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Ancol Rubber Ball Dog Toy

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1 Review
  • All natural material
  • Easy to throw
  • solid rubber is ripped apart too easily
  • Much too hard for dogs to catch
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    1 Review
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      28.10.2014 20:29
      Very helpful


      • " (Which can't be said for last advantage)"
      • "All natural material"
      • "Bounces like Katie Prices whatsits... "
      • "Easy to throw"


      • "solid rubber is ripped apart too easily"
      • "Much too hard for dogs to catch"

      When something bounces like this you'd expect hours of fun, but not here..???

      All dogs love to chase things, especially balls, and my dog is no exception, which means that I have to either buy a shed load of cheap balls or spend a few extra quid in the hope that the more expensive ball will last a little longer.... and that is what I tried with this rather pricey ball....
      These are 60mm in diameter and are made of a solid rubber material. They come in a few colours, green, blue and red, {I have seen a yellow one but I don't recall if it was the same type of solid rubber ball?}, but they only come in one size, so juggling with a few of them could be fun?

      They are great to throw with them being on the heavier side of balls, although not too heavy that you need the arm of a Russian shot putter to get it off the ground. But when thrown this can go quite a distance, an, unfortunately, it will destroy any worm or ant that it lands on.

      As I said they are solid balls of toughened rubber which I find to be a little too hard for my dogs teeth if he tries to jump catch this from the air. So, to stop any teeth being lost, I either keep the ball low to the ground or have him wait until the ball has landed before he is sent to get it.
      The other downside is that it was so easy for my dog to destroy, which meant that it lasted him all of ten minutes, nine of which were when we were playing fetch. The minute is left him alone with this ball he sat there ripping into it as if it was food, which he knew it wasn't, which ended up with bits of rubber all over his bed.

      And the cost of this ball shaped wad of solid rubber is a whopping £5, or there-abouts, which for me, and my dogs teeth, is way too much for the time that my dog had it for.
      I know it is solid rubber and is not a chew toy, so I was daft leaving it with my dog for his to chew it, but for him to destroy it in a minute or so is not right in anyone's wallet. He takes longer chewing a walls sausage....


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  • Product Details

    Ancol Rubber Ball Dog Toy is made from traditional solid rubber and so bounces and is perfect for medium sized dogs. The Ancol Rubber Ball Dog Toy is a great interactive toy to provide both owner and pet will lots of quality time together having fun. Please note this toy is not indestructible.

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