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Bamboo Dog Undercoat & Dematting Rake

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Brand: Bamboo / Animals Equipment Type: Dog Grooming

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    2 Reviews
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      22.07.2009 22:11
      Very helpful
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      Absolutely fantastic and nice looking product

      Dogs are hard work, there is no question about that. As i write this, I have my youngest samoyed sprawled across my knee as if somebody told him he was a lap dog. Right now he want's a fuss but if it wasn't that he'd want feeding, or to play, or to go for a walk, or brushing. Being a samoyed with a thick double layer coat this can be a long and sometimes painful procedure. Especially so when the whole undercoat blows every six months. This is where the Bamboo 2in1 Undercoat Rake & Detangler comes in...

      The tool itself is made from a firm plastic frame in Bamboo's usual colours of red and white. The grip is cushioned for comfort and the grooming pins are made from metal for tough and coarse coats. The undercoat rake side is sturdy cone shaped pins spaces about 10mm apart and the detangler has longer metal arms for poking into knots to tease them apart. You can swich which tool is in use by clipping the desired side so that it points out whilst the 'resting' tool lies flat against the handle for safety. The head of this grooming tool is around 10 - 15 cm wide so great for larger dogs and covering lots of fur quickly.

      Bamboo are a popular manufacturer of pet products and can be found in most pet shops or online. They are well thought of though and the price for this tool reflects that at around £10. I have to stress that it is most definitely worth it if you have a dog with an undercoat! I have used so many brushes and combs on my dogs that it's surprising they have any fur left! They mault like crazy and if they are left more than a week without being groomed my house looks like Christmas with a dusting of white fur on every surface. I have tried a normal pin brush, a slicker, a shedding blade and even a Furminator but Bamboo's 2in1 rake definitely is my favourite.

      For general grooming I set the tool into the rake position and just use as a normal brush. Loads of dead hair and all the associated detritus comes out quickly and I am able to fill a bin bag with fluff in 20 minutes. This compares with an hour of brushing with the other brushes I have mentioned. My dogs will lay still whilst I brush them (if tempted by something tasty to chew on) and this isn't true of all tools I've used to it must be either quite gentle on sensitive samoyed skin or a big relief to be free of so much hair. As the rake does such a good job of removing old hair my dogs' coats always look shiny and well kept after a groom.

      The detangler side of this tool is also good but for me this was just an extra: The rake was why I bought the contraption. I do use it occasionally for knots in the dogs' trousers or behind their ears, though. I just slide the arms behind the knots and jiggle the handle until it works its way through the tangle. This doesn't cause squealing from the dogs so it can't hurt them as one of them is extremely wussy but I'd rate it at more painful than cutting the knot out.

      Overall, I really would recommend the Bamboo 2in1 Undercoat & Dematting Rake. To me it is unrivaled in its removal of old coat and cuts maulting quite significantly. It has lasted me well and my dogs don't mind it. If you're looking for a new grooming tool for a dog with an undercoat - buy this!


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        14.11.2008 13:47
        Very helpful



        Great results and very easy to use. The dog loves being groomed now.


        In this really wet horrible weather my dogs are really suffering as their fur and coat is getting really tangled and I am struggling to control it with the comb and soft brush that I have used for years.

        I have always managed to maintain my older dog's hair, but since getting the Old English sheep dog rescue I am really struggling to look after both of their coats perfectly. I can take me six hours a dog to bath, dry and groom so I just don't have the time to do it.

        So drastic action was needed to help me keep their coats long and knot free, I hate it when I see a dog that has never been brushed and I do comment so I would hate to think that people said that didn't look after the dogs.

        Old English sheepdogs are very high maintenance the grooming department, but I just didn't realise that taking in a second dog would be as time consuming. I have managed to maintain the bigger dogs coat as I have done for years, but the new one was full of matt and shedding hair before I got her, so this is the major problem. I am reluctant to get her shaved as she has a beautiful coat and it would be such a shame, especially in this weather.

        I have found this bamboo de-matting and shedding comb, that seems to be really helping and it is reducing the matt on a daily basis.


        The bamboo de-matting and shedding rake is a unique design that combines two completely different combs into the one, which is very compact and very easy to use.

        It has a white plastic handle with a red cushioned area, for your comfort when you use it this is a very good design as you can spend hours grooming your pet, so for me personally this comfort cushion was really helped.

        The de-matting comb has stainless steel teeth which are very sharp, but they are not sharp enough to cut straight through matted up fur so tugging and slightly pulling at the matt with the rake is defiantly needed. It is a much better option that pulling at matt with a normal comb of your fingers.

        The teeth really help work out the matt, the ends of each tooth has a small silver bobble on it so it is only the mid length of the tooth that is really sharp, but don't worry this will not harm or hurt your pet in any way as the bobbles stop the rake hitting the dogs skin.

        If anything the dog loves the rake and will not run off at the sight of the rake, it is very funny as they both tend to flop down on the floor with their legs in the air, so I am confident they like it as they look so relaxed.


        As this is a two in one rake you automatically assume it will be complicated, well it really is very simple to use.

        This handy gadget has a reclining head that snaps over to one side and then the other, so all you do is snap it one way for the de-matting comb and then the other way for the de-matting rake, it is as simple as that.

        The undercoat comb helps you to remove thick winter coats and eliminates shedding and the de-matting rake slowly removes think matted clumps, which cannot be touched with a comb of brush. I think the best is the de-matting rake as you can clearly see what you are pulling out of the dog you just have to be very careful around the eyes, ears and private regions.

        The undercoat comb is also very handy, but it is the same as another comb so this has not appealed as much at the matting rake.

        This is very compact and small allowing you to navigate the dog's hair easily, the de-matting blades also fold flat so this is easy to store and it also protects the sharpness on the teeth.

        If like me you struggle to comb for long periods of time this may help as it is very light compared to many other de-matting tools, at just under half a pound you can comb and brush until your dog has had enough.


        When I noticed that this was becoming a real problem I spend hours researching the best de-matting tools, and this one came up trumps not only in price but the kennel club also recommended it to me.

        I managed to get this for the bargain price of £5.17p at a wed site called cheap pet products, www.cheappetproducts.net.

        I had to pay 3.95p postage but this included postal insurance, so technically this cost £9.12p but I am over the moon with it so far so I think the price was very good as pets at home can charge up to £25.00 for the same tool.

        Once I placed my order, within hours I was sent a confirmation email and when the item was dispatched I received another with an online tracking number, for me to track the package.

        Within three days of me ordering and paying for this, it arrived on my doorstep.

        MY OPINION

        The de-matting rake worked wonders on my new dog, she absolutely loved it and her tiny bob tail was wiggling constantly, so I think she really enjoys it. I have not doubt in my mind that this will never hurt the dogs, the only way it will hurt is if I start to pull and tug away excessively

        I was amazed at how much hair I collected, I managed to fill a tesco carried from top to bottom in the space of twenty minutes, and this was all dead shedding hair and the matt I had managed to get out.

        I don't use this everyday on the older dog as her hair is fine, but for the younger scruffy pooch I have been using it daily and I think I have just about managed to control it. Once I am happy with her hair I will only use this on a weekly basis as I feel it is too harsh to use on hair that is not tangled.

        The only down side is the fact that the rake will not collect the hair and leaves it laying on top of the dogs coat, so you have to pull it all off with your hands. This is very messy and you get totally covered in hair, so I don't tend to wear good clothes when I start grooming.

        Overall I am very happy with my buy, the dogs coat is improving daily and she will look like she stepped out of the paint advert in no time at all.


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      • Product Details

        Undercoat rake allows groomers to remove thick, winter coats, while the dematting rake is suitable for cutting through tough matts that are resistant to comb or brush.

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