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Bakers Play 'n' Chew

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Brand: Bakers / Animals Equipment Type: Dog Toys

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    3 Reviews
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      03.11.2010 16:13
      Very helpful
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      A dog treat for your pooches


      I am always on the search for different treats for my two gorgeous black Labradors, Poppy and Coco. Whilst in Pets at Home a few weeks ago I spotted a unique looking treat in Bakers Play'n'Chew. I loved the concept behind it but was a little doubtful about whether or not it would work so decided to buy one each for my pooches to try it out.

      *About the Product*

      Bakers Play N Chew Dog Treat 110gm is the delicious chew treat with a fun shape that can be used for games.

      Full of flavour and full of fun, Bakers Play N Chew Dog Treat will get your dogs tail wagging! Play fetch, tug-of-war, or just let your dog chew on the fun shape; there are so many ways to have fun with your dog and with Bakers Play N Chew Dog Treat they can enjoy that doggylicious Bakers taste at the same time.

      *Price and Availability*

      Bakers Play'n'Chew Dog Treat can be purchased for £1.59. This is very expensive for just one dog treat that only keeps them occupied for 2 minutes. I certainly do not think that this price is value for money. Perhaps if you can find it a part of an offer it might be more appealing.

      You can buy Bakers Play'n'Chew from a number of different shops as many stock Bakers products. You will find them in supermarkets like Tesco and Asda as well as pet specific stores like Pets at Home and Jolleyes. Alternatively, you can also buy them online if you prefer to buy via the internet at www.petsupermarket.co.uk.

      *My Opinion*

      The packaging: As with most Bakers products, Bakers Play'n'Chew has the recognisable bright blue packaging. It is packaged in a thick, airtight plastic packet which allows the treat to be kept moist and fresh. On the front of this packaging is a picture of the product on the front. On the reverse of the packaging of this packet, you can see a list of ingredients as well as a feeding chart and any other important pieces of information Bakers wish to inform you of.

      Flavours: As far as I am aware, Bakers Play'n'Chew is only available in one flavour and I'm not actually sure exactly what this flavour is although the smell suggests something meaty. I would guess that given time, various other flavours will be released, should this be a big seller for Bakers.

      Appearance: Bakers Play'n'Chew is about 3 inches in circumference, half an inch deep and a very unique shape. This dog treat has three bone shaped throngs which stick out in different directions. I think it is shaped this way so that when you throw it, it goes further, but even this doesn't help my throwing. It is a dark reddy brown colour and it actually looks pretty cool in appearance. The texture of these treats is smooth and chewy but it does break up a little when your dog bites into it.

      Smell: The smell of this product is that same awful smell that Bakers have with its Maxi Chew product. The instant that you have opened the packaging of this treat, you are able to smell this very strong and meaty scent. Unfortunately I hate this smell but Poppy and Coco seem to love it. You can expect to have to wash your hands thoroughly after giving your dog this treat, especially if you don't wish to have a horrible and lingering smell on your fingers.

      Allowance: On the reserve of the plastic packaging, there is a guide to the number of chews that your dog can have per day. They can be fed as a treat at any time during the day but ensure that you manage this well and adapt your dog's main meal.

      Adult Weight 7kg: 1 piece per day
      Adult Weight 15kg: 2 pieces per day
      Adult Weight 30kg: 4 pieces per day

      Poppy and Coco both fall under the last weight and there is absolutely no chance that you would find me giving them 4 of these treats per day. In fact, it is unlikely that I would give them this per week or fortnight. I definitely think that 1 is plenty as the ingredients aren't particularly beneficial for dogs.

      What is in them? Cereals, sugars, oils and fats, minerals, vegetables, meat and animal derivatives, derivatives of vegetable origin. With antioxidants, coloured with and preserved with EC additives.

      Bakers Play'n'Chew Dog Treat had the same reaction from Poppy and Coco. I threw it for them but it didn't go too far, probably because I'm not the best thrower in the world. They caught it. Then they rapidly devoured it. Neither of my black Labradors had any interest whatsoever in playing fetch over and over again with it, they simply wanted to gobble it down immediately.

      As with some of the other Bakers treats that I have given Poppy and Coco in the past, Bakers Play'n'Chew is very messy. I certainly advise you to stick to giving this treat to your dogs whilst you are outside or in a room with a surface that is easy to clean. Definitely not in a living room which has a very light carpet and is prone to staining. Can you tell I'm still annoyed with myself for having let this happen?

      How long does the Bakers Play'n'Chew last? This dog treat really did not last long at all, especially considering it's fairly large size. I think it was whole for a maximum of 5 seconds after they caught it and it had disappeared within a minute or two. It is longer lasting that a Pedigree Markie but certainly is not the long lasting dog treat that I thought it might be.

      *Would I Recommend This Product?*

      I think that Bakers Play'n'Chew is a great concept and I love the idea of the treat enabling you to be interactive with your dog before giving it but as they fetch it once and then eat it the result isn't quite as good as the notion. This in addition to the price, smell and the quality of the ingredients let it down significantly and I'm not sure that I would recommend this product for this reason.

      If you are someone that wants to try out different treats for your dog then perhaps you'll want to try this out but to be honest, I don't think it is as good as it appears to be.


      The theory behind this product is actually a good one. Have some time to play with your dog before you praise and treat them. However, unfortunately, it isn't quite pulled off with this chew. Poppy and Coco fetched this treat and then immediately guzzled it down making a huge mess whilst doing so. These fun shaped, awfully meaty smelling treats are highly priced and low in good quality ingredients which is exactly why I am not all that impressed with the product. It is safe to say I won't be buying Bakers Play'n'Chew again.


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        03.10.2010 15:10
        Very helpful




        I am always looking for different sorts of treats for Ben to stick in the cupboard for when he is due a treat. And one of the treats that appears in the treat cupboard from time to time is the Bakers Play 'n' Chew dog chew.

        I first picked up the Bakers Play 'n' Chew in my home from home Pets At Home. It costs £1.59 for a 110g. It is a singular chew which comes packaged in an air tight pack which keeps it fresh as well as keeping the smell in. The chews themselves are meant as a play toy and a chew. It is a funny little shape - it has three bone shaped ends which all stick out. You are supposed to be able to chuck it for your dog to play fetch with and just have a little bit of fun with it as well as it being a tasty little snack for them.

        The first thing I noticed when I got it out of the pack for Ben was that ti had the same horrible fake meaty smell as the Maxi Chews. It is just horrible but Ben loves the smell - it drives him mental with excitement and he dances round and round in circles in anticipation.

        I must admit I wasn't keen on the idea of throwing the chew for Ben to catch. As though it is a fair size I was worried about his getting it stuck in his mouth because of the shape of it if it caught it mid air. My compromise was to sort of throw it low to the ground and somewhat gently on our wooden flooring (it did make a reddish brown mark but this wiped up). Ben dived after it, picked it up to show me and then sat down to chew on it. He had no intention of playing with this chew as a toy. I think he has the motto that food is for eating and eating only!

        Ben found this chew alot easier to hold than the Maxi Chew, I think because it has three sides to it. He appeared to take each side indivdually like a little challenge.

        This chew, much like the Maxi Chews, is soft once your dog starts chewing into it and Ben had devoured this within 5 minutes. Again like the Maxi Chews, it left red stains around his mouth and on his paws as well as the horrible fake meaty smell on his breath.

        Ben really loves these chews and they are pretty much the same as the Maxi Chew just made into a different shape though it is cheaper than the Maxi Chew. I have found that Bakers chews are full of colouring and teh ingredients are not very clear so in theory you are not completely sure what is in the chew you are giving your dog. I only give these to Ben once every month or so.

        Recommended though I would limit them with your dog.


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        28.01.2010 15:09
        Very helpful
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        I'd advise against buying but I guess it's up to you.

        The idea behind this treat is clever: it's a chewy dog treat that they can also play with because of its shape. It's a toy you don't mind if your dog chews to pieces!

        For £1.41 (in Sainsbury's) you get one 110g dog chew that has three bone-shaped arms on it to make it look a bit like a boomerang-frisbee.

        The packet advises that the maximum weekly intake is:
        Dogs up to 7kg - up to 2
        Dogs up to 15kg - 4
        Dogs weighing 30kg or more - 7

        I wouldn't normally have bought my Tess something like this unless it was her birthday or Christmas but as I'd been out of the house for a very long time that day I decided that this would be a good way to reward her when I got in; we could play together then she could enjoy chewing it.

        I was a bit worried about throwing it for her because I thought it might be a bit heavy for her to catch in her mouth or that the odd shape could get stuck in her jaws (she's the sort of dog who's had a rubber ball lodged in her mouth from catching it too eagerly!). It didn't fly very well anyway because of its weight.

        Tess caught it and immediately settled down to eat it; she just wasn't interested in playing with it. I guess if your dog takes her/his time over chews then you might get more playtime out of it but Tess isn't that sort of dog when it comes to chews. She was very happy to munch away for the next 5-10 minutes because it's soft so didn't take too long for her to devour it.

        However, here comes the reason for the one star rating. After about two hours of Tess looking a bit miserable she then threw up, twice. Of course, I can't guarantee it was the Bakers treat that made her poorly but that's all I could see in the piles of sick! Plus, because of its reddy-brown colour, I now have two orange stains on my carpet which I'll be attempting to scrub again in a few minutes.

        Even if it wasn't the chew that made her sick, the colourings now worry me and since then I looked at the ingredients and they're rather ambiguous.

        I definitely won't be buying this again but I still think the idea is good.

        Cereals, sugars, oils and fats, minerals, vegetables, meat and animal derivatives, derivatives of vegetable origin.
        With antioxidants, coloured with and preserved with EC additives.

        Typical analysis:
        Protein - 5.0%
        Oil - 6.5%
        Ash - 5.5 %
        Fibre - 2.0%
        Moisture - 14.0%
        Essential fatty acids - 1.0%
        Vitamin A - 5,000 IU/kg
        Vitamin D3 - 500 IU/kg
        Vitamin E - 50mg/kg


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        Chewable dog toy

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