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Deadliest Catch - Series 6 (DVD)

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Genre: Documentary / Theatrical Release: 2010 / Exempt / DVD released 2010-11-29 at Demand DVD / Features of the DVD: Colour, PAL

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    2 Reviews
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      04.09.2012 21:45



      a good show

      I've watched Deadliest Catch since the first season, and while the show is losing its steam, it's still worth watching.
      Season 6 follows the same main boats as it has in the previous couple of seasons. The problems also seem to be very similar to the other years, especially the Wizard. Every year, the Wizard picks up a greenhorn (rookie fisherman) and they never do a good job. The captain always complains, and ends up kicking them off the ship at the end of the season or even earlier. After seeing this happen often in the previous seasons, I've grown tired of it in this one.
      There isn't much new in season 6 that hasn't happened in the other seasons. Also, it bothers me that companies are trying to get their name in the show. I noticed that all of a sudden, the Wizard has multiple Dunkin Donuts mugs and coffee, and the camera guy makes sure to focus on them, even though it was nothing to do with what is going on. Many times while interview the captain of the Wizard, they show the dunkin donuts mug and just put the sound of his voice. This blatant marketing really takes away from the reality of the show.
      If you're a fan of this show, then I would buy the DVD set. There is still a great amount of action and drama to keep any viewer on the edge of their seats


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      16.04.2011 19:59
      Very helpful



      An excellent series about crab fishing on the Bering Sea

      I don't actually watch a lot of TV and have always had no interest at all in fishing, therefore the idea of watching a documentary series on TV about crab fishing on the Bering Sea is something that should hold no appeal for me whatsoever. However, somehow I have managed to become a fan of the TV series Deadliest Catch which is shown on the Discovery Channel and I have began to purchase the dvd's of the various series that have been shown.

      My interest in Deadliest Catch built up slowly. My partner was browsing through the channels on SKY one evening looking for something to watch and an episode of the series being shown at the time caught his eye as something dramatic was happening at that particular moment. He watched the remainder of that particular episode, although I wasn't paying any attention at the time. The next evening he found another episode showing and watched that too, commenting that it was an interesting programme and he was surprised to feel that way seeing as he has no interest in fishing etc. I must admit this kind of amused me and I think I poked fun at him a little for enjoying it. However, as his interest grew and he began watching all the back episodes that were showing on the Discovery channels, I found I was slowly becoming interested in watching the programme myself.

      So what is Deadliest Catch?

      Deadliest Catch focuses on the King Crab and Opilio Crab fishing seasons. It follows the crews of the boats who depart from Dutch Harbor, Alaska in the chain of the Aleutian Islands each October in search of crab. There are many fishing boats out on the Bering Sea, but the programme features a core of around five boats and the crews that work on them. Plunging temperatures, high winds and seas make each episode a nail-biting and often extremely dangerous adventure. The action is filmed from the perspective of the captains and deckhands of each boat and follows them as they work to bring home the crab, often putting in shifts of 36 hours without sleep. They do this as the financial rewards are good. Indeed a deckhand can expect to recieve a pay packet of anything up to and around $40-50,000 for one trip.

      Deadliest Catch Series 6

      Series 6 was screened last year, 2010. It followed the following boats: Time Bandit, NorthWestern, Cornelia Marie, Wizard and Kodiak, once more through another action-packed series. Indeed series 6 takes viewers through some of the roughest situations the captains and crews have ever had to face on the high seas. From treacherous weather conditions to crew conflict, to the death of a beloved captain, this series proved to be a very emotional season on the Bering Sea.

      This particular series will probably always be the series that everyone who is a fan of the show will remember, as it dealt with the very sad passing of Phil Harris, captain of the Cornelia Marie. Phil was probably the most popular person on the show and as events played out leading up to his death and the cameras kept rolling at Phil's insistence, it made for some of the most sad and emotional viewing I have ever seen on TV. It was sensitively done and was also what Phil wanted, so there could be no accusations of Discovery cashing in by filming the emotional scenes.

      Apart from his passing, there is also plenty of danger and excitement as well as fun shown in this series and you can't help but become really interested in following the lives of the captains and crew of the boats. From the workaholic Sig Hansen captain of the NorthWestern and his long-suffering brother, deck boss Edgar Hansen, to the fun-loving joint captains of the Time Bandit: brothers Johnathan and Andy Hillstrand, there are plenty of characters and personalities to keep the viewer interested throughout the series. You begin to warm to these men as the camera crew follow them through the long hours, hard physical graft and the danger they experience as they battle the elements to bring home their catch.

      Series 6 is a set of five dvd's containing all the episodes from the series. With a running time of 960 minutes, buying these boxed sets are great value for money. I must admit I have not watched all the series' which prequel this one, although I am working my way through them. It was series 6 which got me interested in Deadliest Catch and therefore I don't personally think it is necessary that you watch the series in order from 1-6. It doesn't take long to understand all about the boats and crews and references are made to the past series here and there. What is important though I would say, is that you really should watch a particular series in order from the opening episode to the final one, otherwise you may become confused. This is another advantage of owning this dvd set, as Discovery often show odd episodes on their channels which don't always follow on from each other.

      I am not a big fan of reality shows but Deadliest Catch has me hooked (pardon the pun) as it is both interesting and entertaining. I actually found I was interested in the actual crab fishing and have learned a lot about different types of crab, which ones are 'keepers', how they are fished and stored and just how dangerous the job of being a crab fisherman is. It is all shown in the day to day operation of the crab boats and never gets boring or technical. The danger is ever-present as crews can be swept overboard, boats are at risk of overturning, mechanical failures and problems have to be dealt with, illness and accidents at sea and also the coast guard plays a part from time to time as they are on hand to assist with emergencies at sea. After watching only a couple of episodes I found myself really enjoying the series, I had my favourite captains and crew members and became really interested in finding out about their lives as crab fishermen.

      Series 6 shows not only the sad events leading up to and surrounding the sad passing of Capt Phil, but also how his two sons Jake and Josh who are deckhands on their father's boat have to face up to life without their father. Also featured in this series is a deckhand threatening to quit, trouble at the captain's get-together, family feuds, the trading of deckhands between Sig and Phil's boats, mechanical problems, massive ice storms, dangerous seas and the exhaustion of the crews. The film crew on board are living side by side with the deck hands, but you forget they are there to be honest. I think it is cleverly done without being too obtrusive.

      Watching Deadliest Catch episodes always seems to be something of a rollercoaster ride and I am really looking forward to the new series which begins this month (April 2011) on Discovery. If you haven't seen it yet I can highly recommend you watch a couple of episodes. It is something I never thought I would enjoy but I am now a huge fan of the show. This series 6 dvd set is available from sites such as Amazon and Play.com as well as outlets such as HMV. This set currently retails at £15.47 on Amazon which is half the RRP and represents great value for money as well as being the ideal way to enjoy this series.


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