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Beaphar Salmon Oil

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Brand: Beaphar / Animals Equipment Type: Dog Health

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    1 Review
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      02.05.2008 22:37
      Very helpful



      A great ''all rounder'' supplement for your dog.

      *What is Beaphar Salmon Oil?*
      This product is a complimentary food supplement for dogs produced by the worldwide company Beaphar who make a large range of supplements, vitamins, treats, food, treatments, training aids, grooming equipment and health products for cats, dogs, birds and small animals.

      *The product itself*
      The fantastic health benefits of fish oils, such as Cod Liver oil have been recognised for years and Salmon oil is the newest 'up-to-date' product to hit the market, both for humans and animals providing numerous health benefits. This Beaphar Salmon Oil is exactly that- 100% pure Salmon Oil which is given to your dog daily poured over food, it obviously tastes strongly of fish so is something even the fussiest dogs will enjoy and may even encourage dogs who are not keen on eating, to eat their food.
      Salmon oil is naturally very high in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which are essential to maintain a healthy immune system in your dogs, and also vitamins A, D, E, B6 and B12 and amino acids for overall wellbeing. It can be fed to any dog, or puppy from 12 weeks of age and is very beneficial for dogs showing signs of allergies- dry, itchy skin and dull coat or older dogs with joint problems or arthritis. Its also a great energy boost for working dogs, or very active ones as it contains high levels of protein, which as well as providing energy will help promote a lovely, shiny coat.
      The product is a fairly dark reddy colour, and quite thick, it smells and tastes (I presume!) very strongly of salmon which makes it attractive to dogs, it does make their breath a little fishy for a while afterwards but its nothing too major, and the next time they have a drink it goes. You may, however, have to be careful with dogs who have sensitive stomachs as the high protein content makes it very rich.

      Beaphar Salmon Oil comes in a clear, squeezey plastic bottle with a white flip top lid- exactly like a tomato ketchup bottle, with a white label on the front telling us what the product is, that it contains high amounts of omega 3 and 6, and that's it's a great source of energy. On the reverse is another label with the ingredients, feeding guide and contact details for Beaphar. Once empty, the bottle can be rinsed out and recycled.

      *Price & Availability*
      This product is sold in 425ml bottles for £6.99 and available only from the larger pet shops and certain websites. If you have trouble finding it, you could ask your vet if they could order some in for you, or failing that, it can be purchased directly from Beaphar.

      *My opinion*
      After hearing about the benefits of Salmon Oil during a conference at work and liking the sound of it, I purchased some and have been using it on my dogs for around 6 months and its something I will now always add to their feed. The eldest, Ruby suffers from typical achy joints because of her old age, and also at certain times of the year she can have problems with dry, flaky skin. I've been giving her one 5ml teaspoon a day, added to her feed, for 6 months and the difference is amazing- I cannot really comment on the effects it has had on her joints as she receives Pedigree Joint Care treats which help massively, but its certainly done wonders for her coat. She no longer suffers *at all* with her skin- its now in great condition with no flakiness, the red sore spots have cleared up and the shine and softness of her coat is terrific, and because of the fishy taste- even she is happy to take it. My other two dogs are very lucky with their skins and coats- with trouble free and extremely glossy fur anyway (perhaps because they are both mainly black and fed on hypoallergenic food- which Ruby will not eat by the way!) but I was still keen to use this Salmon Oil on them too to help try and keep them that way and also for the energy benefits. Benson is a Bernese Mountain Dog who competes 3-4 times a week in flyball and agility, so extra energy is highly important for him, he gets 15ml (three tablespoons) daily, which he is quite happy to lick straight off the spoon. And lastly is Grace, the Rottie who is currently on just 10ml a day, but when she is old enough to start agility and flyball I will up her intake too. If you are unsure of how much your dog should be getting then use 5ml a day as a general rule, but dosage really needs to be played by ear and you will know if your dog needs more or less depending on activity levels and breed- ask your vet for advice if you are not sure. The only problem I have is with the size and price of the bottles- I use 30ml a day between my dogs, and the 425ml bottles don't last particularly long, and at £7 a bottle, its expensive too- although worth it.

      *Pro's & Con's*
      + Extremely good for helping with skin and joint problems
      + Provides extra energy for very active sporting or working dogs
      + People often comment on the shine of my dogs, the two big ones in particular
      + Dogs love the taste
      + Contains omega 3 & 6, and essential vitamins
      + Nicely designed bottle, the Oil is easy to dispense

      - Not widely available
      - Expensive
      - High protein content can cause hyperactivity problems if your dog isn't given the chance to wear the energy off. For this reason, I only recommend 5ml a day if your dog doesn't do demanding activities.
      - Can cause stomach upsets


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