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Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred 9

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    1 Review
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      18.06.2007 22:06
      Very helpful



      I'm really impressed with voice recognition and voice text software has come a long

      I have been using Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 preferred edition for about a week now. And after initially being quite sceptical and put off by the simple mistakes the program and I made. I am now coming round to it! Before using Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 I used to type everything, as am sure all of you do, however unlike most of you I'm guessing I'm not a very good or fast hyper(typer). Despite using various touch typing programs in the past to try and improve my speed. I am also going to write this review using Dragon NaturallySpeaking, and depending on how frequent the errors are when I write this review using Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 I may leave them in with what I meant to write in brackets. So far after only a week, however, I'm really impressed with this programme is really noticeable how the programme is learning the way I speak and adapting to my voice. And just from a short time, I can definitely see the power of this programme for increasing my efficiency and writing essays for university, and reviews on shout(ciao). The more you use this program and correct it. The more it learns about the way you speak on how to choose which words. When you use homonyms to inserting(insert in your) sentences.

      When you first used the programme. It creates a specific profile for you, which every time you use becomes more adapted to your way of speaking, and therefore more efficient. When you first create your profile. They ask you to run through basic training from which you read text on the screen and the computer calibrates your microphone level and noise adjustment to give you the best experience and minimise mistakes. The programme is reasonably easy to use straight out of the box. However, there is a learning curve of depending person up to a few days I will imagine. As you learn to dictate, with more clarity. So that the computer can understand you, and also so the computer can learn about what you talk, which initially it does by sampling phrases from the Word documents and e-mails save on your computer, which I thought was quite novel. The hardest problem I had to overcome what using this software was learning to talk properly, because I have an easily(nasally) low and mumbling voice which I thought would hinder me. But now at the time of writing this review. Or rather dictating this review I can say that this is no problem whatsoever. And even now, the accuracy with words is only heard the first time, such as nasally earlier is beginning to get after the first few attempts. The quality of your microphone and sound software on your computer does have quite an act on the efficiency of this programme. Users are relatively cheap microphone and a laptop which to begin with Dragon speaking was not really happy with the efficiency of and said that the sound quality was not good enough and that I may precede it may cause unnecessary errors are easily overcome this to achieve 90% accuracy already and I can only guess as to how amazing this product would be really good hardware and software in the sound department. Something the programme teaches you quite well at the start is how to talk to a computer. Simply breaking things down into syllables, doesn't really work, and only causes a computer to break your word up into lots of short words. The word sophisticated example. When spoken slowly comes up with this result so fear the gay kid. When they say speak naturally, you really should speak naturally, it's only the clarity is important when speaking with this software is looking at that example now and really did mean no offence and that is what came out on the first try to give another example. The word necessary re-slowly comes up with, there said say we.

      The reliability of this product is pretty good now, and overtime, I can imagine it only gets better, is brilliantly using all Word applications from e-mail to wordprocessors and has a great range of features for controlling windows and browsers, completely hands-free. It is also extremely easy to go back and correct the mistakes by speaking command words, which allow you to highlight words you previously used and easily change them all(or) spell them out at need. Features include the Accuracy Center, which contains a lot of options be used to improve the accuracy of how the programme listens to your voice Command Browser, which shows you all the commands and gives the ability to create new commands to control programmes and Dragon speaking. The programme also comes with DragonPad small WordPad like wordprocessor to help you quickly dictate straight away. Right now I can tell, you are becoming even more impressed with Dragon NaturallySpeaking's ability to keep up. As am really getting into the flow now than talking as if talking to a friend reasonably quickly, and everything is coming up with even better accuracy isn't(it seems) spoke too soon there and quite literally.

      As far as product support those who manufacture as a website and a online Registering program, which seems quite reassuring, although I can't say that I have used it yet. Furthermore, I can't imagine much going on with this software, that the FAQ could not sort out.

      As the competition goes speech to take software in the commercial market. This product does not have much competition, though it isn't cheap really around a hundred pounds depending on where you go. If you have a job in which time is most definitely money and you need to do a lot of typing. Then this product is amazing value for money, and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to you. Similarly, if you do a lot of clapping, and you wish you a bit more free time. Or you find like I do that you will be typing an idea will come into your head that by the time you finish typing what you're currently on that you were already forgotten your new idea this products great. For example when setting out plans for essays. I find it's great fun(for) mind mapping.

      So far this quickness review is only taken me about. Just over 10 minutes, I imagine which the me would have normally taken at least 20 minutes to type. Also like to point out that all the mistakes in this. When I asked Dragon speaking to highlighted in the way I normally would used to correct the mistakes. The word that I meant is always in the top two options. And comparing this to when I first started using it I had to spell out everything that I meant, which shows how the programme is Learning in such a short time.

      One thing that will interest me when I read this back to it myself. Is how this review seems, whether because I'm taking much less time on the review, the normal and thinking less it will seem disjointed, but that's just an aside which has popped into my head as I write this.

      All in all, I'm really impressed with voice recognition and voice text software has come a long. Right now the only drawback which I can see is my housemates thinking I'm going mental talking to myself in my room. When I remind myself about how much easier writing long documents is now at how jealous there will be when tthey find out how much extra time I have am sure I will be the one having the last laugh!


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