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Bob Martin Flea Clear Spot On Cat

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Brand: Bob Martin / Type: External Parasites

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    1 Review
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      15.09.2013 17:48
      Very helpful



      At last an over the counter flea treatment which is effective!

      A few weeks back I noticed a couple of fleas on my cat and although she always wears a flea collar which does help, I still need to treat her occasionally with a suitable product too.

      A couple of years back I bought an over the counter 'spot on' treatment and found it to be totally useless. Indeed it was a waste of money and I vowed never to buy another of these over the counter products ever again.
      The best product I have used since then has been Frontline, which you have to purchase from a vet and can therefore be quite expensive, but needs must when it comes to ridding your pet of fleas.

      I was planning on a trip to the vet to buy some Frontline when I spotted this Bob Martin FleaClear spot on treatment on the shelves at my local Morrisons supermaket. I was buying cat food at the time and just took a quick glance at the flea products, not expecting to see anything different other than the products I have tried in the past with poor results.
      I was surprised to see that this FleaClear product contains Fipronil as its active ingredient, as this is used in the Frontline product which you buy from the vet.

      A little research showed me that up until recently, Fipronil-based products have indeed only been available to pet owners from the vet. However after a detailed review by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate*, Bob Martin received approval to sell it over the counter and this explains why it is now included in Bob Martin flea treatment products and more importantly, is now easily purchased at supermarkets and pet stores.

      Despite my vow never to buy an over the counter flea treatment ever again , the fact that this particular product now contains Fipronil made me think again and I decided it was worth a try.

      FleaClear for cats is a spot on treatment which Bob Martin state is effective for up to 5 weeks against fleas and is suitable to use in homes with both cats and dogs.
      It is a simple and very small tube packaged in a box with full instructions for use. It is possible to purchase boxes containing one, two or three treatments, but I decided to purchase just the one treatment to see how well it worked before spending any more money on it. I paid just over £3 for one treatment and hoped it would work, as I realised that if successful then this could prove to be much cheaper than visiting the vet. It is a 50mg solution and suitable for cats over 1kg.

      My cat is very sociable and loving but hates being picked up. She is quite happy to be stroked all day long and will snuggle up beside you or on your lap, but try and pick her up and she will try and have your face off! The same goes when changing flea collars or giving any type of treatment or medication to my cat, she isn't happy at all during the procedure. I try to change flea collars when she is sleepy and it still ends up needing two of us to hold her and change it and then she sulks for a while after. Therefore I wasn't looking forward to applying this product but it had to be done.

      FleaClear has to be applied at two points - at the base of the back of your cat's head and between the shoulder blades too. Any collars need to be removed prior to application.
      After snipping off the top of the tube with some scissors, you part your cat's fur until the skin is visible and place the tip of the tube against the skin, squeezing gently.

      Now this is where the fun began. I waited until my cat was relaxed and content and I began stroking her which she enjoys and she began purring happily. I managed to remove her collar and then left her for a while before stroking her again. Whilst stroking her, I parted her fur as directed and then signalled to my partner who approached whilst hiding the tube behind his back. He then stroked her and quickly brought the tube round and squeezed on to her skin in the areas where I had parted the fur.
      Quick as a flash she was up and away after realising what was going on, but thankfully we had managed between us to successfully apply the treatment. She sulked for a while but was ok again not long after.

      Does FleaClear work?

      I am happy to report that yes FleaClear worked and my cat was soon rid of fleas. The inclusion of Fiprinol has definitely made a difference I feel to the effectiveness of over the counter products and I am definitely going to be buying this product again.
      You are advised to treat your cat regularly and whilst Frontline may be expensive to use all the time for many pet owners, this Bob Martin FleaClear is a product I would suggest you try, because if it works as well for you as it did for me then it is both easier to obtain and easier on your purse too!

      Please bear in mind if your pet has fleas then you must treat your home also and there are other Bob Martin products available too to help with this.

      The RRP for one treatment of Bob Martin FleaClear for cats is £4.50, but I paid just over three pounds for mine at a local supermarket. You can also purchase from Amazon at a reasonable price too.
      If you have used spot on treatments before and found them to be rubbish as I did, then I recommend you give FleaClear a try as the inclusion of Fiprinol seems to have made a big difference as it is very effective in the treatment of fleas. I doubt I will be buying anything else from now on.


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    • Product Details

      Bob Martin FleaClear Spot On Solution 50mg for cats is for killing fleas on your cat. It is applied at the back of the cats neck and between the shoulders. Each treatment provides protection against fleas for up to 5 weeks.Bob Martin FleaClear Spot On can be used on cats over 2 months old and is suitable for use in homes with both cats and dogs.

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