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Ancol Cintronella & Eucalyptus Shampoo

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Brand: Ancol / Type: Grooming

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    1 Review
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      22.01.2013 22:22
      Very helpful



      A nice cheap shampoo with some good ingredients.

      ~~*~~*~~ Ancol Citronella & Eucalyptus Shampoo & Conditioner ~~*~~*~~

      ~~*~~ I never knew you had dandruff ~~*~~

      In the 5 and a half years I've been owned by my chocolate Labrador, Pig, I think she's probably had 4 or 5 baths. I don't believe in removing the natural oils in her coat by shampooing her fat butt but I do hose her off with a warm hosepipe when she's particularly filthy. Pig is my first show dog and still I never bathed her for a show - a quick rub-down with a newspaper brings out the shine beautifully in a lab and whereas you want shine, you do not want a soft coat - a lab should have a harsh feel to it. Thus, fatty bum bum has only been shampooed when she's rolled in something revolting or for Christmas at Granny's.

      Pigsy got me interested in showing and I then purchased the Irish Water Spaniel, Puddle who unfortunately and somewhat ironically drowned recently. During her 2 and a half years the poor thing was bathed weekly and anyone who's owned one of these knows they are a stinky breed. They too have natural oils which makes for a greasy coat and thus creates their signature liver puce colour. I tried many shampoos for her - some increased the curl or gave her coat volume and some were just bloody expensive but the one I liked the best was Ancol's dark coat shampoo.

      ~~*~~ So healthy, it shines ~~*~~

      My main reason for purchasing it was baby Oink - my black lab who's just turned 1 (Happy Birthday Fat Pants). You know what it's like - new puppy combined with a trip to pets at home, results in a £100+ bill. Anyway, this was on offer for £1.50 (usual price is about £3) and it proclaims to be good for black and dark coats which seemed perfect for my girls. Maybe the thing that really sold it to me was the picture of a black lab on the front - I am that fickle. It's a clear plastic bottle so you can see exactly how much of the black stuff is left inside as you use it.

      It contains Chamomile oil, Lanolin, Citronella & Eucalyptus and claims to contain the finest natural detergents which is nice but since they don't have to list the actual ingredients, we'll never know. I like the combination of these ingredients for my pooches - Chamomile oil is regularly used to soothe skin and is a natural anti-inflammatory, Citronella is supposed to be an insect repellent and may help keep the fleas, mites and ticks at bay, Euchalyptus oil tends to have the same effect on pooches but can have calming influences too and Lanolin is naturally absorbed into the skin and hair moisturising and improving the elasticity as it goes.

      ~~*~~ It does beautiful things to your head ~~*~~

      The instructions say to dilute the shampoo 15 parts to water - sometimes I do this, other times when it's ruddy cold and I'm freezing after a full days walking, I put a blob in my hands, rub them together and then squidge it all over the already soggy doggies. It is important to rinse them thoroughly which isn't easy when the little black one is trying to bite the water coming from the hosepipe or the Pig is doing the hot floor dance and won't let you rinse it from her botty. I then give them a rough towelling, pop on their beautiful coats and leave them in the kitchen to dry with a bone.

      ~~*~~ No more tears ~~*~~

      I have to confess, Pigsy may have got a wee soap sud in her eye and though she didn't cry, her eye was red. Not to worry - she's rock hard and soon got over it. My girls don't particularly enjoy their hosing sessions but they like the shampoo being rubbed into their backs and they know a biscuit awaits them afterwards. The smell of this shampoo is lovely - a lemony fresh waft accompanies the girls whilst they're drying though the day after you can only smell it when you're having cuddles and blowing raspberries on their bellies. For me this is perfect - I don't want Oinky to go into the show ring smelling false as 'any product which alters the natural colour, texture or body of the coat may be present in the dog's coat for any purpose at any time during the show' - the kennel club has spoken.

      ~~*~~ Because she's worth it ~~*~~

      Oink is worth it - her coat definitely looks lovely and shiny after use. On the odd occasion I've used it on Pig the chocolate simpleton, I don't think it's made any difference to the quality of her coat but it has made her smell fresh. It is my choice of product for a short coat beast especially as the price is so cheap and I'm also encouraged by the ingredients in it. In the case of Puddle Permhead, I don't think this shampoo did her curls any favour but she was nice and clean and easy to comb so the conditioner did help remove any knots. She retained her good smell for longer than the labs as presumably her longer coat kept it in more.Considering Oink has just celebrated her first birthday and I've got a third of a bottle left, it seems pretty good value for a doggy shampoo

      If you'd like some (I'm not sure it's suitable for humans though) it's available online everywhere but the official website is http://www.ancolpetproducts.co.uk/show.php?groupid=DOGMSH&colour=0&itemid=

      Ancol make quite a few versions of shampoo so have a look for a more suitable product for your baby or contact them for advice if you're too indecisive:

      Ancol Pet Products Limited,
      Ancol House,
      Leamore Lane,
      Bloxwich, Walsall
      W. Midlands
      WS2 7DA

      +44(0)1922 402428


      Thanks for reading.
      Review will most definitely appear elsewhere.

      Caroline, Pig, & Oink
      January 2013


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