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Curver Pet Food Storage Container

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4 Reviews
  • Easy to use and to clean
  • Hygienic
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    4 Reviews
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      17.12.2014 13:01
      Very helpful


      • "Easy to use and to clean "
      • "Hygienic "
      • "Keeps food fresh"


      Looks good and is a hygienic way to store your dog's dry food

      I had looked at these storage canisters from Curver several times before purchasing as hubby said they were expensive for a plastic container. However, I thought they were a good and hygienic way to store my dog, Joey’s food so I eventually bought one.

      I purchased in a smaller size than the product shown as I have a small kitchen cupboard to house Joey’s food and paraphernalia; the 1.5 kg canister fits perfectly into the pull out basket inside this cupboard.
      The canisters come in various sizes so are useful for owners of large breeds or several dogs, as well as owners of one small dog who won’t need too large an amount of food stored.

      Joey’s container is: 250 x 305 x 105 mm and weighs: 0.412 kg.
      My purchase holds 1.5 kg of dried food.

      Curver are well known for manufacturing of plastic household goods; I generally like their products.

      Joey is fed on dry complete food (with a little meat or fish added) and the container holds a 1.5 kg bag comfortably. I usually buy 2kg bags and most of the pack fits into the container. I pour from the pack directly into the container and feed Joey with the remaining food from the pack for a day or two and then use the container.

      The lift off lid of the container is easy to take on and off.
      One side of the lid lifts to pour the food from. I now have no need for a scoop as I simply pour the required amount directly into joey’s food bowl.
      The flap fits back on and seals the container, storing the food hygienically and keeping it fresh and out of the way. It also keeps odours from the food inside the container and not in the home. The container is white with three small dog breeds pictured upon it and its lid is silver. It looks nicer than keeping bags of food around the home.

      The container is made entirely of plastic, 100% recyclable polypropylene (phtalates and BPA free) and is easy to wash.

      I purchased from Pets at home but think they may now sell this in a different design. The design that I have can be found at:

      http://www.greenweez.co.uk £7.50


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      20.03.2013 15:14
      Very helpful



      All I have to decide now, is what to buy with my savings. Chocolates?

      I have two wonderful dogs, one is a little Yorkshire terrier the other a collie cross, but thankfully, both enjoy the same brand of complete dry kibble, which I normally mix with meat.

      Good brands of kibble are expensive when compared to the cheaper, less healthy varieties. Fortunately bulk buying does tend to bring down the prices to an acceptable level, where feeding the dog is just a tad less expensive than feeding oneself.

      However, buying in bulk also brings problems of storage, keeping the food fresh and out of temptations way of any rodents happening by in the vicinity, if stored in garages or outhouse. Those pesky little critters would soon nibble their way through the packaging before tucking in to a hearty meal. This was one of the main reasons for resisting purchasing large quantities of pet food for a long while, and then I discovered there were containers of all shapes and sizes, on the market designed specifically for keeping pet kibble fresh and free from uninvited guests.

      The one I decided upon was the Curver Petlife Dog Food Container, costing me £29.99 from Amazon post free.
      The container holds 20Kg, 54L of food, ample room for the 15Kg bags of kibble I now purchase.

      The Curver Dog Food container:
      Height: 61cm
      Width: 28cm
      Depth: 47cm
      Weight: 1.8Kg

      This narrow, slim line container, standing about knee height, is made of very strong, glossy, white plastic with almost life size portraits of dogs on the sides and front. The front is convex shaped with no corners to hurt or harm passing shins. There are two, inset wheels at the back and two lids at the top, one opens the whole of the top, to make filling from the bags easier, and inset into the large lid is a smaller one, to use when scooping out food for the meals.

      A green, plastic scoop is provided, which can be conveniently clipped onto the inside of the smaller lid.
      My opinion
      I have a place under the staircase where this container fits perfectly. When I need to top up my smaller container that I keep in the kitchen, all I need do is pull the Curver from under the alcove, lift the lid and scoop out the kibble.
      I tend to use the larger of the two container lids, for I found the smaller one rather difficult to open. The scoop, which was provided, I just leave on top of the kibble, simply because again, it is difficult to place the scoop in its slot in the lid. I prefer the easy route into the container and not engage in a battle with the scoop each time I want to use it.

      I can just about lift the 15kg bag high enough to transfer the contents into the container without spilling kibble all over the floor, any heavier then I would struggle. Even if the bag were too heavy, it would not take long to scoop some of the contents into the Curver to reduce the weight of the bag before lifting.

      To give you some idea of the savings I achieve; instead of purchasing 2kg bags of kibble (Approx £4.25 per kg) which I used to do before buying the Curver pet food container, I now purchase 15Kg bags for £41.90 (£2.79 per Kg.)

      My savings, every three to four months, comes to around £21.85, so as you can see, the savings achieved with one purchase has almost covered the cost of the container. The kibble keeps fresh and neither my dogs or me can detect any aroma of the contents. The Curver glides easily on its wheels, so all things considered, and despite my minor niggle with the smaller of the two lids, it has become a valuable addition to my doggy equipment.


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        18.02.2013 10:07
        Very helpful
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        Curver Pet storage container

        We buy our dog Eddie really big bags of food at one time because we have found this is the most economical way of doing it. However, in the past we had issues about where and how to store the big bag. We do have a utility cupboard but more often than not the plastic bag of food would split and then the dog food would spill out all over the floor and whatsmore is that the dog food wouldn't keep that fresh in the open bag. So, when my husband found this Curver Pet storage container it was a welcome solution to our problem.

        The container is basically a big plastic container that holds up to 20kg of dog food so when you empty a big bag of dog food into this it doesn't even reach up to the top which is nice. The container has two lids. There is firstly a big one that fits over the whole top of the container. This has a grey plastic hinge at the front which you basically just pull down to release and then the whole top opens. The only time we open this is when we want to refill the container with a bag of food. It's really handy because you can fit the bag of food inside the container completely and then just cut the top and all the food will stay inside the container and not spill outside which is good.

        Then, on the top of the container is a smaller lid which again opens with a clip that you just pull to release. This is handy because you can just open the top and scoop out the little bit of food you need to feed your dog and then you just close it again. I like that it's on the top of the container as it's very handy to open and when it seals it seals hard and so you know that the food inside is going to stay really fresh. The locks are airtight and we have never had a problem with Eddie's food being stale or chewy.

        The whole container itself is really easy to move. There are two wheels at the back of the container so to move it you just need to tilt it onto these back wheels and then pull it, you can pull it even if it is completely full of food.

        There are pictures of dogs on the side of this container so it makes it look a bit more interesting than a plain boring plastic container and it's a very good idea, I suggest everyone who has a dog get this to store their food in. If I remember rightly my husband bought this from Pets at Home and cost in the £40 region.


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          12.09.2012 09:23
          Very helpful



          A very useful and decent pet food storage container. I couldn't imagine not having it now!

          My dog Oscar is fed Harringtons dry food and it works out much cheaper to buy this particular food in the big 15Kg bags every couple of months rather than buying a little 300g box every fortnight or so. The problem is, what do you do with 15Kg of dog food once you've got it home? I found the answer in this pet food storage container by Curver.

          I purchased the container from my local Pets at Home store where it comes in three sizes. There's a small hand held bucket type one which will hold up to 4Kg of food, a bigger 'bin' which will hold 12Kg and the biggest, the one I have, which will hold up to 20Kg of food. This large container costs £29.99 although was knocked down to £24.99 when I purchased it a few months ago and the Pets at Home website shows it is still on this offer. This can also be purchased from Very for an unreasonable £40 if you have money to throw away or from Argos for £33.99. It's not very often Pets at Home are the cheapest place to buy anything! I'm sure there are other pets shops which supply these but I cannot find them anywhere else personally.

          The food container measures 60.5cm high and 49.3cm wide. The size is great; it allows plenty of room to store lots of dog food but small enough for the container to be easily stored itself. I keep mine underneath my work surface in the kitchen and it looks perfectly fine in my opinion. It looks almost like a mini wheelie bin. It's oval in shape with smooth, curved edges and two black wheels at the back making it incredibly easy to move around even when full. You just need to tip it back onto these wheels and push it. The container is mostly white plastic with a green trim around the lid and a few large pictures of dogs printed around it. Actually, I do think it looks a little cheap and tacky but frankly it has proven to be so useful I really couldn't care less about that. In terms of how it's been made the quality doesn't feel cheap and tacky which is far more important as far as I'm concerned.

          The container opens via two lids. You can open the entire top of the container to put the food into it which is simple enough to do. There's a big silver clip on the front which you just pull down to open this lid and then you just need to pour the food in. That's the tricky part! I find it a little difficult to hold that amount of weight upright to tip all the food into the container on my own but it's still possible to do so it's not a huge problem. If you're stronger than I am, there's two of you or you just don't mind the short struggle then it's fine.
          Once the food is in the container you can just open the small silver flap on the top of the lid. This opening needs to be pulled up which will then reveal a generously sized green plastic scoop attached to the inside. Pull this off, transfer food into your dogs bowl, press the scoop back onto the inside of the lid and push the lid back down and you're done! The scoop is big enough to pick up one meal worth of Oscar's dry food and it's deep enough to keep all of the food in the scoop until it's hovered above the food bowl so there's no mess! This smaller opening is also plenty wide enough for me to easily reach in and obtain the food. When I'm on the last few bits of food I can stick my arm in there and still get at the last bits of his food with no problems whatsoever.

          This dog food storage container has just proven to be extremely useful. It's turned out to be one of those 'how did I ever live without?' type items. The container is very robust, all of the clasps on the openings have continued to fit tightly together despite this being opened and closed very regularly for the last four months. It seals the food in perfectly allowing it to maintain fresh for long periods of time but it also completely seals away any dog food smells too which is what I love! I'm really not a fan of pet food smells so particularly find them off putting floating around my kitchen when I want to make my own food. The wheels have stayed attached and it's still in decent condition. Should you need to clean this it's easy to wipe down and I really cannot fault it. If you're going to keep large quantities of pet food in your home a good storage container is needed and I believe this is it!


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      • Product Details

        Large storage container for pet food.