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Bob Martin Flea & Tick Collar for Dogs

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  • my dog doesn't even realise he has it on
  • works a treat
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    5 Reviews
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      29.10.2014 23:38
      Very helpful


      • "my dog doesn't even realise he has it on"
      • "no affects on my dog"
      • "works a treat"
      • "Easy to fit on your dog"


      • none

      There's no fleas and ticks on Bob and his mate Martin.....

      All dogs need treating for fleas every few months, in fact, all pets do, but I'm talking about dogs as this is one way to help treat your dog without causing them any stress at all if your dog is not too keen on a bath or covered in powder flea treatment.
      This is a flea collar that offers the same treatment as any other treatment and is easier to give your dog as it wraps gently around their necks, usually sitting under my dogs normal collar.
      This flea collar is about 12mm wide and about 5mm thick, if that, which means that it is almost invisible once under my dogs own collar.
      It came in a small plastic package that was attached to a cardboard backing, looking like a curled up flat worm. Once unravelled it was a good 350mm long, which I needed to trim down in order to not have too much of the collar hanging over. The end pushes into a small plastic buckle type system, like a square figure of eight. There's no locking system, you just push the end of the collar through both sides as this is all it needs to lock in place.

      This flea collar is for dogs over 12 weeks of age, and is clearly stated so on the package. It also claims to last for up to five months, which is longer than the other collar that I have used, those being about 3 months treatment.
      It's not just fleas that this collar works against, it's also ticks which are a real nuisance to dogs, (and other pets).

      This worked a treat and my dog showed no signs of this affecting him in any way. He very rarely scratches, which I'm hoping is down to the collar doing what it's supposed to do, getting rid of fleas and ticks. I have heard of some dogs showing signs of these collars affecting them so keep an eye on your pet for a few days after putting this on them.

      This flea collar can be bought from most good pet shops for about £5, or less, which works out at a mere £1 per month really, or 25p per flea free week.


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      14.07.2012 14:45
      Very helpful



      The most effective treatement we've tried so far!

      At the moment I have beautiful Daisy the little white poodle that me and my mate share between us sat on my lap looking disgusted at me for being on here. She is as I have just pointed out a share dog, she chooses who to sit with,who to stay with and so on. Shes very much in charge believe me!

      However the one thing that gets me down with Daisy is fleas. No matter what we've given her, treated her and our flats with I end up bitten and check her over and once again there are a couple of fleas crawling on her!

      Yes we have tried Frontline, we've used Bob Martin stuff, we've delfeed our homes often,bathed her...you name it we tried it and very much tried toget on top of the issue!

      We thought we had nailed the problem with some tablets she took once a week till once again I spotted a couple of fleas on her and so my mate went out and bought one of these collars to try from a local petshop costing £4.00 as she felt it had to be worth a go!

      The Packaging:

      The collar comes in a bright red and yellow plastic hanging bag which has silver foil inside and on the outside of it there is a photograph of a dog on there and we are told that it is Bob Martin Dog Flea Collar 'With Dimphylate and that its for dogs and puppies from 12 weeks old and that it 'Kills fleas for up to 4 months'. On the back of the bag other information listed includes being told a bit about the product and how to use it,the ingredients and warnings are given and contact details for the manufacturer are listed. Easy to tear open packaging this is.

      The CollarItself:

      On the back of the pack along with written instructions we are are shown little diagramns on how to fit it to a dog and doing so is easy enough. The collar is basically a strip or rusty orange coloured plastic and its long and thin and all you do is make a round, loop shape with it, pop it around the dogs neck and tighten it. There are no holes or anything in this qnd basically you get it the shape of your dogs neck, cut excess rubber off with a pair of scissors and it stays in place really secure.

      The strip of collar is very long however we are not told how long it is oddly enough. This strip could easily fit a large dog though up to like a rough collie size and once on you can adjust it looser very slightly though you do need to make sure before you cut it of course that it is well fitted.

      A dog can wear this up to 4 months without it being replaced andit isn't meant to be removed. It is waterproof and continues working even if you bath your dog with it on.

      However. This seems comfortable enough on Daisy and she doesnt seem to be agitated by it all however it stinks. It smells like a blocked drain to me. When first put on her me and my mate thought we wasnt going to be able to cope with the whiff of it as Daisy is a lap dog and theres nothing worse than her cuddled up to you wearing this, in fact I prefer fleas however lucky for all of us the smell of it does die down somewhat over time but it is always there! The other issue is her walking collar doesnt fit very well over this and with only a very skinny, little neck she ends up with two collars on it making her looked a bit choked and cluttered up.

      But the good news is that this collar has now been on her over 3months. It still smells quite horriblebut we check her for fleas every night and I haven't spotted one or flea dirt anywhere at all on her. Shes stopped scratching since this has been on her and we are not getting bitten anymore.

      Although this stinks and it creates an issue for popping on other collars I can quite honestly say that this is really,really effective. Ive never been a fan of Bob Martin products but I am of this one! No fleas for us just not a very pleasant aroma but it works!

      Available in all good pet shops and so on.

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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      07.06.2011 23:26
      Very helpful



      Cannot recommend.

      As I have used Bob Martin flea collars for Harvey the cat, I decided last year to try the dog versions of these collars out on Freddie the Chihuahua and Noodle the Westie. Bob Martin is a brand I like and trust through my years of experience as a pet owner. I bought the Bob Martin Flea & Tick Collar for Dogs as a twin pack from www.mypetmegastore.com for £5.20, but I know I have also seen them in my local Pets At Home store for a similar price.

      What initially drew me to this collar was the fact that the protection from fleas and tacks is guaranteed to last for five months - which would just involve me having to put on the collar and then forget about it. I always forget when my dogs are due for their spot treatments and so this seemed like the ideal way to not have to bother about it so much because it was supposed to last for five months.

      The collar itself is a thin rubber strip that looks more like a cat collar than a dog collar. It is blue in colour and is thin enough to sit under a standard dog collar because this collar really isn't suitable to be used as a collar for attaching a lead etc. There is a buckle fastening device and it is a kind of one size fits all collar - and I was able to get it to fit both dogs equally well. Once you fasten the collar appropriately (which is easy to judge), you then cut off the flap of collar that's left and bin it. Once on, its just left. It does say that this collar shouldn't be touched by children, but as it was going to be hidden under their standard collar, I wasn't too bothered about this.

      Now, I do have to confess here that I did only use the collar for about two weeks because Freddie developed a sensitivity rash around his neck and started loosing his hair around the collar area. He spent a long time scratching around the area and it was obviously causing him some distress. When I looked into it a bit more, I discovered that the active ingredient is 3.6g of diazinon which is infused into the collar - and what started to concern me was that the collar delivered the same dose based on collar size rather than weight. My chihuahua has a rather thick neck for a chihuahua, but he's still a very small dog - and so I was concerned that he was being given too high a dose for his size.

      Over the two weeks that the collars were on, my dogs didn't have any issues with fleas or ticks, but I just didn't feel it was worth persisting with because of the irritation that one of my dogs was experiencing. I have never bought it again and I really don't feel like I can recommend it based on my experience.


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        02.05.2011 22:37
        Very helpful



        do your research

        Having two rather large dogs, i have to make sure that i keep on top of all things for their health and the health of my growing family.

        Until recently i had always used the very expensive Front line spray on flea killer, costing me roughly £50 a go to sort both of my dogs out, and when online, saw this collar for the prevention of fleas and ticks, for up to 5 months, worth a go at a mear £3.99 a go, even if it kept them protected between treatments.

        Bob martin manufactures these collars and was founded in 1982 in Southport. They specialise in all things animal and distribute their products nationally, from vitamin supplements to flea and tick treatments.

        Bought online, i recieved them very quickly in a cardboard packaging with the collar 'shrink wrapped' in a rigid plastic beneath. The packaging looks all very appealing with a collie looking very comfortable wearing his collar, and the collar itself seems to be made of a rubber/plastic type material, that to be fair was very easy to apply to my dogs. There is a small black 'catch' which the collar needs to be fed through, and this then stays in place.

        My 2 dogs have been wearing their collars now for 3 months, and i have to say that they have not fallen or been chewed off yet! Always a bonus.

        Bob Martin states that nursing dogs and those under 3 months should not be given this product, and this may beacuse the collar is impregnated with chemicals that could be harmful if absorbed transdermally.

        Now, when giving my opinion on this product it is difficult, because i dont really want to allow my dogs to become infested with fleas to see if the collars work, and have therefore not seen any. I treated my little pooches recently with another product and until this point, there have been no signs of hijackers with the collars in place. This being said i am very vigilant with checking and attempting to prevent these issues of fleas and ticks and will treat my dogs regularly.

        I am not going to expect miracles though when i can pay up to £50 for a product and these £8 ?!

        All in all, they are easy to use and appear effective to sorts. The only criticism i have though is that it is not recommended for Bitches or puppies, and i have a 3 year old that likes to pet them and grab them by their collars at times, could there be a potential for harm to a child! I would recommend caution with youngsters, and always make sure my little boy washes his hands after handling the dogs!

        3/5, not a lot really wrong, but nothing to ride home about either!


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        28.12.2007 22:19
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        " Dispose of collar in house-hold refuse upon buying" doesn't work.

        Well just when I thought we had tried everything, my other half bought a 'Bob Martin Flea and Tick collar' Which promised 5 yes FIVE months protection on the front of the pack....This added another £2.99 to the total cost of the anti-flea-campaign.

        Well I tried to be optimistic but must say I wasn't convinced.
        Back of the packet is crammed full of instructions warnings and suchlike. I am promised AGAIN five months protection from fleas and ticks again . Suitable for dogs over 12 weeks (3 months) so yep, shout the Buster dog and on it goes.

        Well that is when I finally managed to get through the packet and get this to this magical collar. Which is a black rubber type thing with a simple hard plastic thread through buckle fastening. Its quite thin, about 1cm wide and less than half a cm thick.
        I did as instructed and fastened round Buster-dog's neck (correct fitting being able to insert 2 fingers between collar and dogs neck..says the packet) and cut off the excess bit of collar - This is important as you DO NOT want your dog chewing on it - or anything else chewing on it for that matter, the instructions are quite specific about this. Oh and WASH YOUR HANDS after handling too.
        You've got your normal common-sense advice about cleaning pets bedding and such but to be honest I found quite a large part of the instructions were warnings - which is a bit worrying. Also says collar is OK to keep on while bathing - unaffected by water.

        The collar contains 3.6g of diazinon, which upon a quick search I found much information. "The World Health Organisation (WHO) classifies diazinon as a class II 'moderately hazardous' pesticide " After reading a bit about it must say I was less than keen on this collar.


        Some IMPORTANT warnings on the back of pack about removing collar should your dog show any signs of listlessness, respiratory difficulties and other scary things after putting collar on your furry friend.
        You can't use any other flea products ( insecticides) on your dog at the same time - or until a week after you've removed collar.

        NO chewing sucking on the collar by nothing, dogs, or small children, " is dangerous" Also says not to sleep with pets wearing the collar -and if YOIU feel unwell following use of product seek medical advice. Plus extremely dangerous to fish and aquatic life.
        I wouldn't go using it on cats either - doesn't state anything but I wouldn't risk it.
        Disposal - yep it's OK to throw out with your other household rubbish.

        Sucess ? no.
        Well all that nasty scary stuff aside Buster has had this on for a week - with thankfully no side-effects, and it hasn't bothered him at all.

        I mean no side- effects, still has fleas. Does not work in the slightest, have still found the things on him. After all those warnings the only thing that it seems not to be a danger to is the damn fleas. So not impressed with it and will be disposed of in household waste as instructed. They should put that bit at the top to save time

        MY ADVICE
        " Dispose of collar in house-hold refuse upon buying"

        Didn't work at all.
        So much for the magical FIVE months protection I was promised on the pack...twice. I recommend you avoid this one mostly because of the risks of all those scary side-effects. Just not worth it. Even though Buster is OK (apart from the fleas) I wasn't really that happy about using the collar after reading the warnings, but nothing ventured nothing gained. I don''t recommend trying this product and will never bother buying it again, it' didn't work and mostly just not worth the worry.

        Fleas, Bob Martins and broken promises...

        (have now front-lined the dogs and things looking good !)

        can also be found on Ciao under same user-name

        Thanks for reading,


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      • Product Details

        Treats and prevents flea infestations / up to 5 months protection / recommended for dogs and puppies over 12 weeks.