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Numark TT-1650

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    3 Reviews
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      12.11.2010 00:05
      Very helpful



      A low cost beginners turntable

      i Brought a pair of these turntables a few years ago i have since replaced them but were very good for starting out on. Mainly this is due to there exceptionally low price compared to your higher end turntables which can easily be on the bigger side of £700 each. These only cost a meer £130 each if you shop around in the right places. I guess that really is there biggest selling point!
      It containes an s shaped tonearm with a groove tool cartridge, Its not a particuarly bad design but its one those cases where you pay for what you get, the arm itself just feels cheap and although metallic it is far too light and can be easily jogged about, even by walking past it at times, so it might be worth trying to get some extra weight on the arm somehow or to buy a new arm to give extra weight on the arm to keep it on each record, It also skips about a bit sometimes down to the same reason. It has two speed functions (33 and 45RPM) of which is standard for playing various records at different speed. The mounting platter is made from aluminium, this is pretty decent and does feel very solid although still has a very cheap appeal to it.

      You can also change the pitch on the machine with a 10% increase / decrease on each record, i find this function rather useless as this is a function which can be computed on most average mixing consoles.

      Its important to note that these are direct driven turntables so unlike belt driven turntables they can easily get up to speed very quickly without having to wait too long at all, in fact its pretty much instant, and the motor itself feels rather durable and stronger unlike the rest of the machine and had no problems with the motors throughout having owned them.

      They can also be used in two different ways in both a battle position and normal (club) design.
      This is a nice feature which alot of turntables for a similar price do not have.

      The product to look at is rather ugly with the matte finish doing it no justice to hide the plasticy feel which is a constant reminded of the price. They are also rather big in terms of width and length 370mm(W) by 460mm(D). This was sometimes a problem in terms of where to put them when in use as most tables that i owned simply were not big enough and had to be rotated into the battle position in most cases. This is not a particular bad point but was rather inconvenient at times as i personally prefer the club set up and my mixer to lay inbetween the pair of turntables.

      I guess its important to remember the price when buying these turntables and for the price they are not bad, particuarly if you just want to play the odd few records at home but in another environment they simply would not cutt it, being too lightweight and unsteady for my liking, it would be far too easy to slate this product when comparing it to turntables which cost 2/3x as much as these do,

      On that basis i would recommend them for a beginner particuarly if you just want to try this out as a hobby as im pretty sure you could pick up a mixer in a package like deal from one of the retailers.

      However if your looking for a cheaper decent spec turntable i would save a bit extra and go for the TT200's which are a far better bet than these in my opinion.


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      07.02.2010 19:47
      Very helpful
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      See Review

      Wow okay no information about this what so ever so here we go.

      Turntable features

      S-shaped tonearm with pre-mounted Groove Tool cartridge
      High torque direct drive motor
      Aluminum platter
      Battle and club style design
      33 and 45 RPM with ±10% pitch range
      45 adapter included

      Technical specifications

      Turntable Section

      Type: 2 speed, fully manual
      Motor: Direct Drive
      Starting Torque: > 1 Kg/cfm
      Platter: Aluminum Diecast
      Speed: 33.333 and 45 RPM
      Wow & Flutter: < 0.25% WRM
      S/N ratio: > 50dB
      Pitch Range: +/-10%

      Tonearm Section

      Type: Universal S-Shaped Aluminum
      Height Range: Fixed
      Cue System: Lift Lever, Arm Rest and and Arm Clip


      Dimensions: 370mm(W) by 460mm(D) by 135mm(H)
      Weight: 5.36 Kg

      Information taknen from the manual included with the turntable.

      Right now what I'm going to try and not do is compare this to the technics 1210, because it will all just be negative.These turntables are pretty solid feeling to be fair they do the job.Very sturdy feel to them the pitch is quite nice not to stiff unlike other turntables. They have quite a strong torque which is a key feature as this is what is used to keep start the track and how long the platter takes to get up to speed.If you have a low torque you end up waiting for the record to get to speed meaning you have to play catch up with the other record to get them beat-matched.

      Looks wise i detest them i really think that they are ugly the buttons make it look budget like a toy almost.I know its not really about looks but compare to other turntables they look al cheap and and budget.

      They just dont feel to great either , i know they are low end market turntables but not much effort seemed to be put into the comfort side of things, its quite hard to explain but they feel inferior.The platter does not feel to sturdy either it wobbles about a bit.

      The tone arm is also quite light and bounces around a bit, my mate has a penny fixed atop the tone arm to give it more weight and stop it bouncing around.It does not do this all the time just be aware that it moves easily if knocked.

      Now we have 2 of these and after just 8 weeks one has started to slow down, and takes about 5 minutes to get going when you turn it on......I'm not sure what this says to be honest as they were purchased from htfr.com. who are notorious for selling b-grade stock as new so watch out for them .They offered very little support on the phone and did not even reply to my e-mails so steer clear of them please.

      Overall i suppose given the price you could do worse, these are ideal if your just starting out because they are such a bitch , if you can mix on these you will be able to mix on anything.we paid £180 for each turntable but i have since seen them priced at around £135 each.That really ain't a bad price if you are not overly concerned with looks.Also i wouldn't recommend them for anything other than home use due to the reliability and fragile-ness of them


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        30.10.2006 15:00



        My dj career started with these babies

        Now this was the first turntable I ever purchased new, as a bedroom dj with the odd spin in a local pub or club. They were bought as a deal, and even then represented remarkable value for money.

        Whether you want a single deck for home listening, two for practice, or something inexpensive to take out to smaller gigs - these are great. I used them continuously for weekly pub gigs etc and they treated me incredibly well.

        Though it's plastic components certainly aren't top of the range, it's really the mechanics that count. Even stalwart Technics users have said how remarkably well these decks keep time, and anyone beatmixing knows how crucial that is.

        What's more, the double start/stop buttons that allow you to set the decks up battle style allows for use in smaller spaces (such as bedrooms or small booths), and allow for ease of movement and dexterity for scratch dj's.

        While I wouldn't buy the same again as I'm more professional now - I have kept with Numark because the insides count, and they're pretty nice lookin too


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