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Gemini CDM 3600 Mixer

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Manufacturer: Gemini / Type: CD Mixer

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    1 Review
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      03.02.2012 23:40
      Very helpful



      Great for budget, beginner and mobile DJs

      @ About, Using the unit @

      I bought this little thing 2 years ago because i started doing small gigs at my local pub and sometimes for friends. I don't claim to be a pro DJ with all the beatmatching skills and amazing stunts. This is perfect for mobile and beginner DJs because its an all in one so its easy to carry, and there are relatively few controls so you can get used to it easy. Its very easy to use because the layout is simple and what you'd expect from the separate CD deck players on the market, with all the bits added from the more upmarket mixers like A-B repeat. These work well and you can create any sort of effect you like with them, no real glitches where the CD pauses briefly before going back to point A - you just get a smooth transition back to point A.

      Jog wheel accuracy and latency was a key issue when i bought this thing and i have to say credit where credit is due gemini have pulled out all the stops on this one. As a budget mixer i expected it to have some but there is actually very little. Spinning the jog wheel back sharply to get to the start of the track will cancel noise in the headphones briefly but it will quickly come back - the point is the timers don't pause briefly while it lags and thinks about it. Very accurate too because right down to the hundredth millisecond but not too sensitive.

      The CDs load instantly and take just a few seconds to register on the screen. Setting cue points is very easy and can be done using just the cue button alone. At the back you've got extra channels to add your turntable and you can flick between the phono and CD deck at the top of the mixer face. EQs are something this mixer does not really perform well on because it can not fully kill each EQ so sometimes you are left with a leak of frequencies or occasionally lower bass thuds get though even when the EQ is fully to the left.

      @ Build Quality @

      The screen covering the displays is very weak and dropping the mixer or slamming it on tables can cause it to break off since its only glued in place. I broke my left screen so be very careful with these. The casing and buttons are all solid and have been perfect for me. Mine has been gigged and had stuff dropped all over it, liquid and crumbs of dioritos yet it still works so top marks for build quality, just watch out for the screen.

      @ Overall @

      This is a top quality mixer and decks in one unit and its highly recommended. Its built well and performs well - for a budget beginner mixer you get some of the features from the higher budget ones. The jog wheels alone are a great example of this, even if you cant scratch on them.



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