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Cat Lover Valerian Spray

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Brand: Cat Lover / Type: Valerian Spray

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    1 Review
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      05.04.2011 11:58
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      As some of you already know in February I lost one of my beautiful boys (cats) at the age of 16. His brother, who is also 16, did display signs of distress and grief and I decided to have a look online for a new catnip spray. When I googled for catnip sprays though one result brought up this Cat Lover Valerian Spray and I just had to have it. My lad loves valerian toys and I've been looking for a spray to refresh them with ever since I discovered them a couple of years ago and it seemed it was finally here.

      The spray was for sale through an Amazon seller and was actually very expensive at £15 including postage and packaging for a 125 ml bottle. It seemed worth the cash though if it cheered my boy up and distracted him even temporarily from the loss of his brother. I purchased one immediately and it arrived about a week later. It seems this spray is an Australian product and the seller was either from Australia or got it shipped from there, I'm not sure since they are no longer on Amazon but more about that later.

      The bottle is a pump action spray with lots of pink on it and a ginger cat. It claims to be a "stimulating odour your cat will love" and instructions for use are to shake well then hold 20-30cm from the object you are spraying and apply a light mist. It warns people not to spray onto their cats and is apparently valerian extract in a non-flammable, water based, user, pet and environment friendly formulation. Keep away from children and store in a cool dry place and the bottle can be cleaned and recycled. Sounds good so far.

      I recognise the smell of valerian very easily because not only do I drink valerian tea but when I've bought new valerian toys for my boys it has left the entire room smelling like dirty socks for a day or so! It's not the kind of smell you forget in a hurry so when I sniffed the liquid in this bottle and it smelt of chemicals and not at all pungent it did make me wonder if it really was valerian. It's a really odd scent which reminds me of very weak nail polish remover and that isn't how valerian should smell at all. I was concerned about the smell but the product was in date so decided to try a small squirt out on a toy and let it disperse a bit before letting my lad sniff it.

      My boy knows what pump action noises mean, spray on toys! He was right there ready to sniff the toy so I shook the bottle and sprayed a very small area with the spray. I let about 30 seconds pass before I let him sniff it which he did eagerly. However the enthusiasm was for what he thought he was getting and not what he got. One sniff of this and he walked away completely disinterested. I know for a fact my boy loves valerian as he's got countless valerian toys that he plays with regularly so I decided to put this away until another day and try again.

      A few attempts later and this clearly doesn't smell like valerian as my boy is not interested in the slightest. I can't get past the smell of the liquid either, it's not like valerian at all and I decided to go back on Amazon and contact the seller. To my surprise I found the item no longer on Amazon anywhere and the seller no longer on there either so I couldn't complain to anyone. It feels alot like this isn't a real product and someone has sold some and disappeared. There is a web address on the bottle however and I've sent an email but haven't had a response.

      Overall a huge disappointment, I've been waiting for a valerian spray to hit the market but this doesn't smell right to me or my lad. I'm pretty sure I've been had and the bottle is going in the bin right after this review. Not recommended at all, use the money to buy some new valerian toys instead. As I have to give a rating I'll give the lowest one star but it doesn't even deserve that.


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