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Korg - Triton Rack Module

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expandable module/sampler

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    1 Review
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      01.11.2009 18:05
      Very helpful



      Overall great piece of kit that i would recommend to all!

      So you already have a keyboard midi controller that you wouldn't change for another but your fond the of sounds and tones heard from The 'Korg Triton Keyboard'? Well here is your answer!

      The Korg Triton Rack Module is exactly the same minus the keys of course! All of the sounds, expansions, sampling and effects remain but in the form of a two unit piece of rack gear! Simply plug your current midi controller into the units Midi input and your away!

      Its clear to see straight from looking at it that it very much looks like they just ripped the screen and buttons from the keyboard! They all group together to form what looks like a very confusing piece of kit but it really couldn't be simpler after a few plays!

      The sounds are of a very professional standard as you would expect from korg and every single adjusting control, effect and in/output has been accounted for use in and out of a studio or live setup.


      They've not only taken the features of the triton keyboard but they have also improved on them! The Keyboard version could previously only take up to 2 PCM cards inside which allow the storage and use of more sounds/presets and groupings. In the triton rack module you now can have up to 8 meaning that the unit is capable of 2,057 programs and 1,664 combinations each allowing 8 groups to be used together. To have that many options in one place makes the piece of kit irresistible to any music maker!


      Just as the keyboard does, the rack triton offers sampling capabilities at 48kHz/16bit in both mono and stereo so nothing but professional standards. The unit begins with 16MB of sampling storage but can be expanded up to be capable of storing 96MB so plenty of room for all of your recordings and edits!

      If that wasn't enough then the rack unit also has waveform editing capabilities such as time stretching and crossfading to really tidy up the recordings as well! Something that not many units of this kind are capable of.


      Effects: There are 102 insert and master effects including Equalisers, compressors delays and reverbs and these are simply assigned to tracks where needed and adjusted with ease!

      There are a possible 1792 possible user sound presets to work with which can be adjusted and stored separately for individual projects requiring a certain sound and 1664 possible combination sets available.

      For the song makers there are 144 Drums kits available and 16 preset multi timbres ready for a sound straight out of the box.

      Just like the keyboard the unit offers a dual polyphonic arpregiator but this one has a larger amount user programs (328).

      <<Controls & Connections>>

      - 4 Real time control knobs for various uses across the programs
      - L (Mono)/ Right Outputs
      - 4 Individual Headphone Outputs
      - Optical 24 Bit digital output
      - 2 Inputs (Line/Mic) With individual controls
      - 3.5 Inch Floppy Disk Drive
      - 240 x 64 Display
      - Weight 10.58 lbs. (4.8 kg)
      - Dual Unit Rack Size (Mounting Brackets)

      (Comes with power supply.)


      Overall this is a great piece of kit that i personally use almost every day and would recommend to any music maker out there! The options are endless! Every sound can be shaped as you with meaning a million possibilities!

      Try one out at your local store first and you'll soon fall in love with it!

      Its a shame that to really get the most out of the device you must pay for upgrades but this is apparent with a lot of things these days, but is a grat piece of kit none the less!


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