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Bob Martin Home Flea Spray Plus

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Brand: Bob Martin / Animals Equipment Type: Dog Sprays / Disinfectants

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    4 Reviews
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      15.09.2013 10:38
      Very helpful



      Decent product from Bob Martin

      I am not particularly brand loyal when it comes to buying flea control products, but Bob Martin is the one I seem to buy most often, I think this is mostly due to the fact that their products are widely available in supermarkets and fairly cheap compared to some other brands. No prescription needed to buy their products.

      Last year noticed a flea on my cat and went on the defensive. My cat had recently had a spot on treatment but I bought him a new flea collar and kept combing him regularly. I also knew how important it was to treat my home and so bought a couple of bottles of this Bob Martin Home Flea Spray. We moved house a few months ago and during the move I found one of these bottles behind my washing machine. It was half full and had a use by date of 2016, I was quite happy to find this as I always buy some flea spray to use during the summer months anyways.

      Bob Martins Home Flea spray comes in a 200ml aluminium container with a spray top. The front of the container shows the brand and product name along with a picture of a flea with a yellow target around it. Bob Martin claim that this product will kill fleas and ticks for up to three months and is suitable for use on carpets, rugs and bedding.

      General information is given on the back including directions for use, cautions and statutory conditions relating to use, all of which should be read thoroughly before using.

      Bob Martin claim that this product will kill fleas and ticks on contact and that it will continue to kill any remaining fleas / ticks for up to three months. It contains the active ingredient Permethrin 0.47% w/w and has been approved under the 1986 control of pesticides regulations.

      A female flea can can lay approx 40-50 eggs each day, larvae hatch from these eggs within 1-5 days, an infestation can therefore happen extremely quickly. Fleas prefer to live in the comfort of pet hair, but egg larvae can (and do) survive easily around the house. Even if you think you have eradicated a flea infestation they can still be eggs laying dormant in carpets. It is therefore recommended to treat carpets, soft furnishings and animal bedding on a regular basis with a product like Bob Martins Home Flea Spray, this is especially important during the summer months. Those with an existing flea infestation will need to use this product along with other products designed to eradicate fleas.

      Personally, I don't particularly like spraying chemicals around my home, but unfortunately I thinks it is a necessary evil. I was a little disappointed that Bob Martin recommend a weekly application during summer, not only do I think that this would be rather costly but also the product previously boasted that it can carry on killing fleas for up to three months. I find that applying the spray once or twice a month works best for us. My children tend to go to my mums every other weekend, so I find this the ideal time to use the use it (I know, my life is so glamorous!). I think its worth noting at this point that this product is extremely dangerous to aquatic life, so fish tanks should be removed from the room or covered.

      Spraying the product is really easy, the nozzle releases a mist which coats the area sufficiently. I must say that this stuff is rather disgusting and I hate using it. The back of the can warns not to breathe in the mist, the first time I used this I tried just holding my breathe, big mistake! It still managed to catch the back of my throat ( rather like a awful aerosol deodorant does). Nowhere on the can does it say to wear a mask whilst using this product, but I believe it should and I now wear one whilst using it product. It stinks as well, not surprisingly it has a chemical fragrance to it but it also has a really strong furniture polish to it. Last week I sprayed the sofa in my living room and I could smell it from upstairs, it lingered for ages.

      As I mentioned earlier I used Bob Martins Home Flea spray along with other products last year after noticing a few fleas on my cat, I am happy to report we never saw any more fleas on our cat or in our home during the rest of the summer. This year I used the remaining bottle mostly on my sofa paying particular attention to crevices and my cats favourite sleeping spots. Luckily this summer we didn't see any fleas at all, but again I did use it along with other products.

      I would recommend Bob Martins Home Flea Spray to any pet owners with an existing flea infestation or those simply trying to deter one, but other products should be used in conjunction to get the best results. I give Bob Martins Home Flea Spray 3 Dooyoo stars out of 5, knocking one star off for the claim that it can kill fleas for up to three months then recommending weekly application, and another for its awful choking mist and terribly strong smell.

      Bob Martin Home Flea Spray can be purchased from supermarkets and pet shops, prices vary from around £3-£4


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      18.08.2011 23:47
      Very helpful



      Not for me or my home!

      Recently I have had an issue with fleas. I wasn't overrun with them but certainly had a few of them after looking after someones cat for a week and I was getting really bitten badly to the point I couldn't even show my legs and I was itching all the time and the sores looked awful. I was sat in my chair one day and actually spotted a flee, then my step-dad and mother got bitten and that was it I went to Tesco to try get something to combat the problem and at about £3.42 a can this seemed a reasonable priced item.

      The Packaging:

      The product comes in a red and silver can with a picture of a flea with a cross on the front of it and we are told that it is Bob Martin Home Flea Spray 'Kills fleas and ticks for up to 3 months' and that it is for use on carpets, rugs and pet bedding and that the can size is 200ml. On the back of the can other information listed includes being told a bit about the product and instructions on where it can be used and how, precautions and ingredients are given and contact details for Bob Martin is also listed. This is a push button aeresol product with a red plastic lid that goes over the top of that. Nice enough, simple can this is and of course it is informative as it needs to be.

      The Spray Itself:

      To use this you simply spray the spray over where you want to kill fleas or mites. It has a weird fragrance to it a bit like furniture polish really but it isn't too strong or disgusting. I used this on rugs, carpets, over my fabric chair and cushions all at arms length and after removing my beloved hamsters for an hour just to be on the safe side. The fragrance isn't too strong and doesn't linger in the air anyway for more than a few minutes and thats it......job done.

      Easy to use, creates no mist or residue on anything and is a rather dry spray when in use so all round I was pleased to have purchased this initially. I sprayed like crazy and was happy enough to wait to see if it killed my flea problem...however two days later although and that I had used a whole can in my living room alone I'm unhappy to report that not only did I get bitten another three times I also spotted one, so even if it killed any fleas at all it never resolved the issue completely!

      So off I went to purchase another can to redo the room and once again I resprayed and hoped this would completely eradicate the problem but nope...and what is bad about it is like I said earlier I didn't have a huge flea problem and would have understood it not working if I did!

      For me this is simply not very good. I have no doubt it cured some of the problem but not all sadly and so I can't recommend this to anyone sadly.

      Available in all good pet stores and supermarkets at about £3.42 a can.

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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        22.03.2011 19:08
        Very helpful



        kills fleas instantly

        We have a lovely old cat, one Pomeranian dog plus a poodle puppy hence there is probably a chance that at least one pet will catch fleas at some stage - ugh - just the thought makes me want to scratch all over!

        We take the usual precautions such as bathing the dogs and making sure the cat keeps herself very clean as well as administering Frontline flea protection when required but 3 things that happened this week have made me reach for Bob Martin's Flea Spray Plus.

        1. My younger daughter showed me a patch on her arm which looked like a bite of some type. She had been spending more time than usual with the dogs which made be a bit suspicious.
        2. The dogs were scratching themselves which is unusual.
        3. The weather has been much warmer here in Cheshire which, apparently, can result in fleas multiplying in numbers very quickly.

        I bought this 500ml trigger bottle last summer and although I used it quite regularly there is still plenty left thank goodness. I seem to remember it cost £4.99 and I think it is worth every penny.

        The claims made on the front state that the spray kills fleas on contact and continues to go on killing fleas and ticks for up to 3 months. It also states that it kills mites .... pause for another scratch sorry .....

        It must not be used on animals as it is formulated to be used on pet bedding,rugs, carpets, pet clothing (where applicable but ours are naked) and basically where the animal likes to sleep or rest. All you need do is spray about 12" 'on the surfaces which insects walk and into cracks and crevices plus insect hideaways'. I am just so glad that I don not have to touch anything except the trigger - ewww.

        It claims to 'kill on contact' so it must be strong stuff. Obviously I cannot say whether this true as i have not seen (nor do I want to) any evidence.But what I can tell you is that the dogs have stopped scratching.

        It contains permethrin - 0.47 w/w of which I have no knowledge to impart I'm afraid. It must be strong though because there are so many cautions give on the packaging -
        - do not use near pets/ children
        - do not inhale
        - remove or cover fish tanks
        - highly flammable
        - for indoors only etc

        Unfortunately the packaging is not for recycle.

        Well, after having read the directions I sprayed on all the pets' baskets, cushions, blankets and the rug on which the dogs love to lie on.

        sorry - another scratching moment .....

        Next day I got out my trusted Polti steamer and steamed the above so if the Bob Martin did not work I am sure the steam killed any mites, ticks, fleas etc which may have been lurking.

        It tells me to repeat the spraying on a weekly basis during the summer months so I have a great treat in store for the next few months lol!
        I would recommend using this stuff purely because it seems to work, it does not cost a huge amount, lasts ages and there is no smell which I could detect., for peace of mind and ease of use I just have to give this BM flea spray plus a full 5 star rating.


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          21.03.2008 22:16
          Very helpful



          realy does eradicate flea problems

          My mom has two cats, lucy a black cat and monty a ginger and white cat, it is just one of those irritating little things in life that are inevitable, if you have a cat you are going to get the odd stray flea or two in your home.

          We use flea drops on the back of the cats necks but we still on rare occasions find a cople of fleas in the house.

          My mom brought this flea spray which comes in a trigger action bottle it is a 500ml bottle of liquid that you spray directly onto soft furnishings, carpets, mats, pet bedding etc but do not spray it onto the animals as it is irritant to skin.

          This is designed for fleas but will also kill ants, roaches and other insects.

          This spray is great if you have already got fleas in your furniture or carpets as you notice them dying after just 20 minutes and is also good to prevent them being able to live in your furniture.

          This spray cost £4.99, used once a week on all soft furnishings lasts around 8 weeks which is good as it keeps us in the knowledge that our house is a pest free zone except the pesky cats.

          The only problem users may find with this spray is that it recomends you removing any pets from the room before spraying which is easy enough with a cat but if you are a fish keeper you will need to either remove the tank or cover it with a plastic cloth, we used a plastic table cloth on our fish tank.


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