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Clix Agility Tunnel

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Brand: Clix / Animals Equipment Type: Dog Toys

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    1 Review
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      04.05.2009 19:02
      Very helpful



      Try it: it's fun, fun, fun!!

      ~~*~~*~~ Clix Agility Tunnel ~~*~~*~~

      As previously mentioned in my other dull reviews, Pig (the greatest chocolate Labrador of all time) has taken up agility - it began as part of her new years resolution to 'go on more walkies' (along with 'eat more' and 'destroy mummy's possessions' - neither of which she's managed to succeed in doing). If you've never witnessed canine agility, it is indeed a sight to behold, especially when a window-licker of a Labrador is forced to squeeze her slightly overweight butt through a bendy tunnel. You see, agility for pooches is a remarkable assault course designed to test their obedience, speed, balance, and other stuff that Pig has yet to master, so in a very vain attempt to actually get to competition level, we purchased our own practice equipment.

      ~~*~~ The Tunnel Diggers ~~*~~

      The designers of this tunnel are the same people that make Haltis and other magical products - The Company of Animals. They make other agility products such as jumps, weaves and a pause mat as well as many other training devices. If you're at all interested or you'd like to thank The Company of Animals for their ingenious creation then you could give them a tinkle on 01932 565979 or email them at office@companyofanimals.co.uk, or if you'd prefer to write them a letter of adoration, then send it to this address: The Company of Animals Ltd, P.O Box 23, Churtsey, Surrey, KT16 9WQ. Feel free, I'm sure they won't mind.

      ~~*~~ No Spade Necessary ~~*~~

      The Clix Tunnel is fantastic for one simple reason alone - it comes in a handy carry case. This means that should you have a crappy yard for a back garden and live in suburban tedium; it's very easy for you to take the tunnel to the park and play happily to your hearts content. It has a shoulder strap and a hook and it's so lightweight that I can carry it, the jumps and the weaves all at once and have Pig pulling on the other arm (as soon as the blue bags are picked up she takes it upon herself to get to the park as quickly as possible which inevitably means that I'm dragged with as much effort as the Piggle can muster, bless her). What's contained within the bag is equally exciting - the tunnel concertinas out after you release the two toggles and reaches about 2 metres with a diameter of about 60cm (plenty of room for lard-arse to comfortably run through at great speed).

      It's extremely easy to set up: find a patch of reasonably level grass (you don't want the little pig to fall down an unseen hole) and plonk the unravelled tunnel onto it. Return to where you left the bag, retrieve the 4 yellow pegs from it and return to the tunnel to find some dirty mongrel of a dog cocking its leg on your tunnel. Shout at dog and then apologise to somewhat angry owner. Pack up and return on another day. Tether the loops on the tunnel (using the pegs) to the ground and ta da, tunnel set up complete.

      ~~*~~ Straight or kinky ~~*~~

      When we first began on the long road to agility stardom, Pig loved the tunnel at the club and wouldn't hesitate to trot through. However, with the introduction of a bend or kink, the tunnel became dark and the exit couldn't be seen straight away, thus Pig decided she would fanny around cos she's a scaredy cat. This tunnel is not quite long enough to make a decent curve but you can put a slight bend in it which is great. It's also nice and light blue material so the sun penetrates it a little and makes it less dark - which means Pig has no hesitations at all.

      ~~*~~ Number of gravy bones needed for a purchase ~~*~~

      As usual the price of any product nowadays varies somewhat considerably. Ebay has them from £40 - £50 with postage included but we managed to find one in stock from pet-supply-store for £31.88 plus £6 postage which was a bargain as I decided to purchase many other objects on Pigs wish-list (well, her birthday is coming up). The Company of Animals has them for £44.03 - weird but true.

      ~~*~~ Last longer than a gravy bone? ~~*~~

      The material doesn't seem particularly tough but so far it hasn't frayed or torn - it's not been rotted by the rain and dries out really quickly (the aforementioned wee incident performed by a stranger's mutt hasn't stained or ruined it in any way). The rings that form the rigid part of the tunnel haven't been bent by the Pig's clumsy hooves and the toggles have remained attached too. The bag it's all contained within is not the strongest material but hasn't ripped yet although the zip handle bit has bent slightly due to my over-excitement when trying to get the thing out.

      ~~*~~ And finally... ~~*~~

      Pig really enjoys agility and the Clix equipment means we can practice pretty much anywhere - we've now managed a tunnel entrance from 2 metres away which is pretty good for Piggy - she's not the most intelligent. Handily, included in the pack is a training guide with some top tips but to be honest it's all a lot of common sense - Pig is clicker trained so every time she ran in completely (not just stuck her head in and then changed her mind) she's clicked to confirm she's done it right - see, it's not rocket science. Ok, so this tunnel would never survive being used day in day out and probably not by dogs that are very fast as I'm fairly sure it'd tear, but for beginner practice purposes it does the job well. It's pretty cheap considering the real things are about £70 but then again there's no way I could carry a heavy-duty tunnel to the park or even have room for it in the 206 so in summary this thing's perfect for me and the pig.

      Thanks for reading.
      Review will most definitely appear elsewhere.

      Me & Pig
      May 2009

      Both loving agility.


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      Collapsible for easy transportation / used for training

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