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Bay-O-Pet Dental Care Chew Strips

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Brand: Bayer / Animals Equipment Type: Dog Health

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    1 Review
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      02.05.2009 15:08
      Very helpful



      Highly popular with both me and the dogs!

      *What are Bay-O-Pet Dental Care Chew Strips?*
      These chewy dog treats are produced by the Bayer company, best known for their range of veterinary products, including worming and de-fleaing preparations. Their range also includes, amongst others, these Dental Care Chew Strips.

      *The product itself*
      When it comes to my dogs, dental care is one of my paramount concerns. My last dog suffered terribly with poor teeth and gums later in her life as result of malnutrition before I rescued her and although it was too late to do anything for her, other than the minor surgery to remove the worst teeth, it did make me even more determined to take extra special care with Grace and Bensons teeth, to make sure they never have to go through what poor old Ruby did with her teeth.

      Although I've had them both from puppies, I never decided to go down the route of cleaning their teeth with a brush and paste, looking back I'm not quite sure why as it is probably the most effective method of keeping teeth clean. Instead, I've just always made sure they get plenty of hard chews to munch on, aswell as raw meaty bones to have a chomp on once a week, and of course, feeding them on a dry kibble diet which all work together to keep their teeth in reasonable order.

      I am always on the look out for new treats and chews which claim to have dental care benefits to stop Grace and Benson getting bored of the same old things everyday. So when I spotted these Dental Care Chew Strips on the little advertisement thingies along the side of reviews right here on dooyoo, I decided to follow the link and have a little look!

      The chews are produced by Bayer, a German based chemical company who make a wide variety of human medical products, aswell as their line of Veterinary products, such as Advantage flea control which is very popular. They looked pretty worthwhile in the terms of what dental benefits they offered so I ordered a couple of boxes.

      The Dental Care Chew Strips are made from 100% pure beef raw hide that has been cut into pieces and sprayed with additional substances, each with its own purpose to aid in dental care. One of these substances is a dairy product that contain enzymes which are released when the dog chews on the strips. These enzymes help to break down the concentrations of sugar from dog food and work to reduce tartar build up on the teeth. Another of these substances is Spirulina, a type of algae that is also used in human foods due to its rich nutrients and lastly, sea algae which provides valuable vitamins, trace elements and minerals and helps to netuerlise bad breath odours.

      The Strips work on the basis, that as the dog chews on them, they will salivate which releases the enzymes within the strips and also, the rawhide will soften as the dog chews on them, enabling the strips to sink between the teeth as the dog bites down, helping to clean food particles and tartar from in between teeth. The product is entirely edible and suitable for all breeds of dogs, although care should be taken when feeding to young dogs. The strips, are flavoured with poultry, and can either be fed daily or just occasionally, but as always, dogs should be supervised when eating rawhide treats.

      The Dental Care Chew Strips come packaged in a small cardboard box with the strips themselves sealed in a clear plastic bag within. On the box you will find all the usual information you'd expect to find such as ingredients, how the product works and nutritional information as well as contact details for Bayer. The writing on the box itself is foreign, however stickers with English were placed over the writing, on the boxes I purchased at least.

      *Price & Availabilty*
      I've not seen these stocked in any offline pet shops however they are widely available across the internet and come in two sizes, for small dogs and for large dogs. I purchased a 140g box of the large dogs chews online from www.zooplus.co.uk for £3.99.

      Keep in mind that Bayer is a foreign brand, so this product would have been importated, which does increase the price somewhat.

      *My opioion*
      I've said it before and I'll say it again, Grace and Benson are walking dustbins, there is nothing and I mean nothing that they wouldn't eat if offered to them. It is bad in someways, but very good in others, as it means I never waste any money on food products only to find out they don't like them, which was why I willing to purchase a couple of boxes of these, without really knowing much about them or having heard any good reports on them.

      The boxes came a couple of days later, along with the rest of my order from Zooplus and I was keen to give the dogs one to try, and they were more than willing to sample them too! The strips were quite large, about an inch wide, around 5 inches long but just half a centimetre or so thick and they looked no different to ordinary rawhide treats. These ones are the bleached white kind though, not the normal browny coloured ones and the bleaching process does kill some natural goodness in the rawhide, but I wasn't too bothered about that if they did what they claimed to in terms of dental hygiene. They did have a scent to them, unlike most rawhide treats, it was quite fresh and ''grassy'' so I presumed this was down to the algea in the treats, and it seemed like it would help to freshen breath, so I was pleased about this,

      By the time I'd had a look at the treats, Grace and Benson were sat in front of me in danger of drowning in their own drool, so I quickly them one each- whilst I reached for the mop! They took them off down the hall and set about having a chew on it. They both laid down and had the strips held between their front paws, I like it when they do this as it is generally a sign that sometime is going to need a good chomp, rather that just crunching and swallowing in one gulp.

      Sure enough, the strips did need a good chew. The pair of them were laid down in the hall way for a good 30 minutes or so, using mainly their back teeth to chew at the strips so I was happy their teeth were getting a good scrub, and they also seemed to enjoy them an awful lot too. When they had finished, they came running back through to the kitchen and ''thanked'' me for their treat as they always so- it's very cute, they both jump up, put their paws on my shoulders (nearly send me flying in the process) and give me a kiss. Here I was very pleased to report that their breath was indeed very fresh so I took this as sign that the strips were doing some good for their teeth.

      A couple of months later, when they had finished both of the boxes, I had a good look inside their mouths to see if they had done any good. Grace is still very young at just 18 months old, so her teeth are in pretty good condition anyway so there wasn't really much to improve, but Benson, being a bit older at 4 years does have a bit of plaque and discolouration to his back teeth in particular and it certaintly did seem noticebaly reduced, and his teeth clearly cleaner, so I was very impressed. Throughout the two months they were having the strips, they did also get their normal chewy treats, but the only new addition were these Dental Care Chew Strips, so I am confident it was these that make the most difference to Benson's teeth.

      To conclude, at £3.99 they are quite costly, especially considering you only get 5 or so in a box and that I can get raw marrowbones from the butchers for free and regular rawhide sticks for a matter of pence at the pet shop but I do think I will continue to buy these on a fairly regular basis, I was pleased with the results they achieved on Benson's teeth and the dogs did love them. Also, they are very long lasting, with each strip lasting my very big dogs over 30 minutes each. When you take in to account how much some ''long lasting'' dog chews can cost, and only last 5 minutes, these Dental Care Chew Strips seem like a good deal.

      Overall, a very good product. They didn't turn all sticky and horrible like some rawhide chews do, they were a decent size, had lots of dental care benefits and I could see visble results after just two boxes being fed to Benson, well, one box really, as each time Benson had one, so did Grace.

      If you are looking for a new addition to your dogs dental care routine, I'd throughly recommend these.


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