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Marshall MG50DFX Combo Amp

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Guitar amplifier. With the Marshall MG50DFX Combo Amp you get the Marshall sound in a compact practice/gigging amplifier. Though small, it delivers a dynamic yet toneful punch. 50W. 12" speaker. 2 footswitchable channels. Loaded with digital effects including reverb, delay, chorus, and flange. Includes special features such as FDD (Frequency Dependent Dampening), CD ins, plus emulated line out, and emulated headphone jacks. 50W.

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    6 Reviews
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      05.06.2012 18:08
      Very helpful



      A perfect amplifier that I would recommend for gigs and recording. (just not big gigs)

      Ok, I was just after getting a really good guitar for my 15th birthday (I think it was) but I was still stuck with an awful korean cheap amp that was so bad it just didn't exist on the internet. When I was trying to sell it people were like, "send me a like to it" and the link just didn't exist... Anyway.

      For reviewing this amplifier I'll go through a set of basic setting and comment on the output based on a playthrough of a couple of songs. First I'm going to run through some basic features of the amplifier.

      The amp has a black hard casing that feels to be made out of some form of hardened wood with a black textured paint finish. The corners of the amplifier are complete with plasic buffers which are really useful if you're going to be carrying the amp around a lot like I am... Althought I havn't had any issues with it, metal corners on the amp would feel of higher quality but that's just me being picky.

      The interface is made out the typical marshal gold plate with is textured to have streaks. This interface just adds quality to the amp and adds a little class. It's the little things!

      To change channels there are buttons and also a footpedal that came with the backage I purchased. The inputs and ouputs consist of:

      On the front
      Guitar Input
      CD In
      Emulated Line out and Headphones

      On the Back
      Footpedal insert
      FX Send
      FX Return
      Loudspeaker (don't touch this one when it's on. Trust me....)


      Clean Setting
      For this test I've gone for a pretty generical setting:

      Gain: 6
      Bass: 8
      Middle: 4
      Treble: 8
      Reverb: 2

      To select this setting I was able to do it manually on the actual amplifier by using the buttons or else by using the footswitch provided in the package. This channel really brought out the colour of my guitar and i've used it more than enough times in recordings. It works great with a slight bit of chorus added and played on a single coil pickup. Really nice and crisp. The tone does get a little muddy however when played at large volumes, making me think that this amp is intended for in studio recordings rather than large gigs. Chances are however that is you're playing large gigs, you'll be playing with a bigger and better amp. This is a middle class amplifier afterall. If this setting isn't quite to your taste and you fancy a little more bass or a little less treble then this amp plays exactly what you tell it to. It's sort of a jack of all trades and great for middle level guitarits. If you're sitting with thousands of pounds to spare I guess you'll be getting amps that are specific to the tone you're looking for.

      Crunch Setting
      This tone is sort of an area that I don't use, so forgive me if I use settings that arn't popular....

      Gain: 6
      Bass: 5
      Middle: 7
      Treble: 7
      Contour: 5
      No reverb or effects for this one

      As I said above, I don't really use this setting much however I ran through a couple of Hendrix songs and gave it a try out. First impressions of this tone are good! It gives enough sustain to allow for quick soloing and also has enough body to keep a thick rhythm guitar going. It worked surpisingly well with the double coil pickups on my guitar and even better with the single coils! That middle/bridge setting on my strat sounded fantastic. Once again, the tone did get a little muddy when I cranked it up (when my family was out of course). I think that if you were going to make use of this setting live you would need to do some micing of the amp to a PA and keep it at low volumes. I think that's the best way to do it!

      Distorted Setting
      This is my home ground, I'll be able to provide a lot of information here!

      Gain: 8
      Bass: 5
      Middle: 9
      Treble: 6
      Contour: 8

      Recently I've started making Djent style instrumental pieces and I was sceptical towards my little amp wondering if It could handle those low tunings but it does! I must say this sounds fantastic in recordings and I don't use any form of post processing because the tone is just awesome before hand. I'm able to tweak the settings for different styles whenever required and I can get pretty much any tone I want to with minimal effort. OK you're not going to get EXACTLY the tone of your favorite artist because afterall they are playing mostly on their own signiture amplifiers that are designed to play exactly in their style. You have to give it a little bit of credit though, for the price of this amp it more than gives out it's moneys worth. This distorted settings is great and gives me the perfect metal tone.

      The Effects
      The effects built into this amplifier are delay, chorus, chorus/delay, flanger. One criticism of the effects is the fact that the amplifier seems to get louder based on the intensity of the effect. Why shouldn't I be able to keep the amp at the same volume after adding some delay? It's a little bit annoying. Another thing is I wish I was able to turn the reverb off by using the footpedal but unfortunately I have to do it manually.

      As always Marshall have created a fabulously made product with high quality knobs and finishings. The accessories are more than what you expect from a basic amplifier and the CD in option allows me to use it as a sub-woofer for my computer giving a great surround sound system. Kind of funny my guitar amp sounds better than the proper surround system I own? Shows how good the speaker inside it.

      With some slight adjustments on this amp I would give it a 5 stars. I just don't like how it gets slightly muddy at loud volumes and also the volume level changes when adding effects.


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        10.10.2011 14:17
        Very helpful



        One of the better amps for the money for beginners.

        I would say it is very rare these days that I walk into my local Working Mens Club on a Saturday or Sunday night and find the 'turn' playing without the help of a Marshall branded piece of kit in sight. The Marshall MG50DFX Combo Amp has 50 Kwatts of power, making it less than ideal for use at gigs. It could be used for small venues, but the 100 Kwatt model would be more suitable if you wanted to use it for this purpose. The Marshall MG50DFX Combo Amp is no longer available after a quick hunt online, quite understandable really as I have owned this amp around 7 years now.

        Although there are limitations due to power output it has to be said that for the money it is a very reasonable amp and this is one of the reasons that the Marshall range of products are so popular. I cannot remember how much I paid off the top of my head, but as it is no longer produced I can only suggest you find one on an auction site if you wish to buy one.

        The amp is very simple to use making the MG50DFX ideal for the beginner. The amp is easy to set up with a guitar. A simple line-in for a guitar jack lead and line-out for headphones etc. The amp has a simple operation of bass, mid, treble and gain, along with an overdrive channel. A sound contour switch gives you control over what level of distortion you desire.

        Ultimately there are a couple of major drawbacks with this Combo Amp. Firstly is the weight - the amp is extremely heavy! The second point has already been covered and that is that the 50 Kwatts of power just doesn't pack enough punch and won't be enough to keep more experienced musicians happy. Overall, paying a little bit more for the 100 Kwatts model could prove to be a better decision, but overall the MG50DFX makes a good solid Combo Amp for the beginner.


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        01.08.2011 21:36
        Very helpful



        a very good practice amp

        Features:i think this amp came out 2007? mybe earlyer

        i wouldnt say this amp has the kick most marshall do. i play diffrent styles of music and this amp dose struggle to pull of a metal sound you can get a pretty decent tone for a metal sound but not would i would look for in an amp it didnt give the tone i was looking for how ever if dose produce a really good rock/punk sound out of it which i also play

        The amp comes with 4 channels, fully customisable and footswitchable which are by default: Clean, Crunch, Overdrive and Overdrive 2. it also has and mp3 input which i never use and dont know anyone who has used it, it also has some built on fx such as chorus and flanger but i wouldnt touch these from past xp i've found built in fx sound terrible but other my find that they like them

        this thing is loud!! and is very gig able but after taking this thing past 6 the thing then starts to sound muffeld to my ears

        when playing rock or punk studd the overdrive channel sounds pretty decent compaird to some amps out there, the clean channel however if you use it the amps uses the built in chorus fx which to me makes it sounds horrible because like i said before i dont like built in fx's in my amps, you can turn the fx tottaly off but not many people do so because they think you get less tone out of the amp. the crunch channel is pretty good alot better than most amps but is certaintly not as good a tube amp but for a soild state amps its pretty good.

        one thing i noticed which this amp no matter what channel your in you get a really loud buzz from this thing even if your at low volume

        Reliability & Durability: this amp is surprising heavy for the size of it its very well built because its a marshall they do put things together very well, i havnt had 1 problem with the amp as of yet it hasnt broken it hasnt cut out or the fuse in the plug hasnt blown yet.

        Impression: i wasnt expecting the worlds best amp for the price of this thing but all in all this is a rele good practise amp for home use in my opinon

        If this were stolen I would definitely not get another. just for the simple fact i always like to inprove one my gear so if this was stolen i'd look for somthing better and a bit more expensive


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        07.02.2009 18:23
        Very helpful



        Excellent value but you would be better paying £50 more and getting the MG100

        I've enjoyed the Marshall MG50 and have owned mine for about 5 years now. Firstly I would like to say that in its price range, this is definetly the most cost effective amp money can buy, however I do have a few issues with it
        Advantages: The amp is extremely easy to use and offers one clean channel for a clean guitar sound (Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble) and one overdrive channel for distortion, this contains a sound contour switch which allows you to play about with the type of distortion you want. The amp also has built in FX settings offering delay, chorus and flanger effects. It has one line in for your guitar jack lead and one line out for headphones/external soundcard etc. It obviously operates off of 50 Kwatts of power.

        The functionality of this amp is ideal for beginners upgrading from a practice amp as well as being useful for gigging at small venues. however it is not great for more experienced guitarists and gigers, here's why:
        Disadvantages:. The amp is not load enough! If you play this in an average sized venue with other instruments it will never cut through. The disortion sound is not great to be honest and while not terrible you will find you'll end up buying a separate distortion pedal. The effects (other than delay) are pretty bad and you'll very rarely use them, this is mainly because you do not have the options to tweak them enough to get the right sound. It weighs a tonne!!!

        In short, I think its a really good starting amp for beginners and maintain that there is not anything any better in terms of value for money. However for the more experienced it is too limited and is not loud enough. Infact I would suggest spending an extra £50 and getting the grade up which is the 100 Kwatt version, this would be a much better investment and you'll only end up wishing you had done this in the first place (Like ME!!!!!!)
        Hope this helps.



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        01.06.2008 23:08



        overall this is a very good amp

        This amp has worked very well for me over the past couple of years, and hopefully will work well for the future. It's perfect for anyone who wants to have a jam with their mates, or just practicing at home, however i wouldn't advocate that it was powerful enough to play live unless it was rigged up through a pa system. It packs enough punch to play really heavy songs but also the added bonus of the effects also makes it possible for you to play more alternative music without that aid of effects pedals and since recently marshall have put alot of effort into improving their clean sound, which really does show if you set the bass, treble and countour right.
        The footswitch which comes with the amp is a very useful tool so you can change from distortion to clean at the push of a button, also from effect to no effect.
        However there are also negative aspects, the amp also includes reverb so it would have been nice if the footswich came with a switch to turn that on and off, also the amp has two alternate distortions which personally I would have preferred the footswitch to have included. The distortion can be a bit difficult to find a sound for the music that you want to play as there isn't really a middle ground with the dials.
        All in all this amp is very good quality for your money. I would recommend it to anyone.


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        19.06.2007 17:07
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        In my opinion this is good value for money

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        Marshall MG50DFX

        A review by Alfieabbott on Marshall MG50DFX
        June 14th, 2007

        Author's product rating:

        Sound Quality Good
        Range & Quality of Features Good
        Durability Good
        Value for Money Good

        Advantages: Value for money, Range of features, Sound is good for combo amp
        Disadvantages: Effects are limited in their control

        Recommend to potential buyers: yes

        Full review

        I have been playing through a Marshall MG50DFX for about 3 years now and would reccomend this amp to any begginer/intermediate player who is moving into playing in a band or doing some small gigs.
        This amp offers a lot of functionality at a decent price, the 4 effects;(and one which s a combination of two) delay, chorus, flange and delay/chorus as well as reverb. When combined with the two channels offer a lot of scope to radically alter your sound right from the off from thrash metal sounds to some warmer, jazzier tones.

        Sound Quality:
        As you would expect from a Marshall Amp, (even the lower priced products in their range) the sound quality is pretty decent. Whether you play with single coil pickups or boosted up humbuckers you will find decent playing sounds after a few minutes tweeking. What stood out for me for a combo amp of this price was the range of sounds achievable which becomes apparant shortly after you start playing. This is due in large part to the effects within the amp which i will go on to talk about in a bit.

        Build Quality:
        My amp is to me as much a stool for playing or a table as it is a guitar amp these days. In the past however it has had more than its fair share of gigging and all the big white van abuse that goes along with it. Over this time its taken many an accidental knock or tumble and came through with nothing more than a slight scuff every now and then. Apart from a bit of a loose power cable in the back which is probably due to my shameful neglegence more than anything else there is still nothing really wrong build wise after three years. well done marshall.

        Range/quality of Features:
        There are a good range of features for the money you'll pay. If your a fan of the Marshall distortion sound the dist. channel gets you quite close for what is classed a large practice amp. There are also seperate equalisations for the overdrive and clean channels with the ability to change through a footswich if you have one.
        As for the effects, you choose between each of delay, chorus, flange and delay/chorus with one dial which I do not like. It seems too crowded in my opinion but doesnt really hinder you in eventually selecting the effect you want, which is then controlled through the effects level dial. reverb has its own dial too here. The quality of these effects are reasonable but there is a lack of any finer control for individual effects. if you are serious about playing with specific effects then I wouldn't hesitate in getting a different amp and a good pedal to get the sound your after. However if you just want a good amp with the oppertunity for experimentation this amp will not do you wrong and you might save a packet too.

        I like the size of this amp, it has presence and looks good compared to other combos out there, especially if you've lugged it round to your mates for a session. And dispite this it isn't that impractical to transport from A to B.

        In my opinion this is good value for money, thats why i got one in the first palce. You get a versatile and adaptive sound which is loud enough for small gigs easily with the assurance of a famous respected brand name.


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