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Seacsub Seatil Tech

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Manufacturer: Seacsub / Type: Snorkels

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    1 Review
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      22.08.2012 18:47
      Very helpful



      Simple, effective snorkel

      A snorkel is a device for allowing you to breath air when you face is underwater. There are lots of types available and it possible to spend up to up to £100 on what is essentially a piece of plastic tubing. You can get clever valves that mean water can't enter the top (These always break or get clogged with sand).
      The Seascub seatil tech snorkel keeps it simple which keeps the price reasonable.

      The mouthpiece of the snorkel is comfortable in your mouth although can be a bit rough on your gums.

      Unlike the very basic snorkels available, the shape of the snorkel curves around your head meaning that it is easier to keep the air intake out of the water when your face is looking downwards.

      A clip is provided which can be attached to a mask strap. This means that the snorkel doesn't need to be placed under the strap and hence improves the seal of the mask to your face as there are no obstructions.

      The top of the snorkel is bright orange which helps with being spotted in the water. It can be hard to spot someone at a distance with their face in the water and the often popular clear snorkel poking over the tops of waves.

      The build is good. It's not spectacular, but I like the smooth feel of the silicone used to construct the snorkel. The mouthpiece is well shaped and I haven't developed any bite marks (although maybe I only chewed snorkels when I was younger).

      The snorkel is constructed using flexible as opposed to being rigid, meaning it is much easier to bend around your head and doesn't feel as awkward to use as the rigid PVC type.

      The PVC has a return memory (meaning is has been designed to return to the shape it was moulded in) which means you can bend it a lot before you are going to break it. The material is hard wearing and light in comparison to other snorkels I have used (valves and other devices add weight to the snorkel).

      I have had the snorkel for a couple of years and it has shown no sign of colours fading.

      It is reliable due to the simplicity and not going to suffer from clogging up if you get sand inside the tube. It just requires a simple wash through and problem solved. When a valve snorkel gets sand in it, you'll normally end up buying a new one.


      This snorkel sells for about £12-£15. It is slightly more expensive than the straight rigid type bought at seaside resorts, but I don't mind paying a few extra pounds for the shape and flexibility of this snorkel. Highly recommended as I personally think spending more than this on the 'clever' valve systems is a waste of money.

      I think £12-£15 is an ok price to pay for an item I am extremely good at dropping off the side of boats, I would hate to think about dropping a £100 version and would probably spend time I am not in the water with it glued onto the side of my face.

      This snorkel keeps it simple which is exactly what a snorkel should do. Additional features just add more things that can break.


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  • Product Details

    Seacsub Seatil Tech. Snorkel for scuba and apnea-Mouthpiece material in black liquid Silicone -Tube material: soft PVC with return memory

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