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Argos Height Adjustable Pet Dual Dining Set

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4 Reviews

Manufacturer: Argos / Type: Dog Bowls / Feeders

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    4 Reviews
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      17.07.2013 18:21
      Very helpful



      Basic but does the job very well.

      There are various arguments floating around as to the potential benefits of using a raised feeder such as this; some say in a healthy dog it can cause problems, whereas others conflict this with the suggestion that it can prevent problems. Some say that in the wild a wolf eats its prey directly from the ground, to which I say codswallop. You cannot compare a wild canine with the domesticated animal we know and love. It is all too common to hear the results of the pedigree breeding that has caused some serious health problems in our most loved breeds.

      I personally think it is obvious that larger breeds benefit from a slightly higher feeding position, especially those greedy mutts that love to "wolf" down their food; a common concern is that gobbling grub from ground level introduces excess air into the stomach, which clearly will not aid digestion. A gaseous dog is bad enough at the best of times, like just as you are settling down to watch a film.

      My own personal reason for using this product is to alleviate the arthritis our German Pointer has developed in his front legs. Stooping to the floor to eat and drink is clearly going to cause some discomfort and could even exasperate the problem.

      This item was purchased some time ago from Argos and they currently retail for £14.99.

      The Product

      The product consists of an "H" shaped base section to which an upright is bolted that provides the mounting for the bowl holders. The upright is bolted from underneath using a threaded wing nut. At the corner of each leg of the "H" is a grippy rubber foot that, combined with the overall weight of the feeder (~2kg) plus the food and water, ensure that this contraption does not slip and move as the dog feeds. The area of the base section pretty much guarantees this will never be toppled over, even by the biggest, most exuberant hound.

      There is then the bowl holder which slides up and down the upright for adjusting the feeding height to suit your dog. There are various calculations banded around, but it is mainly common sense so will not go into great detail here. A threaded bolt with a thumbwheel is how the bowl holder is clamped to the upright and is very easy to operate and provides a simple, effective and secure way of fixing.

      Protruding outwards from the fixing point are two rings into which the stainless steel bowls are lowered. Again, a simple and effective design.

      As an extra feature there is also a clamp that drops down onto the top of the bowl holder to stop the bowls lifting out of the rings. This is also screwed securely to the upright by means of a threaded bolt with a thumbwheel to tighten.

      The two stainless steel bowls are obviously very easy to clean, dishwasher safe and will last forever.

      The overall dimensions are roughly 50x54x27 (H x W x D).

      In Summary

      While not the best looking feeder available I feel this is a very effective way of delivering this function through efficient design. Whoever was given the specification to design this has more than adequately delivered a brilliant solution and has thoroughly earned their fee.

      The stability and lack of slippage ensures that the dog is not chasing this around the room as some dogs do with bowls placed directly on the floor. Obviously the non-slip feet work best on a hard floor, i.e. a kitchen or utility room, and anyone who feeds their dog on a Wilton carpet may as well get the best silver cutlery out and feed the dog by hand.

      The clamp which drops down over the lip of the bowls is very much overkill, in my opinion, as there is little or no danger of the bowls becoming dislodged - but it is a feature to use if necessary. It also becomes an annoyance when you just want to quickly remove a bowl to add some fresh water or to clean; you have to go through the rigmarole of loosening off the clamp - moving it up the shaft - retightening it while you remove the bowl - and then reversing the whole process. Again, a thoughtful feature to have but is never used in reality.

      A word of warning: It is important to bear in mind that while this feeder is height adjustable to suit any size dog, the bowls MAY BE TOO SMALL for the larger breeds - they are 23cm diameter and 7cm deep. It would be highly advisable to compare these measurements with your dog's current bowls before considering this as an option.

      The only gripe I have is that due to owning a very messy Pointer, some water inevitably is splashed about and in this case has dribbled down the upright mounting shaft and corroded the joint where it joins the "H" section base. I can only assume it is a poor grade of stainless steel. Perhaps some better housekeeping would have prevented this. Also, some thread lock on the bolt that secures the upright to the base will alleviate any problems with it coming loose and spinning as the dog feeds, as some users have reported.

      All in all this is a very satisfactory product that does not delight, but delivers dutifully. I would have absolutely no problem in recommending this to owners of dogs of small to medium size; it will cater satisfactorily and last a lifetime - even in human years!


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        16.09.2010 00:37
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        see review

        I have a collie dog, hes 11 years old, i had noticed a problem with him recently. He had normal floor level dog bowls and for a while there when he had his dinner, dry dog biscuts mixed with a little water. He kept throwing up his dinner. I thought he was eating his dinner too fast and because the bowl was floor level it was the mixed water that went down too fast.

        I had wanted to buy new dog bowls for a while. I liked the idea of the adjustable bowls. I also find with the floor level bowls were messy and they hit of the skirting boards and left food marks on them.

        I found the adjustable dual pet bowls varied in price and could be £25 in some shops. I found mine at a bargain price of £12.99 from argos.

        When i got them i found that i had to build them, it was simple enough and only took me 15 mins. They were strong and had grips on the feet to stop them sliding. Made of a metal type material.

        The bowls were a good size for large dogs and not to deep.Came with two bowls, one for water and one for food. Easy to adjust to the correct size.

        I found it better for my dog to eat out of as he wasnt so bent over and ate his food slower and stopped him bringing up his food.

        They were easy to clean with soap and water. I must say they stop food mess and dont have to listen to the dog bowls hitting the skirtings anymore. They look good aswell.

        Great must have dog product.


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          21.04.2010 16:35
          Very helpful



          A great dog item from Argos not a pet shop.

          The Argos height adjustable pet food bowls and stand is a great invention and really good for dog owners of large dogs. Our dog is only 6 months old and he has already out grown the small food bowls that were originally bought for him.

          He tended to bend down and spread his legs out to get his face in the bowl, now he doesn't have this trouble, he just walks up to the bowls and stands, the bowls are at the height where he can now just put his head in and either eat or drink.

          The bowls are also a lot larger which means his increased portion sizes now he is down to 2 meals a day means we can fit his dinner in the bowl without worrying about it not all fitting in.

          My daughter was looking for a new bowl on a stand, but found they were very expensive, until a friend told her Argos were doing them for £12.99. She jumped at the chance and went and got one that very day.

          Many of the ones we had seen were over £20 and while this is practical we didn't want to spend this much on a bowl but in the long run, with legs and backs it is a wise investment and if we hadn't found the Argos ones, we would have spent the extra money.

          This comes in a flat pack (like everything from Argos) and is self assembly. My daughter and I aren't the most technically minded people so we hoped this wouldn't seem impossible. It wasn't, it was an easy task, the bits come in pieces and you must adjoin them then adjust to your dog's height.

          You get two bowls with the frame that fit perfectly and are stainless steel, these can be washed in the dish washer and are easy enough to clean. They are nearly the same size as a dinner plate (not a massive dinner plate) but a standard one.

          The stand is mainly in two parts, the bottom, the stem and the adjustment. The height of this item is 54 cm, width is 50 cm and depth is 27 cm. The height reaches 54 cm at maximum level.

          The thing I find with most self assembled items in my house, is they just aren't 100% and I was worried this would be the same, you know, not quite balanced, wonky, and easily fall over. It was in fact none of these and is perfectly stable and relatively sturdy even with a 6 month old brute running at his dinner.

          The dog looks far more comfortable than he did before eating or even just drinking from this, it was a great buy and has definitely helped him enjoy it, and he always looked like he was struggling before.

          The item does take up more room than just a dog bowl, or even a small stand and bowl or bowls, but it can be kept out of the way. There are four feet that can need a bit of room and the obviously the bowls themselves take up a bit of room, but all in all it is quite balanced, the bowls don't out stretch the size of the feet.

          I will now always double check pet items in Argos, they have a good variety of bits and beat pets shops in prices.


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            16.04.2010 18:29
            Very helpful



            Give them a try!

            Height adjustable Pet Food Bowls

            We recently acquired a 12month old Labrador, and him being quite a large dog, I thought it would be a good idea to buy some of these height adjustable food dishes for him, especially as Labradors, being a deep-chested breed, are apparently prone to bloat, and people say that having these higher bowls aids digestion and helps prevent bloat and such.

            I had seen them on various sites while browsing the internet when we were still just thinking of adopting a dog and thought they were a great invention, as when we had our last dog, Otis, who was also quite large, we used to put his dishes on a step to give them some height so that he didn't have to strain his back and bend too far to eat, but these provide the ability to adjust the dishes to the most convenient height for your dog and are obviously mobile, so they're better than a step in that respect!

            At Argos, these bowls are the cheapest I have seen this design at around £12.99 - bargain! You have to set it up yourself but this was very simple and took about two minutes to assemble, although I would recommend that you check them from time to time as the screws do become loser again as time goes on, however, the product seems very sturdy and stable; my dog hasn't even nearly managed to knock it over yet, and he can be quite boisterous!

            The basic idea is that you have a base in which you secure a metal beam with two dish holders, one either side, which can be used for water and the other for food. The bowls come with the product and some people say they struggle to find other bowls to fit but I believe this isn't such a great problem as the bowls which come with the product seem quite robust and the dog dish we had before also fits into the holder, but maybe that's just luck!

            You also get a little metal thing which goes over the dish holders and tightens over the dishes in order to keep them in place, but I found it awkward to keep removing and replacing this everytime I wanted to change Rolo's water and put food in his dish and clean his dishes, etc, so now we don't bother and we've had no accidents through not having them in place so far. When we first got them, the dishes did clang a couple of times when he was trying to lick residue from the bottom of the dish and dislodged it from the holder slightly, which gave him a bit of a shock, but this hasn't happened since and I think he's got use to any noise the bowls make now. However, I guess that's something that will depend on your dog and which will need to be adjusted accordingly.

            All in all then, I believe these are a great purchase; they have a good purpose, which they perform well, and are easy to set up, adjust and are light weight so they can be easily moved. They came at a great price, and so far seem very robust. A great idea! I would definitely recommend them for any dog owners, especially for those who have older, larger dogs. I think for our older dog Otis and now for Rolo, having their dishes at a better height for them made/makes eating much more comfortable.

            I believe similar products can be bought for all sizes of dog, but I think these Argos ones come in just the one size, which seems ample for large dog breeds, but maybe not for very large breeds, and I've read on the Argos site that someone found them too large for their Lurchers, so I couldn't really say. However, they can be found at ebay, Pets At Home, and many other online stores, in various sizes, for small to very large dogs I believe. They are currently £19.99 at Pets At Home online, plus postage.

            Finally, some extra info on the Argos model:

            According to the Argos site, this product is:

            Dishwasher friendly
            The diameter of the bowls is "23.4cm".
            The dimensions of the product (stand and bowls together, etc) are "(H)54, (W)50, (D)27cm".
            And the maximum height possible on extension is 54 cm.

            I think this is a great product and well worth a try for dog owners...


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