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Scubapro Stainless Steel Swivel Bolt Snap

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Brand: Scubapro

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    1 Review
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      04.04.2013 17:05
      Very helpful
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      It's a pretty basic bit of kit but does the job well.

      ===Why is a clip in the diving category?===

      Clips, clips and more clips. That seems to sum up my more recent scuba diving purchases. For UK diving you tend to dive with a lot more equipment attached than in hotter climates abroad. It's very dependant on individual preference, but I tend to clip a large amount of equipment diectly to my BCD (buoyancy control device...or jacket) especially any equipment that could save my life as then it is easy to reach even if you get tangles in fishing line or netting.

      I use a variety of clips to attach my torch, knife, hoses, gauges, slate (for writing underwater when I teach), reel (for letting a buoy to the surface and reeling it in to show your position) and goody bags (for collecting scallops, lobsters or crabs. It's pretty easy to see that I don;t have enough hands to hold all of these so it's good to have them hanging in easy access when diving. Clips can also be helpful if you choose to dive with an stage cylinder (a small cylinder for extra gas when decompressing on the way up) or a sidemounted cylinder that hangs from your side instead of on your back.

      ===The Clip===

      The Scubapro Stainless Steel Swivel Bolt Snap is a stainless steel (AISI 316) clip that has a snap fitting on one end, a swivel joint in the middle and a permenant ring at the other end. The snap clip is opened by pulling or pushing the small tab connected to the retractable part of the clip and closes automatically on release.

      The ring end can be permanently secured to an accessory, cylinder or yourself depending which end you want to be removable. This is usually achieved using a tie or piece of cord. For my slate I use a bungee cord as I like to be able to stretch it away and have alot of manouverability with it.

      The clip measures aproximatley 12cm in lenght, 3cm in width and 0.5cm deep. This is more than enough for it to feel reliable and robust.

      ===Is it any good===

      Scubapro are a well known brand and make quality diving equipment somewhere around the mid-range. As clips go, you can't go far wrong as proved by this Stainless Steel Swivel Bolt Snap which works well, feels strong and has shown no signs of degredation after two years use in saltwater, murky lakes and chlorinated swimming pools. As with all diving equipment it's worth washing it off in freshwater after a dive to prevent any corrosion that may occur.

      316 Stainless steel can discolour in saltwater and attact marine growth, but this hasn't happened yet as I do tend to wash it off well.

      It's a stong clip and holds all my equipment well. The swivel runs freely making equipment easy to move around and use.

      The only failure I can think of is that when wearing thick gloves underwater, the tab to open the snap part of the clip is a little small and it can be difficult to operate.


      This clip sells for £8 which may seem expensive for a little metal clip, however this is pretty standard for diving clips and I can't rate it down for the price.


      It's a pretty basic bit of kit but does the job well. Apart from being fiddley to use wearing gloves it is a good item and highly recommended.


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