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Company of Animals Visiglo Dog Collar

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Manufacturer: Company of Animals / Type: Dog Collars, Leads & ID

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    1 Review
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      22.12.2010 15:14
      Very helpful



      Five out of five stars- I would recommend trying this

      Company of Animals Visiglo Dog Collar

      I am lucky enough to own (or be owned :) by) a lovely labradoodle dog that I wouldn't change for the world, he is an all black haired pup that has all the usual enthusiasm and energy you would suspect, which is never usually a problem because I love walking him. However, in these cold winter months where there just isn't as much sunlight as you would wish for it can be a bit disconcerting when you are looking frantically around for your dog only for him to suddenly bark at you from behind. He doesn't even have one hair of another shade on him and although right now he stands out fantastically well in the snow, when it is not here he can be almost impossible to spot even meters away at night time. We live in the country and even the end of our back garden can be pitch black, something I have grown to like but it took some getting used to after years of living in the city.

      Before I came across these collars I had tried the dangling lights that you can attach to the dogs regular collar onto the metal hoop also used for the lead. In my experience these have been less than successful and don't really produce enough light for any real road safety, and more often than not they get buried in his fur and go unnoticeable, or they have been of a rather poor quality and generally have been unreliable. That was when after a recommendation from Dooyoo's own Fourpaws (thank you Emma) a couple of months ago I decided to invest in one of these Visiglo LED dog collars.

      The first thing I noticed about these collars is that they feel sturdy and the clip locks in place tightly, I wouldn't worry about this just falling off him. Even thou I don't usually use this as his main collar I have needed to do so from time to time and always without concern. The material they are made from, a strong nylon based fabric was also quite stiff when we first got it but I found that it did soften over time and is easy to wipe clean. However, If I were to choose collars again I might have picked the black version rather than the blue to keep it looking clean for longer, but having an all black dog I thought the blue with blue lights would have more of a chance to stand out.

      Personally, I don't use this for my dog's primary collar, more because I had already bought him a rogz one that is great and feels even sturdier than this one. Instead most of the time I leave this fully extended and just pop it over his head when he goes out into the garden for the toilet or when I take him out for a pavement walk when it is dark. He doesn't seem to mind or notice the extra weight as this collar is not particularly heavy or clumpy.

      The lights are surprisingly bright and can be unpleasant to stare at up close and personal when you are trying to turn them off with a squirming puppy. When you press the button which is directly beside the clip (clearly marked with a cute white paw print) the collar starts lighting up, it isn't a continuous light but reminds me more of Christmas tree twinkle lights, or as my husband is fond of saying that this is our dog's Disco collar. When he has it on indoors it is noticeable but it is nothing special. However, the moment he steps out into the dark this collar really is worth every penny. The light is bright and noticeable from quite a distance away. It is hugely reassuring to be able to spot your dog on a dark night, but I think that this is also fantastic for roadside safety. This collar means that when I am out walking my dog at night and he is on the lead beside me while we walk on the pavement any passing car drivers and other pedestrians can easily spot him. This just gives me a bit of extra peace of mind during the dark nights.

      When I first got this I was a tad dubious to how much use it would be because he has a thick furry coat. The collar of course does inevitable sink into his fur, but I was pleased at how well you could still see the bright lights. Even with the collar being shadowed a bit by hair this still works well, I can imagine that on dogs with very short hair that it would be even better, but overall I have been happy with how much light it produces.

      So far the battery life has been good and I have read other reviews that suggest that it has lasted them for over a year before you need to replace the batteries, which are a couple of those round small ones (it does give you the exact battery code for the ones you need on the collar). Since the nights and mornings have seen very little natural light I have been using this collar at least a couple hours a day if not more including all the times I make him wear this in the garden, making any mischief he may be up to far more noticeable. Personally, I also think that it is great that the batteries can just be changed because I think that the collar itself will last for quite a while before it needs replacing.

      There are a few things that aren't perfect about this collar, primarily that it is not waterproof. I would describe it as water resistant because some rain and snow so far hasn't affected it but when it got submerged when my pup made a beeline for a small burn it was soaked through and stopped working. Luckily, after we brought it home and I left it on the radiator for a while to dry off it started working again. However since then I do try and grab this off of him before he jumps head first into anything bigger than a muddy puddle.

      Secondly, this is more a pet peeve than anything, but beside the on button there is a tester button. Great for in the shop because I could press this and the collar would light up for a couple of seconds to give me an idea of what it would look like on my dog. However, when I take this off him and put it down on the worktop it often flashes and I think 'oops I have forgotten to switch it off' so I press the on button and turn it back on. You would think that I would learn, but still sometimes I find myself turning it back on because of this tester button. However, this is not really something that I would say is a fault of the collar it is just more of a small nuisance.

      I was almost ready to buy these online before I stumbled across them at my local independent pet store. The collars as I mentioned are also available in a range of different colours with different coloured LED lights, personally I own the blue collar with the blue lights. There are black collars with greens lights and red collars with red lights also available. They are also available in a range of sizes as noted below.

      Small - 25.5cms to 35.5cms
      Medium - 33cms to 51cms
      Large - 41cms to 61cms

      For how useful this collar has been I think that it has been completely worth every penny. I paid around about £14 for the medium size, where as the small was available for £11 and the large £17. It is worth shopping around as I have since seen them available for many different prices depending upon where you purchase them from.

      Even without this collar being water proof I still feel that it deserves a full five out of five stars. Since I have owned this I have and will continue to recommend this to friends and family. It really is a handy collar to have around whether you use it as an everyday collar or like me for added safety and peace of mind.


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