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Bronze Bones Faux Leather Collar

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Brand: Pets at Home / Type: Dog Collars, Leads & ID

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    1 Review
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      13.12.2010 21:36
      Very helpful



      Okay for small dogs, but not recommended for larger ones.

      We seem to have gone though an assortment of collars after bringing Tora Home last year. This holds the honor of the shortest lived collar in the house. I had bought a lovely three strand chain collar to replace the choke chain Tora came with, but my dog loves the ocean, and just before leaving on holiday, I noticed she literally had a red neck! It was rust. My husband ( who must feel a bit like a delivery service) was quickly dispatched to Pets at Home for a replacement. I really thought he must have been a cheapskate and bought this because it was the cheapest available, but on checking the site, it says £7.99, so he could have bought a nylon one for less money.

      At any rate, the collar is cute enough, as you can see. We had the fawn colour, but you can get it in black or red as well. There are also a wide range of sizes available to suit any size dog, but this is where the problem lays. I do think one of these would be fine on a smaller dog. For a larger dog though, while the stitching seems adequate and the buckle and d ring are sturdy, the collar itself is not strong enough. Tora tended to pull more with this, especially when my husband walked her as he allows it. The collar stretched out of shape and you could see the material tearing where the buckle threaded through the holes. I did not take this seriously enough and although she had stretched this to the point that it easily slipped over her head, it did not concern me much. After all, I consider a leash more of a formality, she is trained to come and stay and all of that. She is terrified of fireworks though, as many dogs are. One night around Halloween my husband took her out for a walk. A barrage of fireworks went off,s he slipped the collar and bolted. A passing teenager caught her in a rugby tackle and literally sat over her until my husband could catch up, but she was headed for a very busy road.

      So cute or not this was quickly tossed into the bin. At the moment I am once again making do with a choke chain, as much as I hate them. She does know not to pull when wearing one and I find her pulling to hard on my hands. It does have the advantage that she can not slip it as well. I am planning to try just a nylon one for the beach as we have found the saltwater damaging to leather as well, and of course metal rusts.

      Tora is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and so a rather powerful puller if allowed to do so. I do think this collar would be fine for a very small breed or just a very placid animal. I do not think it is at all suitable for powerful breeds like Staffies, Rotties, or the like. I am giving this 3 stars, a half way mark, but only on the recommendation it not be used for very powerful dogs.

      I also do find this a bit over priced for the quality of the item. A good leather collar could be purchased for not much more from ebay.


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