undo the bolts. Once in place it is unlikley that you would ever need to move it again so try to get it right first time.

      The two parts of the handle are made from high resistance polycarbonate. This has minimal corrosion issues in seawater although as with most dive kit the colour will fade after exposure to the sea (and sun if you are lucky). The bolts are Stainless steel, which is good but can corrode in seawater after a long period. Might be a good idea to stick some grease or silicon gel over the exposed heads of the bolts.
      The grip on the handle helps a lot so that the handle doesn't slip or rub too much to cause blisters

      The plastic feels strong and well shaped. It doesn't have any sharp edges that will cut your hands whilst carrying a heavy cylinder. The bolt holes are well machined and the stainless steel bolts screw in easily (just a bit of effort to get them tight).

      This handle sels for anything between about £5 to £15 depending on how well you shop around. As an attachment for your cylinder it is probably one of the best bit of extra kit you can get for scuba diving. Although often the kind of gadget that is considered unnecessary or overlooked , it helps an incredible amount in transportation of cylinders that I think the price is worth every single penny.


      After carrying my cylinder around for a few months and then investing in one of these, I cannot recommend it highly enough. Well made simple little attachment which makes a world of difference when lugging your equipment around (we all know you can never ever park the car next to the boat landing!).


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  • Product Details

    Best Divers Adaptors Holder Handle. For two din/int adaptors.High resistance polycasrbonate.Din adaptors, s.steel screws.

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