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Katy Perry: Part Of Me (DVD)

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Genre: Documentary / Parental Guidance / Director: Dan Cutforth, Jane Lipsitz / Actors: Katy Perry ... / DVD released 2012-11-05 at Paramount Home Entertainment / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    3 Reviews
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      01.11.2013 21:46
      Very helpful



      Better than I expected!!

      I wouldn't really consider myself to be a Katy Perry fan. I mean she's alright and has a few good songs, although I wouldn't say I really like her. One night at part of a 'girlie night in' - one of my friends bought this DVD round to watch. I wouldn't have watched it myself, although as everyone wanted to watch it, I went along with the flow.

      I found it interesting seeing the videoes of the 'younger Katy' where she talks about her childhood. This was really interesting as I had thought that she had probably had an easy 'perfect' childhood, however, in fact her childhood was quite tough as her parents were very religious and very strict (she was only allowed to listen to gospel music). So I found this really interesting.

      I loved the behind the scenes footage of this movie. When you see a big star like Katy Perry you instantly think that they have these perfect lives which are full of glitz and glamour. So to see behind the scenes was a real eye opener. Katy comes across as being really down to earth and just a genuinely nice person. She is so easy to relate to. I found some parts of the movie to be quite emotional to watch - especially the parts which show the end of her marriage. I really felt sorry for her.

      I also enjoyed the live performances on this DVD. She is a good performer and judging by the live clips from this DVD - her concerts are amazing. As well as catchy songs - she has amazing stage presence and is just full of energy!! She is very entertaining!!

      I definitely enjoyed this movie a lot more than I thought I would.

      Thanks for reading!
      November 2013


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      03.09.2013 19:58
      Very helpful



      A MUST for any Katy Perry fan

      I'm not really one for documentary films, I can't remember any that I've watched before but when I was browsing Netflix with no real intentions of watching a film, I spotted this, Katy Perry - Part Of Me and was intrigued. I'm a big fan of Katy Perry and decided to give it a watch to pass some time.

      With no real expectations of what the film would be like and whether it would be a real insight into Katy's life or music or something else, I was sat here eagerly waiting for it to start. The first two minutes of the film show different people, mainly teenagers, speaking about what Katy has taught them, it's rather inspirational.

      Keith Hudson, Katy's father was a travelling preacher and the film goes on to show a video of 18 year old Katy talking about how as she grew up she was always around church kids and church life. They moved around every one or two years. Katy and her siblings were shaded somewhat from life when they were younger, not allowed to eat lucky charms or watch The Smurfs.

      When Katy turned 13 she received a guitar for her birthday and then began to write her own songs. She made a gospel record at the age of 15 as that was the only music she was allowed to listen to. The film then goes on to tell us about the first time Katy heard a different genre or music at a friend's house, the music was Alanis Morissette, after that Katy sang about everything in her life and what she was going through as she was growing up. Katy's parents didn't like much of what she was doing so she upped and moved to L.A and she felt like she was finally beginning to live her life.

      Katy was signed to Columbia but they had different ideas with what Katy Perry should do, they wanted her to be like Avril Lavigne but Katy didn't want that at all. Nothing was happening, she was skint and didn't know what to do. The record label wouldn't drop her but wouldn't do anything with her either, that was until one of the publicists stole all of Katy's files and took them to other company and thought she was perfect. They released 'I kissed a girl' and it sored, Katy Perry was a household name.

      Russell Brand, Katy's husband at the time, is featured in the film and Katy goes on about how she thinks he could be the love of her life. At the time she was doing two weeks of touring then having two or three days to travel and visit him and travel back to wherever she was on tour, it really burned her out towards the end. It also shows Katy breaking down right before a show in Brazil, the marriage broke down.

      All the way through the 93 minutes running time there are clips of Katy performing on her 2011 tour, the times the songs are played fit in perfectly with what the documentary are talking about in different parts of the film, it really sets the whole tone for the film throughout. There seems to be the perfect balance between snippets of her life and different family and friends talking about her and her actual music on the tour.

      Although I was browsing for Netflix to have something to watch in the background, I found myself glued to this documentary film about Katy, her tour, her life and her music. It was an extremely interesting thing to watch and I'm really glad I watched it. I had no idea what her home life was like before she got as big as she did and it was nice to hear all about it. I think it's definitely worth a watch if you are a Katy Perry fan.


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      31.01.2013 10:42
      Very helpful



      Brilliant insight into the life of a popular pop princess

      My daughter is a massive fan of the pop star Katy Perry and was over the moon when she received Katy Perry's Part of Me DVD for Christmas. My daughter plays Katy's songs quite regularly so I feel I know her songs well, but as I don't really follow celebrity gossip I knew very little about her before watching this DVD.

      Part of me is a documentary which follows Katy on her 2011 California Dreams tour. There are some great clips of Katys performances which are really fun to watch, her live singing is great and her dance routines are energetic. Katy puts on a colourful show with brilliant eccentric costumes and shows an amazing amount of enthusiasm and energy. The sets are just as bright and brilliant. The majority of the footage however is set backstage and includes interviews with family, friends, fans, those working on the tour and of course Katy herself.

      The Documentary begins with home made movie clips from fans of the popstar declaring their love for Katy. Her fans, also known as "Katys Kats", speak from the heart about the effect their idol has had on their lives and how she inspires them to be strong, hardworking individuals.

      This is followed by footage of Katy getting ready to begin her tour and reflecting on her childhood. She visits her grandmother and we see childhood photos of Katy. I actually found this really interesting as I had no previous knowledge about her early days. Katy had a strict upbringing, her parents were travelling Pentecoastal Christians which ment that the family often moved about. Katy tells how she often felt sufficated as a child. Katys love of singing and performing was clear from early on and she would sing in church, when she was 15 she made her first album, a collection of Christian songs. Katy tells how her parents did not allow her to listen to any music other than Christian music, but one day whilst at a friends house she listened to Alanis Morissettes Jagged Little Pill album, it would change her whole perspective on life. She received a guitar for her birthday and began writing her own songs and began to dream about becoming a pop star.

      It wasn't long before she moved to LA in search of fame. There are some brilliant clips of Katys early performances and first low budget music videos. During her time in LA Katy encountered a number of set backs but her hard work and persistance paid off as she was eventually signed to a record label. Her song "I kissed a girl" made her a over-night success. Interestingly, Katy is the only female to have had five of her singles from one album to go straight to number one in America.

      Early on in the documentary Katy talks about how much she is in love with her new husband Russell Brand. I am not a huge fan of Brand so was quite glad that he only appears a few times throughout. Brand comes to see Katy behind stage after one of her shows and tells her how wonderful her performances was, the couple are clearly in love.  But Katy and Russell both have hectic busy scedules and its not long before cracks begin to appear in their relationship. The tour is grueling for Katy, she is clearly tired and drained but she works hard to make time to see her husband. Sadly before the tour has even finished they have separated. Katy clearly comes across as a hopeless romantic even admitting herself that she loves fairytales. Her split from Brand produces a few sad scenes in the documentary and I found myself beginning to feel quite sorry for Katy. In one scene Katy is sobbing her heart out whilst backstage, I actually found it really hard to watch as she was very emotional and clearly heartbroken. She tries to compose herself but when she is preparing to enter the stage she breaks down, literally shaking with sadness, she manages to compose herself and goes on stage smiling, refusing to let her fans down. I really felt that this showed the real Katy Perry, just a normal human being with feelings and emotions. It seemed very genuine and I actually warmed to her. I also felt a lot of respect for her as she continued with the show in such a professional way. Now I do tend to dislike self-indulgent celebrities who try to convince us all that their lives are so hard and that us normal people could never understand how difficult fame is for them. It could have been very easy for Katy to come across in such a way, but somehow she doesn't, she remains likeable. I actually found myself rooting for the girl. I feel this is partly down to her general personality but also due to the fact that Katy truly loves and appriciates what she does. Towards the end of the tour she reflects a little about the failure of her marriage and her optimism for the future. All that being said I would like to stress that these sad scenes are few and far between nor does the documentary linger too long on the subject.  

      Katy comes across as a very fun, warm caring person and I was actually really surprised by how down to earth she seemed. I think this is due to her close family, in particular her sister who seem to keep her feet on the ground. Her sister Angela actually works on the tour too and she appears frequently throughout the documentary. I really liked Angela, who is clearly close to her little sister, there are some really lovely scenes of them together. Katys parents were also interesting viewing and they are both clearly proud of their daughter and her achievements, even if pop princess was not exactly the career they had in mind for their daughter. She shows a lot of respect for her parents and siblings. She also has plenty of time for her fans and we see her chatting with them during various backstage meet and greets.

      The cynic in me would say that this DVD has been made specifically with the intention to create an image of Katy as a normal likeable girl and that perhaps Katy is not just a talented singer and performer but a brilliant actress too. But in all honesty I believed Katy was genuine and that this documentary was an interesting insight into the life of such a successful female star. 

      My nine year old daughter enjoyed watching it, she especially enjoyed the clips of Katy performing live. Perhaps some of the more emotional scenes like the break down of Katys marriage went over her head. Some children may be upset to see Katy crying and parents may want to keep this in mind before allowing them to view the DVD. Personally I felt it made a good talking point to discuss the fact that sometimes grown ups get sad too, even famous ones. The rating is a PG and as far as I remember there is nothing truly offensive in the DVD, although some of Katy's lyrics may be a little too suggestive for some.

      To be honest I couldn't think of a better way to have spent a snowy Sunday afternoon than to have been curled up on the sofa with my daughter watching this delightful 90 minute documentary. Having little interest in current celebrity culture I was pleasantly surprised by Katy's offering and found her fun, engaging and just generally entertaining. 

      Of course Katy fans will love this, but I have no problems recommending this DVD to those who know very little about the popstar. I think it would be difficult for anyone to dislike Katy and not enjoy a brief glimpse into the rollercoaster world of this engaging pop icon.

      My daughters copy of this is a regular DVD but it can also be purchased on Blu-ray and in 3D.

      I have not watched the special features so cannot really comment on them. For those interested the DVD contains the following special features:

      *Last  Friday Night" full concert performance
      *The Making of "Wide Awake"
      *Grandma: "Thinking of You"
      *Girl and a Guitar

      *Prices -Amazon*

      DVD: £7.75

      Triple Play:  £10.25


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