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Stageline VU Meter

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Manufacturer: Stageline

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    1 Review
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      13.02.2012 11:34
      Very helpful



      High quality VU meter and recommended

      @ Audio Quality, Accuracy @

      I first bought this VU meter as a way of checking if my levels were too high for the amplifier, so this is really designed for those who don't have limiters or limiter built in amplifiers. If you do have a limiter then this is still useful, but only as an aesthetic thing, it will look good in any rack, since its 1U. You don't get a limiter built into it, and it costs around £50-£75.

      The good thing about this VU meter is that you don't have to have the meter switched on to pass audio through, or for that matter, have it set up for it to send music through to the other sockets on the back. There are little rubber screws on the left hand side of the meter and you can turn these to adjust the accuracy of the meter. Imagine a bathroom scale where you have to turn the wheel to set it to zero before you use it, its like that but in terms of music volume. So accuracy will be terrible straight out the box but you can adjust the screws individually to make it highly accurate.

      For the best sound quality and levels accuracy you should really be right at the top end of the yellow LEDs so you very occasionally get a flicker of the the red LEDs when the volume nudges the 0db part of the meter. The sound quality is not reduced and everything sounds exactly the way it does coming out of the cd player, everything is crisp, sharp and clear.

      You can also set the meter to bar or line which means you get a jumpy 6 LED line on either side which looks fantastic but reduces accuracy because it moves around quite a lot, so if you need this meter for accuracy and making sure you don't blow our speakers i recommend leaving it in the normal line mode.

      @ Build Quality @

      Te build quality is very good, i have had mine for two years now and no electrical faults, although it does have a few scratches which were my fault. The casing is made from a thick metal and the connectors are strong and sturdy and wont move about or rattle when you plug stuff into them.

      @ Overall @

      If you want this to make your rack look good, then the bar effect will really brighten up a boring rack, and if you're buying this for monitoring sound levels then this is also perfect, its accurate and simple. Its an all in one tool for whatever you need. Its got great build quality and at this price (£50-£75) not that expensive for what you get.


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