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Numark TT1550 Turntable

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Manufacturer: Numark / Type: Belt drive

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    1 Review
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      06.06.2012 16:11
      Very helpful



      budget turntables - a must have for beginner DJ's

      As a teenager I was keen to get into new hobbies and I cost my parents a small fortune at having to financially back these new ventures of mine!

      One of those ventures was DJ-ing - it made sense really as I liked all types of dance music and I had a close friend who had done it for years and was always very interested in "scratching" and "mixing" music...

      I got a pair of Numark TT 1550 decks along with a numark mixer for Christmas when I was 15.


      About these turntables

      The Numark TT1550 turntables are made for vinyl records rather than CD's - but you can get CD decks if you prefer from the Numark range.

      You get two types of Vinyl turntables - either belt driven or direct drive. I am not a huge expert but I can tlel you from listening to friends opinions that if you are going to buy Vinyl decks always go for Direct Drive rather than Belt Driven. You do tend to pay more for Direct Drive however. A short desription of the difference between the two types is basically that Belt Driven is infact operated using a Belt - which due to wear and tear can make the sound more distorted through the decks over time. The Numark TT1550 range is unfortunatly for me, Belt driven.



      When I was given these as a set both the turntables were all black in colour. Reports on the internet state that Numark did produce a number of colours but I have only ever seen them in silver and black.

      The main material of most of the turntables is a very lightweight plastic - I was surprised picking them up for the first time if you consider the size of them I couldn't believe how light they were. You would think reading this they sound very flimsy but they actually outdone my expectations - I sold them around a year ago and up until then I only had the odd scratch due to wear and tear.



      When I recieved my turntable package I got the two turntables with mixer, speakers and a set of Numark headphones. You also recieve all the required cables.

      With my turntables when purchased new I recieved two slipmats - one to place on each turntable. These are used to place the vinyl on top of so they are not spinning on the plastic of the turntable. These are black standard Numark slipmats and are pretty basic but you can buy other more exciting slipmats which are universal for all turntables.

      On each turntable there is a stylus - which to someone who knows nothing about turntables is the needle which you move over and place on top of the vinyl. These stylus' can be changed to better ones if you wish - and a fault that I have with these is that they can become very worn and dusty - replace every few months at least depending on how much you use them.

      There is two Start/Stop buttons on the top left and bottom left of each turntable - the reason for having two is due to you being able to turn the turntables round for "Normal" DJ-ing or "Battle DJ-ing" - if you have to turn the table around for the Battle option it means you are not having to reach over awkwardly to use the button.

      There is a power off/on button to the top right of each turntable - used purely to turn the power completly off. This also lights up in red when the turntable is turned on.

      To the bottom right of the turntable you have a further two red light up buttons which state "33RPM" and "45RPM" - which are to do with the speed in which the music is played.

      Down the right hand hand you have an up to 10% pitch range - when using this if you put the pitch right up to +10% it makes the music sound "chipmunk-ish" or -10% very depressing sounding... This can come in great when mixing records together.

      Unfortunatly the TT1550 range do not come with dust covers that a lot of other Numark decks do come with as standard but you can buy these seperately for quite cheap online which I would recommend as the decks do tend to gather a lot of dust.


      Who are these turntables suitable for?

      The turntables are suitable for anyone to be honest, simply because they are so easy to use. However when I had friends who were experianced in DJ-ing try them, they got frustrated because they weren't as good as other turntables they had used. I would recommend these for people like myself who were just starting to learn the art of DJ-ing... and then move on to better Direct Drive ones.



      During the near 10 years I owned these turntables there was never any damage through wear and tear and only had the odd scratch which you get on all the pre-loved ones now.

      There was never any functioning issues with them and I still managed to sell them last year.


      My Opinion

      In my opinion they are great for learners to DJ-ing but be prepared if you keep the hobby to to invest in some better ones - would recommend Direct Drive - which are better for scratching and mixing.

      They are very easy to use, very light weight for easy transportation and you can't fault the reliability of them if they were still functioning after 10 years.

      Great bargain if you get get these cheap online.


      Price & Availability

      After doing a search online I can't seem to find these brand new anymore - I had them nearly ten years so hardly surprising. You can buy pre-loved and the prices can vary - Ebay is likely your best bet to pick up a bargain.

      I sold mine last year locally for £20 for the pair, to a man who's young son was just starting out DJ-ing. However if you look online most sellers are looking for more like £15 -£20 per turntable.


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