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Best Divers Bottle Net

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Manufacturer: Best Divers / Type: Bottles

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    1 Review
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      21.08.2012 15:46
      Very helpful



      Not the best product for cylinder protection or personalisation

      The Best divers bottle net is a mesh net to place over your cylinder. This mesh helpw with identification and supposedly provides some protection from scratches to the paintwork of the cylinder.

      The mesh fits over the bottle and is sealed around the top using a drawstring. A locking clip is used to keep the mesh tight at the top and prevent it from slipping around too much. Most cylinders have a rubber 'boot' around their base which is used as protection and to make the rounded culinder base flat for standing up during storage or movement (Note that a cylinder should be stored lying down long term to avoid it falling over and damaging or breaking the valve). This mesh bottle net is placed underneath the boot so that the boot is used to keep the mesh tightly in place (much more effective than the top drawstring)

      In my opinion the mesh netting does not really provide any protection for scrathing of paintwork as is supposedly one of it's functions. Objects easily poke through the net and contact the paintwork. A full neoprene (like a wetsuit) sleeve over the whole cylinder is far more effective fro scratch protection.

      As an identifying feature for spotting your own cylinder in a group of cylinders it is as good as any other method of identification. If you are the only person using one of these it is fine, but a more personallised valve cover or sticket on the cylinder boot is a far better idea.

      The quality isn't very good. The mesh around the top of the net frays very easily (which can even be seen in the picture on this page) and after a bit of exposure to seawater holes in the netting develop quickly.

      The drawstring locking mechanism appears to be made from cheap plastic and does't feel very secure at all. As it's not subject to much load this isn't really a problem

      I've only seen this make in black which is fine, however it would be nice to see a range of colours for personalisation of your diving cylinder.

      Packaging was minimal, including just a cardboard tag at the top. Thankfully it wasn't supplied wrapped in plastic like a lot of items that cause excess amounts of waste.

      The net is available for 10, 12, 15 and 18 litre cylinders ranging from about £6 for the 10L to £8 for the largest 18L sizes. THis is quite expensive for a net bag and due to the lack of any real protection I wouldn;t really recommend it and instead suggest opting for neoprene sleeve, which in my opinion looks much better and fully encases the cylinder to provide protection.

      Due to poor quality and better options available I will ggive this 2 stars. 2 is generous and only because as a net bag it does everything a net bag can do. Maybe it's better for putting dirty clothes in, but I would think a laundry bag is far cheaper.


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