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Pioneer CDJ 1000MK3

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10 Reviews

Manufacturer: Pioneer / CD/MP3 Player

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    10 Reviews
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      29.06.2012 19:29



      Great product shame they cost so much

      Pioneer! You know the brand, so you already know they offer amazing quality and reliability along side the most up to date technology.

      The CDJ 2000's are what any DJ who is serious about what they do should own, it took me quite a while to afford a set but I can assure you they are worth ever single penny!!

      They just offer so many features, you can literally manipulate, mix, mash up any song or noise about, whatever you think of doing is now possible just see Carl Cox for example.

      Im going to pick a select few features and explain why I think these CDJ's are the best about.

      The great thing about pioneer CDJ's are they incorporate vinyl mode, which lets you manipulate a cd as though it was a vinyl on a turntable, basically mixing old school with new technology here is a little video to explain better what I mean .. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9AoHJObbUaU

      The second feature I think makes the cdj-2000 stand above the rest is the ability to use USB or SD cards to load music. No need to carry a bg bag full of Cd's or vinyls about, and if you see someone mixing and they let you have a go you can have your music on you all the time!


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      13.01.2012 00:23
      Very helpful



      Worth every penny if you take pride in your DJ equipment, simplicity at its best!

      I have been a DJ since I was old enough to know what one was,, starting with the oldskool turntables it took a while to adapt to the sudden change in new technology but like anything in this day and age nothing stays new for long because there's always something bigger and better in the pipeline, however with Pioneer and the particular CDJ 1000 MK3 i beg to differ!!

      I was actually playing in clubs when they were first introduced, strictly vinyl of course and although a lot of my DJ pals had already opted in for the digital world I was still trapped in my oldskool ways until the one night I was booked by a promoter and was horrified to be told at the last minute there was going to be no turntables at the event, which in a nutshell creating a state of panic as I hadn't quite ventured as far as to use CD's yet however had watched others playing with Pioneers, bringing tracks in and out every minute or so, with some amazing loops and effects which just made the whole room go crazy.

      It was my first time in the digital world and to have 500 people in front of you waiting for the next big track I was shaking with nerves, however it only took a couple of minutes to learn the layout of the CDJ and the rest seemlessly came naturally, It was what I could class as the most nerve racking but exciting 10minutes of my life..

      I was shocked by how user friendly the CDJ was and how much easier my life had just got, with the most accurate pitch control and jog dial on hand I felt on top of the world and couldn't stop thinking about the amazing setup for weeks after the event, it was then time to save and get my own.

      Due to the large pricetag of £999 I had to purchase a unit at a time so couldn't really enjoy the full aspect of my new purchase until my second unit arrived, Just short of £2k out of pocket I was thinking to myself was it really worth it and the answer was YES!

      My pioneers have been my pride and joy since they entered my life, not only have they been abused on a daily basis from home, but they have kept me going through radio shows and private events up and down the country and have never failed in reliability!

      The unit has a large CUE and play Button which is used to easily cue tracks to the exact start or specific part of a track, it also has a skip through which works very effectively just to get a quick preview of a track before switching the channel.. The jogdial is very sensitive and can match a beat within just the slightest flick, it also works wonders for scratching in vinyl mode and actually works way more effective than a turntable!

      It also has a screen at the top which displays track number, track name if applicable with ID3 tags and also a visual wave display of the track and of course track length and remaining time.
      Along with all this is it has a real croud stunning feature with 4 hot loops which can cue up to any specific part of a track which allows fast looping from each cue point which can be increased or decreased for the ultimate effect!

      The CDJ also has front disc loading which is very convenient, discs can be swapped within seconds and the discs are read very fast and pre-cued so you can go straight in to your next track without delay!

      And finally you have the CDJ/Vinyl mode switch over which makes the device more suited for its specific user including the oldskool type like myself =)

      So to some up, the leading brand in DJ cd decks.. Cheaper than the newer models and serves the purpose up to the same reliable standard, looks amazing with a black and silver finish, with an Orange lit CUE button and Green lit play button which just makes any DJ booth look the part!

      Comes with power lead and phono cable and also has a digital COAX line for that slightly more crisp and perfect sound, recommended by DJs and Nightclubs worldwide and enjoyed by millions of ravers!

      Pioneer CDJ 1000 MK3 // If you haven't got them then get them! Worth every penny...


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      29.11.2011 14:37



      A great piece of kit if you have the money to spend.

      When I first used this bit of kit, I would have given it 5 stars. Everything about it is head and shoulders above other companies' CD decks, from the hot cues, to the vinyl/CDJ modes, to the waveform view, to the sleek simple buttons. I used these in a club for a few months before we upgraded to the CDJ2000's, and can honestly say I had hardly any problems with them. CD's occasionally wouldn't work after a lot of use, coming up with error messages, but that is due to them being CDs which are easily scratched etc, not the fault of the deck. It's compatible with mp3 discs which is helpful as you don't have to carry round as many discs, and the hot cue response time is second to none.

      The only criticism I have for this deck is the lack of USB/SD compatibility, which the CDJ 900 and 2000 now have, but that is brand new technology and no other 8 year old CD decks have USB compatibility, so why should this one?

      Overall, a fantastic product. THE BEST CD/MP3 player there is other than the CDJ900/2000.

      Shame about the price ey?


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      05.07.2011 16:00



      still a great bit of kit even though they have been discontinued

      Pioneer CDJs 1000mk3

      I have owned a pair of cdjs 1000mk3 for a couple of years now and have performed exceptionally well in that time and truly were the market leaders up until the release of 2000s.

      I have regularly used 800s and can safely say that it is deffinetely worth putting in a little extra money for the 1000s due to its improved features, larger LED screen and general robustness and reliability. A friend of mine has had a pair of 800s for the same time period as me and his have are now unfortunately unusable due to faulty cue buttons and are often unable to read CDs.
      I would also argue that the 1000s are also superior to the newer 900s where despite having the added feature of usb compatability and a larger LED screen they have same feel and robustness of the 800s and lack some of the features of the 1000s.

      I have however recently had issues with the cue buttons on my 1000s, which occasionally having a mind of their own as tracks would cue without the cue button even being pressed. Also sometimes a track has stopped playing all together. From what I've read this problem is fixable by replacing the cue buttons although this is costly and is something to bear in mind if you do plan on buying 1000s second hand. For the 2 years previous to these faults occurring they have performed flawlessly throughout.
      In my opinion if you are looking into purchasing cdjs and feel that the 2000s are too expensive then I would seriously recommend the 1000s as a cheaper option and now that the range has been discontinued it may be possible to pick up a pair at a good price, although make sure they are in good condition.


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      29.03.2010 14:16
      1 Comment



      Couldn't mix without them....

      I have found this CDJ the better choice compared to other leading brands. I currently use two of these in a nightclub enviroment and couldn't work without them.

      They help produce high quality, beat matched mixes each time. You have the ability to use two different modes (know as jog modes) for either CDJ or vinyl, so it is completely upto the users preference. These functions make scratching much easier compared to turntables.

      The digital display is large and clear which is a must in a dark nightclub. They handle well under flashing lights, strobes, etc.

      The loop function works well although does take time getting used to.

      These are absolutely amazing tools to work with hence the price tag. They are aimed for the more professional market although can be found elsewere.

      They are well built and sturdy pieces of kit. They can handle external disturbances such as knocks and bangs, although take care for the price!


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        14.02.2010 18:00
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Think hard before investing

        The Pioneer CDJ1000 has become really an industry standard in recent years for Djing in the industry. Most clubs have them installed, and the majority of events you go to Djs will use them exclusively or alongside traditional vinyl decks. The CDJs are a very good and clever bit of kit, down at a super basic level, they are CD players....they play CDs, but they allow a DJ to manipulate the music in many ways. Firstly they replicate a vinyl deck, there is a pitch slider (to increase or decrease the pitch) and a deck that behaves in the manner of a vinyl deck and allows you to scratch, "nudge" the track back or forwards slightly and stop the track with your hand and move it back and forwards as though it was a vinyl record. There are many things the CDJ can do that decks cannot, such as being able to set loops, reverse the track and set cue points that can be saved to the device or an externeal SD card to hold thousands of cue points for hundereds of tracks. Being a CD player of course, means you dont have to have a huge collection or records on you, in fact the CDJ can playback MP3 files, which means hundereds of tracks on one CD. I would not recomend this however, as if you are willing to spends alot of money on this, you must be serious about DJing and performing in quite good venues with at least a sound system which is a bit more than two Peavey speakers on stands. I would therefore not recommend anyone using MP3 files, as the sound quality is questionable, WAV files would provide a much better sound.....but I guess MP3 is fine for practicing! Now to some of the things I dont like about these units 1) Cost, these are very expenive, over a grand each so probably only really for serious DJs. 2) Build quality- They cost alot but still look a bit cheap, they are made of plastic and are not that durable. I think Pioneer have a problem here, if you are going to charge so much money for these, they could at least have made it out of metal, would look much nicer and be more durable in my opinion. These get dirty easily in a club situation and its so easy to spill drinks over them, and considering they have so much electronics in them...this is a big problem, so be careful! Definetly spend about £70 extra for some good flight cases for them. 3) They are delicate- The platters can break really easy and as I said, drinks and mositure really mess with the insides of these!

        Overall, a very clever bit of kit that can add to your Djing performance, however definetly only for the pro DJ, think very hard before investing in some of these, probably best to hire for a bit first. Also if you are a DJ used to decks, definetly get some practice on CDJs before buying, as alot of DJs find it hard to go from vinyl to CDJ as they are so different.


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          02.01.2010 15:59
          Very helpful



          Nothing else comes close.

          Okay first up this is the ultimate cjd turntable,Nothing alse comes close,it is very expensive but you get waht you pay for.Any nightclub you go to will have a pair of these,from your local hangout to Ministry of sound,which i found quite funny as they sell their own brand of cdj , but they dont feel they are good enough to use themin their own club.


          Full MP3 Compatibility

          HOT LOOP Feature
          JOG Wheel ("Feeling Adjustment")
          Track and WAVE Data
          SD Card Support (Store Cues/Loops)
          Brighter Resolution

          These are all the new features of the mk3 version

          Original features

          Vinyl Turntable Emulation
          Touch-Sensitive Platter
          Digital Display
          Orange Cue Marker
          Waveform Display
          Master Tempo-Function

          Power requirements: AC 120V, 60Hz
          Power consumption: 28W
          Weight: 9.25lbs
          Dimensions: 12.62"(W) x 14.56"(D) x 4.12"(H)
          Compatible disc: audio CD, CD-R, CD-RW
          Frequency response: 4Hz - 20kHz
          Signal-to-noise ratio: 115dB or more (LINE)
          Total harmonic distortion: 0.006% (JEITA)
          Output terminal: LINE (RCA), DIGITAL OUT (RCA) (S/PDIF)
          Control terminal: 1/8" mini-plug


          Right so lets start with looks,first off it looks fantastic admitidly like something from a spaceship with all them buttons and is quite daunting on first impressions.It is however an extremely easy to use peice of kit.The platter in the middle can be used just like spinning a vinyl,simple set the cdj to vinyl mode an away you go put or cd in and use the platter to cue speed up and slow down your trakcs.

          It is a fairly large peice of equipment and will need the offical stand or a sturdy table to hold it.The cds are loaded into the front,so posistiong is quite vital and i can not stress enough that you consider this before purchasing.

          Ease of use
          The cds are loaded into the front of the machine,and the display will almost instantly pop up,all of the main buttons play/pause stop,cue,skip track ffwd track and rwd track,are all easily accesible and located in the same area.So to get started its fairly easy to use.The pitch control is located to the right of the machine just like a real turntable.All of the information is displayed on the led screen,the track number how much of the song has passed and how long you have till the song finishes.Soit is full of all the information you could want.The eject button is located on the top right hand corner.In order to eject you must press stop then eject.I thyink this is a good feature because if you are mixing away and u accidently brush the eject button it will just carry on playing the cd.The pitch control is seamless and sensitive,and it is by far the best cdj on the market for holding the tempo of the track.I have never had a cd skip or jump on me no matter how fast i have sped up the song or how long i have scratched for ,it NEVER skips.

          Extra features
          This is where the fun starts and is one of the advantages over using traditinal turntables.The reverse switch lets you instantly play your songs backwards,which is great for rewinds.You can easliy repeat a select portion of the song thanks to the loop button.It also features hot cue points making it easier to find the part of the track you wish to mix in.It will also let you store cue points to save looking for them every time you place the cd on.The onboard memory will let you store cue and loop information for up to ten cds, but it has an sd port for a memory card giving you the ability to store up to 10,000 cds worth of information.It also has all the usual sound effects that you add to your mix,simply by moving the dial to the desired sound you want to add into the mix.

          Sound quality
          Okay so loads of people will be moaning that cdjs lackt the warmth and depth of vinyl,but this comes down to the bitrate of the mp3 that you are playing to be honest.The cdj1000 uses a 1-bit digital to analog convertor which Pioneer claim adds third and fith harmonics to the out put sound.This also extends the frequency response to 40 hz (most cds stop at 20hz).There is littl difference between paying a cd on this and a vinyl,and only the trained ear can hear it,and i seriously doubt people in nightclubs are that bothere to be honest.

          This is an expensice peice of kit even moreso now that pioneer have upped there prices this year,And with the technics 1210 turntables due to cease production in feb the demand for these is going to get even greater.okay so you ready.... Apari of these with a fairly average mixer will set you back about £3000 , which is a hell of alot for waht is effectivly a posh cd player.I honestly wouldnt purchase these if you are planning to use them in your bedroom,unless your extremely rich or stupid.
          There ar cheaper versions avliable,id reccommend the cdj 100's if you are just getting started,they are about £200 a peice ,they have the durablity and reliabilty of the 1000s , but are very basic and have no extras.

          Reading the cds
          It has a 16x speed cd reader which reads the information almost instantly.It has a large memory buffer so wehn speeding up or slowing down a tune the audio is not affected in anyway.

          The main features broken down

          Hot cue or sampler as it is sometimes called.
          The CDJ-1000 Memorizes up to 3 cue point's per CD. These points can then be recalled by hitting either of the A
          B or C buttons. This function can also be used like a mini sampler for vocals, stabs, or breaks.

          Reverse function
          Instant reverse is controlled by using a flickable switch. With no loss of tempo or pitch, it can be used
          immediately within any track without having to stop or start.

          The jog wheel
          The 7 inch jog wheel id designed o give you the hands on feel of vinyl,although it does not constantly spin like a vinyl it as just as sensitive and versitile as using vinyl,being used to scratch and rewind just the same as a peice of vinyl.

          Th memory card option
          Giving you the ability to save everything you ever need.The files are easy to access due to the large display, i have even had a friend turn up to do a gig just with his 2 memory cards, he plugged one into each turntable and off he went just loading up the files.

          The advantages of using cdjs

          The obviuos one for me is not having to carry heavy ass vinyl up flight of stairs everytine i play out.also the cost of purchasing music.One peice of vinyl will set you back about £5.99 for a double sided one consisting of 2 tracks.Mp3s cost about £1.00,and i get the track instantly.it is also easy for me to burn my own tracks and put them straight to cd and be playing them out that night.Alsobeing able to get tunes from the other side of the worl from other producers, i can just burn them straight to cd and bang, no shipping costs no expensive dubplate cuttining.

          Overall i would recommend this to anyone who wishes to take the djing game seriously yes there expensive , but givin every club ive played in has a pair, u dont have to spend 10 minutes familiarising yourself with the controls and where all the buttons are.These simply are the best of the best.If you can not afford these then got for some of the cheaper optins,cdj 100s,cdj200s.They are just as good but dont feature as many special tools like reversing memory card slots etc etc.

          Any more questions feel free to send me a messege and ill give you all th help i can with any audio eqiupment thanks for reading, hope it was helpful.


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            28.03.2009 21:21
            1 Comment



            Brilliant product

            CDJ 1000 MK3 is the latest in the line of these Pioneer DJ Decks included in this great product is:

            Larger displays
            The displays for the jog wheel are larger and more accurate and the waveform display has increased

            Faster searching
            The search facility has become faster when searching using the jog wheel to search for tracks

            Hot loops
            Hot loops can be used to store up three loops per track

            SD memory Card
            The Pioneer MK3 comes with a 32MB memory card which can be used to store waveform information, 100 hot cues per CD for 100's of Cds

            MP3 compatibility
            The decks are also MP3 compatible and can read MP3's from data CD's in two different formats CBR (Constant Bit Rate) and VBR (Viable Bit Rate). The advantages of this are that when using VBR you can put more tracks on a CD than when using CBR. The only disadvantage of this is that when using VBR, the cue and search are a little slower.

            Jog Wheel feeling adjust
            This feature allows you to adjust the resistance of the jog wheel to your personal liking.

            Eject Cancellation and Auto Resume Play
            This is good for accidental disk ejections, when you press the eject button the playback stops and the deck prepares to eject the disk, but there is a 1 second timeframe before the disk is ejected in which you can press the play button to cancel the ejection. This wont stop the sound from playing but it is faster to re-start playing than if the disk is fully ejected and inserted again and the CD will resume play at the point it was stopped.

            The other familiar feature are pitch control, real time seamless loop, master tempo, tempo control, tempo control re-set, re-loop, loop in/out adjust, pitch bend, BPM counter, jog mode, auto cue, reverse, fader start and anti vibration.

            This is a extremely professional deck which is great to use and I love these Decks but at £800 per deck it is a pricey choice. I do recommend anybody who is looking to upgrade their equipment chose this as it has everything a DJ could want on here.


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              18.04.2008 14:23



              The best of it's kind for the best DJ's...

              Without a doubt, if you are going to be a DJ, and want to deliver the highest qualtiy in sound, effects and seamless mixing, the Pioneer CDJ 1000MK3 is the exact buy you want.
              With a vinly or CDJ jog wheel option, tempo lock, LCD display, seamless loop with jog wheel shortening or lengthening, and a damn right sexy design, this CDJ is the best of its kind.
              I have another model of CD Decks at home, but when I play in clubs and my weekly radio show, these decks give me the industrial performance I need and the electro tech house tunes I play just get better and better.
              It loads quickly, is very robust, and can handle the smokey, harsh environments a club has to throw at any deck.
              I can't think of many upgrades for this beast of a machine, pure class! Sit bakc and let the quality mixing begin!


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              10.03.2008 12:55
              Very helpful



              Very pricey piece of equipment but if you have the money, worthwhile purchase!

              This review is based on my experiences of using this product. It is not an in-depth look at its specification. This is a general review on the CDJ-1000MK3, and a comparison with the MK2.

              First, a little about my use of the product. I have been djing for over four years now, and started off on a pair of Numark turntables playing vinyl. As the times changed in line with the digital revolution, I, as well as other aspiring dj's, needed to start playing with digital equipment playing cd's. I have never owned a CDJ-1000 but have had extensive use of them in clubs and round at my friends house.


              Well where can I start? Firstly I would like to make it clear that the MK3's are the industry standard throught the club scene - any decent club night will have at least two of these installed. This is due to many things. The sound quality and build are second to none - they analyse the sound from a CD with super accuracy, punshyness and detail. Compared to the MK2, its functionality has definately got better with its track search speed being imporved significantly. Once again, the layout of the buttons are easy to use and see even in the dark, and Pioneer have made more effort to better the information display - its brightness and clarity are a major improvement on the MK2.


              All in all, there are no cons in my opinion - this piece of equipment is the very best any dj has at his fingertips. Being critical, I would say that its price (£700) is expensive to beginners and intermediate dj's on a budget, but if you have the money to burn, this is a piece that you MUST have or that you are able to use in this ever changing music industry.

              All in all, I love this Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3. I am currently saving for one, and to anybody doing the same, I would like to stress that it will be the best purchase you ever make within the dj world. If you have not tried one yet, and think that the price is too steep for what it does, go to any decent dj equipment store and ask for a demo - you will love them! If it is still over your budget, definately look into the CMX-3000, also by Pioneer.


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            • Product Details

              Features: MP3 track data displayed / JOG feeling adjust / Non-slip metallic finish on the JOG wheel / Improved WAVE and track data / Metallic Master Tempo switch / Resume play / New HOT LOOP button / Backlit HOT CUE, hot loop and re-loop button / New super fast and more accurate manual search capability using the JOG wheel and improved WAVE data.

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