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Intova Mini Torch Wide Angle

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Manufacturer: Intova / Type: Torches LED

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    1 Review
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      27.07.2012 17:24
      Very helpful



      A decent light for a beginner

      For many years my uncle has been a qualified diving instructor and often goes off to very exotic places and comes back with quite amazing photographs and stories. Until a few years ago I had only been snorkelling a few times, but had always been keen to try diving as it's the next kind of level. After spending quite a while learning to dive in tanks/shallow water etc. I finally was ready to go into the actual sea so I bought this light, along with other equipment as it was a cheap solution for my needs. I thought that it would be good to have a wide angle of light for looking at things easier, and some quick advice from my Uncle I purchased this torch.

      --- OPENING THE BOX ---
      Things these days often have too much packaging, most of which is plastic and hard to recycle. This was unfortunately no exception with a lot of excess cardboard that isn't really necessary and vacuum packed plastic. However the packaging did do its job of protecting the product well despite some signs of rough handling while in transit. The torch comes with batteries so you can see it working straight away which is nice. On top of the torch is the push on/off switch which feels quite solid and waterproof with its rubber seal. The whole torch feels quite solid actually and being made from anodized aluminium (harder finish) it can withstand a few knocks and scrapes easily.

      --- FIRST USE ---

      When I first used this product under the water it was actually in my bath tub to just check that it was watertight before getting out into the ocean and finding that it didn't work, however do not worry as it certainly has no problems being submersed and produces a clean bright white beam of light that has quite a wide angle as expected. When first In the ocean I was surprised by how far the torch shone into the dark abyss. It produces light many metres into the distance which is very useful for seeing rocks and round objects. Being quite light it is also not dark to lug around and feels quite comfortable in your hand due to its ergonomic shape. I can see this fitting most sized hands easily as you can adjust where you hold it, ad with different circumferences any sized hand will be in comfort.

      --- PERFORMANCE ---

      Offered are a few options for full power light, 30% or strobe. Personally I find that strobe is a pretty useless function underwater so I just leave it on full or off, though for long time periods underwater you may want to switch it to 30% power, especially if the batteries had been used on a dive before, I have found that the advertised 10 hour burn time is slightly optimistic as I have got around 7 hours on mine between battery changes. Personally for its small size I find that it produces an impressive amount of light. Due to this small size it is very easy to carry around and fit on yourself, even with a lot of other gear.

      --- IMPROVEMENTS ---

      The only improvement I can think of is an easy way to attach it to yourself via a strap or something as it can be tied onto the side of your head easily or something but if you want it hanging from a strap it is quite difficult to do this.

      --- OVERALL ---

      I think that this torch looks quite stylish and for the money it offers quite a lot of light and is really easy to use. It is by no means the perfect torch as it has a few small flaws and I am sure more expensive torches will be brighter and last longer, however I am thoroughly impressed with it.


      Boxed weight: 998g
      ASIN: B005QK6D4Q
      Burn Time: 10 hours
      Depth: 120m or 400ft
      Dimensions: 12.6cm long x 3.3cm wide (at widest point)
      Batteries: 2 x CR 123A (included)
      Variable power: full/30%/strobe
      Material: aluminium (anodized)
      Part no: IMINI
      LED: 1 CREE 4.7 watts (220 lumens)


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  • Product Details

    Intova Mini Torch Wide Angle. - LED: 1 CREE - Watts: 4.7 watts - Lumens: 220 - Battery: 2 CR 123 - Burn Time: 10 hours - Variable Power: Full/30%/strobe - Switch: Magnetic/tail - Material: Aluminum - Depth: 400ft/120m

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