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Fat Sick & Nearly Dead (DVD)

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3 Reviews
  • Informative & inspiring
  • I didnt warm to joe much but appreciated his journey
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    3 Reviews
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      03.04.2014 02:06
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • "Informative & inspiring"


      • "I didnt warm to joe much but appreciated his journey"

      Will get you trawling through Argos catelogues for juicers

      Fat sick & neatly dead is a 2010 documentary featuring Joe cross, who's just your average joe jolly Australian guy. A life full of convenience fast foods has made him look like he's ''swallowed a sheep'' in his own words, he has also developed some neurology condition that has him popping meds like they're smarties.
      He's fat, sick & according to him... nearly dead.
      Sick of the way his life is he starts looking for alternatives , after all big pharma can't solve everything.

      He decides to juice fast for 60 days & chucks away his meds monitored by a doctor to see what transpires with his condition.
      And what better place to tackle his problem with junk food head on than The U.S, he will be surrounded with pizzerias & Wendys.
      For the 60 days he will only be on a plant based diet, juiced. I think the mean green juice they make in the film consists of celery, apples, kale leafs, ginger, lemon & cucumber which I have juiced myself & it's ok. There's also a few other recipes on Joes website which will be found in google if you type ''reboot with Joe''.

      Now I find it an interesting concept to try and manage conditions with plant based diets, & as far as Im aware there's not too much evidence on this yet.
      But my opinion is that it's definitely on the right track as daily our livers have a lot to filter out, junk food & the like, I think when you only put goodness in it gives our bodies a break & the best shot it's got at repairing & we're encouraged to have a healthy lifestyle, short juice fasts definitely could encourage a healthier life.

      Seeing Joe struggle for the first few days definitely showed that this is not for the faint hearted, but he soon reaps in the benefits & his determination to carry on is admirable. After a few days he is already noticing improvements & quick to interview New Yorkers about their opinions on juice fasting & boasting about his success so far, he seems to like the new life juicing has given him so far.

      There appears to be a lot of controversy on juicing, especially amongst websites like DailyFAIL but I really don't consider it a fad, more of a positive lifestyle change. This documentary has a lot of information about the whole thing & is pretty interesting.
      Plant based diets are a bit how our ancestors used to eat, yaanno?
      People make arguments about not getting the right nutrients etc, when you can basically get everything you need in fruit & veg really!

      On Joe's journey he ends up meeting Phil Staples who he finds out has the same condition, Phil is a morbidly obese truck driver with a definite problem. Joe offers his help anytime to get on this juice fast.
      Phil soon gets in touch & is eager to change his life, at this point we are unsure whether this truck driver from Iowa can really stick to something like this.
      I definitely felt like I warmed to Phil a lot in this film, I was totally rooting for him, he seemed stuck in bad ways , without the arrogance that Joe has..
      I did like Joe but at times I felt he was forcing people to listen to his advice about juice diets & boasting too much about his success. But on the other hand I may be being a little harsh as he is trying to change his life for the better!

      After Phils & Joes juice fast they look like new people, their blood pressure is a lot better, cholesterol normal etc. They are medication free as plant based diet is known to be very successful for the condition they have & I am thoroughly impressed with the changes they have made with their lives, of course they dont continue to live on juice but a life full of healthy fruit & vegs & have stuck to it ever since!

      The reason our bodies crave these unhealthy junk foods is because we are nutrient starved , so juice fasts are a good way to get into it. but of course it's whatever works for a person, its all individual & Im aware it's not for everyone.
      I have personally tried this myself for 3 days & at the end of day 3 was rushing to Justeat.co.uk :O
      But am definitely trying to live a healthier life.

      I really enjoyed this documentary a lot. I found it very inspirational & thought it was very informative.
      I guess the best part about it was that it was two real obese people with problems.. theres nothing special about them but they did it!
      & so can anyone. it proves anyone can turn their lives around if they really want it. :')
      & if you see Joe now he looks totally unrecognisable, he's looking well and in great health so people may think that this is a silly fad, but it worked for this average Joe very well!

      I say keep an open mind & give it a watch as it's very good. You can find it on Netflix, or buy it from amazon for a good price.


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        24.06.2012 11:29
        Very helpful



        An inspiring film about following a healthier life.

        I read Daisylee's review of this film last week, and from her summary of this film I decided that it was a film that would probably appeal to me, and within a couple of days I had watched it online.

        This is a documentary filmed by an Australian, Joe Cross, who in his own words was 'fat, sick and nearly dead.' Heavily overweight by about a 100 pounds, and having lived a good life of excess alongside his stressful career on the stock exchange, Joe was fed up and knew something had to change.

        Suffering from a painful auto-immune skin disease called Urticaria, Joe was on a cocktail of drugs to control his blood levels and steroids to help his disease, and as he looked in the mirror he decided he needed to change his life, or risk an early death.

        What follows is an amazing story told by a very honest and inspiring person. Joe decides that the body if healthy can actually heal itself from the inside, and to do this he decides that he will follow a fast of 60 days where all he is allowed to have is juice drinks made from raw fruits and vegetables. To make this even harder, he decides to do this in the land of opportunity, America, where more people than anywhere else on the planet are very overweight and there is a fast food outlet on every street corner to taunt him. We see him talk to lots of people on his journey, and the contrast between what he is doing and the diet of junk food they are following is very strong. Obviously there is some editing here, so a lot of the people he talks to are on the larger side and stood outside fast food joints to emphasise the contrast, but the message is quite hard hitting as a result.

        Joe had consulted with a doctor before he started, and also after every ten days on the regime so that his body chemistry could be analysed and he could be sure he was ok. Amazingly, the weight started to melt off him, his blood levels began to regulate so he could start to reduce the level of his medication and he also found his skin condition disappeared completely. The journey is not shown as being easy. The first few days were horrendous for him as food is such a normal every day experience for us and everyone around us are doing it, so to not do it leads to a bit of an isolated life at first. I think it must have required a lot of will power.

        However, the affect on his body is astronomical, and as he goes around talking to people they really do begin to notice and he even persuades some people to join him. The first is a trucker named Phil Staples who has a BMI of 58 and suffers from the same skin condition as Joe. This man is a walking timebomb, so it was interesting to see if he could follow this plan and see the same health effects. The second person was a lady who was normal weight, but was interested in the healing side of it as she suffered from debilitating migraines. I found this really interesting as she was more like myself, a busy mum who had to cook for the family, so was it possible to follow this and have the will power when surrounded by food as this is my biggest problem with food. I have kids who constantly pester for snacks and eat huge portions, and the will power to not join in is not there.

        My overall impression of this film was awe. In the same way I had been horrified by Morgan Sputlock in Supersize Me, I was amazed by how quickly a health regime like this could have an impact on someone's life, not just undoing the weight gain visible on the outside, but tackling the internal health problems as well. I find myself wanting to try it out, perhaps not to the extreme like this 60 day plan, but I like many others would probably benefit even from a weekend of doing this. In my brain, I am now seeing more connection between the fuel chosen for the body, and the performance and appearance of it, and I have already been inspired to reach for the fruit bowl rather than the chocolate biscuits since watching this.

        I think this was pitched at the right level. There was some input from Doctors who were talking to Phil and Joe and telling them about dieting and health effects which satisfied my scientific brain that likes to know why things are like that, then there were cartoon type sections which I was less interested in but would appeal to some viewers more. A lot of this was visual, as you could see the effects of this happening before your eyes in the 90 minute film.

        I am trying to persuade my husband to watch this too with me, as I think there is a message there for everyone, not just about healthy weight, but about living a life of health and longevity which we all could benefit from. Yes, we are here for a good time, but that doesn't have to include stuffing your face with fast food and knocking 30 years or more off your life expectancy.

        For anyone who is interested, Joe has a blog at jointhereboot dot com which provides information about trying out the regime for yourself alongside a chat forum. I am certainly going to be investigating further.


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          13.06.2012 20:49
          Very helpful



          Worth watching!!

          Film only review.

          Fat, sick and nearly dead is an Australian documentary which was filmed in 2010. It focusses on two overweight men as they switch from a diet of processed food, meat and dairy to fruit and vegetable juice. This diet is also known as 'juicing' and it's one of the most recent health crazes. The film shows Joe and Phil as they go through the initial struggles of change and we follow them as they explore the impressive health benefits of juicing.

          Joe Cross, the main 'character', producer, writer and narrator of Fat, Sick and Nearly dead decided to film his experience as he went on a sixty day juice fast in order to sort out his health and appearence. He suffered with a rare skin condition which saw him taking steroids to medicate it and was one hundred pounds overweight at twenty two stone and in his own words, was 'at the end of his rope and the end of his hope'. He decided to try the juicing diet in the hope that his body would heal itself so he could be free of medication and lose the extra weight.

          Joe sets out to inspire other people and travels over 3,000 miles exploring people's diets as well as their opinions on his own diet. It is then when he comes across Phil, a mordibly obese truck driver who weighs in at an absolutely shocking 30 stone. Depressed, lonely and lacking in health, Phil agrees to swap numbers with Joe as the two men have many things in common, including the same rare skin condition. After losing his weight in an impressive amount of time, Joe recieves a disturbing phone call from a near suicidal Phil, who later decides to start juicing with the help from Joe in order to improve his health. The results? Absolutely amazing!

          This is the most inspiring weight-related programme I've ever seen and I am so glad that I watched it. I came across this on the internet and decided to watch it after seeing a Youtube trailer for it. I am in the process of becoming Vegan (a fruit, vegetable and grain based diet) so thought that this would be a good programme to watch to see the effects of a meat, dairy and chemical-free diet.

          The documentary is really well directed with subtle humour when needed to stop things feeling a little depressive - for example, when we first meet Joe he is in very poor health and it is clear that he is desperate for change, but he portrays this in an inspiring and positive manner. There's a series of brief cartoons showing Joe's life if he should carry on how he is - dead and buried, which I suppose acts as a minor 'shock factor' but in a less in-your-face way.

          I found it both inspiring and rather amusing as Joe trys to convert others to juicing, especially when he's sat with a group of men eating mounds of meat and greasy food. We get to hear a range of opinions, for example one man states that he would rather eat what he likes and die early because it's no fun eating healthily. The first part of the film focusses on Joe as he loses weight and becomes free of his skin condition and medication while the second half focusses on Phil, a truck driver that Joe met while interviewing members of the public about their diet.

          Phil is hugely overweight and I watched in absolute amazement as he transformed from a suicidal, lonely person into an inspirational and confident, healthy man. We see Phil as he tries to convert his overweight brother into juicing, and the dangers of being overweight become all very real when his brother suffers a heart attack. This programme is hugely inspiring and if you are trying to eat even a little bit healthier, I would reccomend watching this for inspiration. The results are amazing and I can not reccomend Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead enough!


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