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Beaphar Multi Vitamin Paste for Dogs

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Brand: Beaphar / Type: Vitamin supplement for dogs

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    1 Review
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      24.02.2011 17:08
      Very helpful



      An easy way to give your dog the vitamins and minerals he needs.

      I have three dogs aged 3, 7 and 10 and recently the 7 year old became ill with a virus. She was depressed and quiet for a day then spent two days suffering sickness and diahrea. She then passed this virus to my youngest dog. After this incident I was compelled to think about getting some kind of supplement or food for my dogs to help boost their immune systems. I went to Pets at Home where you can find just about anything and the staff are quite helpful in advising you too. I ended up buying a whole bunch of things to try and aid my dogs's health. One of the items I bought was this Baephar Multi Vitamin paste. I had actually looked for vitamin tablets first and Pets at Home do stock these but when I saw this I imagined my dogs would probably much prefer eating the paste than a tablet.

      The product comes boxed and is in a 100g sized tube which is about the size of a small toothpaste tube. It's actually called Multi Vitamin Paste Duo Active because it has two types of paste that are meged together. One is the multi-vitamin and mineral compound and the other is something called BIO-MOS which the brand say is a "natural component of yeast cells that actively stimulates the healthy intestinal flora" in your dog's stomache. It's something that will aid your dog's digestive system.

      The paste's ingredients include: oils and fats, milk, yeasts and deriviatives of vegetable origin. There is a breakdown of the nutritional values printed on the tube too which states the protein value at 16.0% and Calcium at 0.6%.

      Directions for use are printed on the tube. You can either mix the paste into your dogs's dinner or feed it to them seperately. I usually squeeze the paste onto a finger tip and then let the dog lick it as they seem to enjoy doing this and I think this contact helps maintain a good dog-owner relationship. You should give your dog 3cm of paste per 5kg of body weight daily. This can end up being quite a lot of paste if you have a big dog so I have actually been feeding slightly lesser quantities. The tube should be stored in a cool place.

      The paste is a bit horrible to look at and reminds me of puppy poo, if I'm absolutely honest. The two different pastes are visible from their colours. The multi-vitamin paste is a bright canary yellow colour whilst the BIO-MOS is a speckled brown colour. They are twisted into one paste a bit like how the coloured stripes appear in a white toothpaste. The paste is quite smelly too and has a rich meaty aroma that is attractive to my dogs. When I first opened the tube there was a lot of runny oil that had collected in the end that spilled out so watch out for this. The consistency of the paste is such that if you squeeze it out it stays in a thin worm shape. It's texture is actually quite oily though and if you let your dogs lick it off your fingers it's difficult to wash any residual paste off afterwards as it feels greasy.

      My dogs respond differently to the taste of the paste. My youngest dog is a bit of a fussy eater and doesn't like the taste very much but my other two dogs will lick up the paste with gusto and act as if it's a huge treat! I guess it will depend on whether your dog is picky about what he eats as to whether he'll enjoy this paste! I have noticed though that if your dog doesn't like it he can't spit it back out as it melts quickly in the mouth so they are obliged to swallow the paste anyway.

      My dogs have recovered from the passing virus and now get a little of this paste daily to help maintain their good health. My dogs are happy and robust and whilst I can't say I have noticed a dramatic improvement in their appearance or behaviour giving them the paste gives me peace of mind that my dogs are getting an extra boost of goodness.

      The paste cost me £4.59 at Pets at Home which has an online shop at:


      To see the extensive range of animal products that Beaphar produce go to their website:



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