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Bob Martin Medicated Shampoo

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Manufacturer: Bob Martin / Type: Grooming

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    1 Review
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      05.03.2010 18:21
      Very helpful



      Great shampoo for the pooch(s) in your life!

      At the moment I am staying in a house with a mad mate and four even madder dogs. They of course are mutts therefore they have bad habits and hair! Not only do I have to put up with malting and slobber all over me but boy do they get dirty and smelly alot! There is not alot worse than waking up to one of them on your head first thing in the morning some days believe me!

      Love and adore them though we do. My mate has a Papillon, a German spitz klein, a Japanese spitz and a Samoyed and when clean they simply look stunning and are adorable!

      The other day I simply got sick of them looking shabby and stinking the house out and decided it was bath time for four!

      However bath...well that wasn't possible since the boiler packed in and all we now have is a shower so shower time for the dogs it actually was lol.

      The Packaging:

      300ml see-through plastic bottle with a red flip-top lid to the top of it concealing a small hole. On the front of the bottle there is a small picture of a dog on there and I'm told that it is Bob Martin Medicated Shampoo + and that it is a new formulation and of course the size is stated as I've listed already. On the back of the bottle other information given includes being told a bit about the product and directions for use are listed and contact details for the company are given. Nice enough bottle this is that appears functional rather than pretty and instills confidence it's a good product simply by it's appearance!

      A Bit About The Product According To The Information Given On The Bottle:

      With extracts of Marigold and Camomile, Bob Martin Medicated Shampoo helps to calm and soothe skin whilst promoting a clean and healthy coat.

      Directions For Use:

      Wet your dog's body with warm water. Apply shampoo and gently work into a lather. Rinse thoroughly and towel dry. Keep your dog indoors until completely dry.

      Me Using It:

      Well one by one I bathed the dogs (it took me all night actually!).

      All you need to do of course is follow the instructions on the back of the bottle. Wet the dog thoroughly and then take a blob of this medicated light blue and transparent liquid and work it through the coat. Sure it depends on the size of the dog how much you need but for the two smaller dogs I needed very little and it lathered up easily and rinsed out just as easily however on the other two dogs their coat drinks up water and goes to like a woolly jumper when wet and it was a little tougher to get a lather going so I needed to use rather a lot of the shampoo to get it spreaded about and sure it took a little longer for that reason to rinse out but rinse out it did over time.

      However when rinsed out this shampoo delicately fragranced their hair, the hair smelt and looked clean and on the darker coloured parts of hair on the dogs it left a nice and natural shine. Hair felt smooth and strong and grooming them after using it felt easy enough too. Their hair wasn't dried out or anything and they really felt clean to the touch as well as smelling it.

      I recommend this shampoo not only to deep down clean your animal but to also fragrance it nicely. It doesn't have a real overly medicated smell to it but leaves the dog smelling clean and fresh.

      I highly regard this brand anyway and I really do like this shampoo. It didn't appear to agitate them after using it at all and left their coats clean and fresh and me, I'm back to being happy with them jumping over me all over again...I just need to find a cure for slobber!

      Available in all good supermarkets and pet shops etc and expect to pay around £3.60 a bottle for this.


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