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Manufacturer: Cressi / Type: Masks

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    1 Review
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      03.07.2012 16:28
      Very helpful



      Excellent mask with great field of vision

      For most scuba divers a mask will be one of the first pieces of equipment they will buy. Although
      most dive centres have a huge range of dive gear to hire there's nothing worse than clearing a
      flooded mask every minute or viewing the underwater world through a scratched lens because
      some idiot chucked it face down while they were chucking their gear in the van.

      The Cressi Matrix was Cressi's Follow up to the hugely popular Big Eyes Mask which is still part
      of the Cressi range several .years later. The Matrix shares the same raked upside down teardrop
      shaped lenses as the Big Eyes which give you a great range of all round vision but also give you
      a greater range of downward vision than most masks which is useful for checking any gear you
      have attached at chest and stomach level.

      The Matrix frame lenses and silicone skirt are designed so the mask lenses are close to your face
      giving the mask a low internal volume which means the mask is easy to clear if you do flood it.
      In over 70 dives with this mask I've never had a problem with it flooding apart from the odd
      occasion where my hair has got between the skirt and my face. During training exercises
      where you flood your mask on purpose or remove and replace it underwater I found the mask
      was very easy to clear.

      The mask is held in place with a wide split strap which is easily adjustable by pushing a small
      clip and pulling the ends of the strap to adjust. The strap is also easy to adjust underwater if
      you need to make a quick adjustment on the go. I did have some doubts about the clip at the
      sides of the mask as it seems flimsy but in reality it's stronger than it looks and I've never had
      any problems with mine.

      Underwater vision with the Cressi is fantastic the mask sits so close to your face that you
      hardly see the frame and I've never had any problems with the mask fogging up during
      dives. Having tried several masks the Matrix or Big Eyes will probably once again be my first
      choice when it comes time to finally replace this one.

      I find the Cressi Matrix is very comfortable to wear and for me personally there's no pressure
      points so once it's on I don't even notice it. My partner tried the same mask but for him the top
      of the nose pocket at the bridge of the nose was too narrow so as with any dive mask it's only
      good if it actually fits you so it's best to go to a dive shop and try several masks to get the best
      fit for you rather than buying online.

      Although the funky colours make the Matrix look pretty good on the shop shelf there's no dive
      mask in the world ever going to make you look attractive and if anything the Matrix with it's
      large inverted teardrop shape probably makes you look even goofier than most. On the plus
      side the only people who will see you are other divers who look equally stupid and the fish
      who aren't too bothered what you look like if there's any chance you might be carrying
      anything they can eat.

      These days most of my diving is restricted to holidays due to lack of time but after 3 years and
      70 dives my Cressi Matrix is still in excellent condition. The lenses are scratch free and there's
      no discolouration of the frame or silicone skirt and the strap still adjusts easily and stays in place.

      When I bought this mask 3 years ago there was no option to have prescription lenses fitted
      although this may have changed by now. For anyone who requires prescription lenses they
      are definitely available for the very similar Cressi Big Eyes mask but I would advise checking
      before buying the Cressi Matrix.

      The Cressi Matrix is available in several colours including blue.aquamarine,red,yellow,orange or
      black with a clear silicone skirt and is also available in black with a black silicone strap if you prefer
      the gimp look! The mask is suitable for both scuba diving and snorkelling and is available from
      most dive shops with current prices ranging from £30-£40 which includes a sturdy plastic case
      to keep your mask safe and scratch free.


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      Cressi Matrix. Following the revolutionary principles introduced by the Big Eyes, the Matrix establishes new records. The patented concept of raked lenses and their special -inverted drop- is developed further here. The lenses are placed as closely as p

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