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Danish Design Weatherproof Thermal Dog Coat

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Manufacturer: Danish Design / Type: Thermal Dog Coat

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    1 Review
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      09.02.2012 21:57
      Very helpful



      Smart thermal waterproof dog coat.

      I don't really understand why people want to dress their dogs up in outfits - OK I will admit that I have a selection of Christmas hats and scarves but that is something they wear for 30 seconds before shaking them off, but I do think that dog coats are essential particularly when it is cold and wet.

      I have a Lhasa apso, a breed that requires regular grooming and I tend to have his hair cut fairly short. Primarily because the longer his hair gets the more miserable he becomes.
      He therefore needs a dog coat for warmth and because he hates getting wet.
      He will do anything to avoid getting wet and so will we, because those of you who have dogs will know that wet dogs don't smell very nice especially if their coats take several hours to dry. Plus once wet he stays that way for several hours because he has a double coat.

      Lhasa's have very long bodies and mine is no exception, but he is fairly slender around his middle so it is quite difficult to get something that fits and stays in position as dog coats are mostly based on the length of your dog.

      I saw the Danish Design coat on the Pet Planet website. What attracted me to this were the mainly 5 star reviews plus the cute dog in the picture.

      It is described as a luxury dog coat which is waterproof, windproof and is made of breathable fabric with a thermal lining. It also has a light reflective edging which glows in the dark, so makes it slightly easier to see where your dog is on dark mornings and nights.
      It comes in several colours, caramel, black, a tan check and dusty blue.

      I bought this in the dusty blue which is quite a nice colour, more a light grey. The coat looks good and feels like a quality coat.

      What I really like best about this coat is that as well as covering the body it also covers the chest and part of the underbelly. This is great for a small dog as being close to the ground they get really wet and mucky and this provides protection from most of the dirt and wet.

      This also has a collar which you can turn up so it provides some protection in the neck and head area.

      The coat fits really well and doesn't slip around as you put the coat over your dog's head and then pull the other part of the coat down across the cheat and under the belly, then fasten with the Velcro straps around the belly. It also has leg straps to secure the coat even more, but I don't use these.

      There is a small opening at the neck to fasten a dog lead, but if your dog has a harness this would go on top.
      One thing to be aware is that it may not suit some dogs as you do have to put this over their head to put it on and take off. One of my dogs is fine but the other one freaked out.

      This is by far the best dog coat I have bought. It is easy to put on and take off, stays in place keeps my dog warm and dry and covers parts of his body that other coats don't.
      It is machine washable and still looks really smart even though it has been washed over and over again. The only issue I have with this is that the Velcro fastening starts to look a bit scruffy and attracts bits after a while, plus a few bobbles on the black lining.

      I have had this coat around three years, but he doesn't wear it every day. He does put it through its paces as he is exercised regularly in all weathers, although I think he would prefer not to do this when it is raining. I do think that the coat has lost some of the waterproofing and it is more showerproof now, which is to be expected given the number of times it has been washed, so it is probably time to replace this.

      The coat comes in various sizes, based on the length of your dog, which you measure from the nape of the neck to top of tail. This fits loosely around my dogs belly as he is quite slim, but like any dog coat whether it fits your dog will depend on how big your dog is around the belly area.

      Sizes and prices range from a 10" 25cm at £10.49 to 30" at £27.99. I bought mine online from PetPlanet

      Would I recommend?
      Definitely, this is a good quality waterproof and thermal coat that covers most of my dog's body.
      Ideal for a small dog that gets splashes of mud and wet every time it rains. It is warm looks smart and stays put. It makes life so much easier when the weather is bad as it provides protection against wet and mud.
      I think it was a good buy and has lasted much longer than any other coat I have tried , so although a bit pricier it is more durable and long term I feel it represents better value for money.

      Not a great choice if your dog has issues with having their head pulled through the opening.

      A well deserved 5 stars from me


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