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DAP (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) Spray

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Brand: Ceva / Animals Equipment Type: Dog Health

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    3 Reviews
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      08.03.2009 18:09



      We took on a 3 yo rescue collie who was very good until she came in contact with the car.We took her on a 40 mile car journey to the beach. She barked and tried to chase the cars all the way. I payed £23 from the vets (well robbed) for the DAP spray. We sprayed it on the rug and a few hundred yards down the road it was a different dog. she calmed down and the layed down for the rest of the journey. As soon as we took her out of the car she was back to normal and then on the return journey layed down the whole way. The person who thought of bottling and selling this is a genius and we shall be buying the collar after she has been spayed. Cant say enough good things about this produdct.


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      24.11.2008 10:15
      Very helpful
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      Try it before buying

      DAP (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) Spray

      Don't waste your money.

      The following is my experience of this product it won't inform you of the 'science bit'.

      I have two dogs and was advised by my vet to use this for my dog who is car sick. I followed the instructions to the letter and it made no difference whatsoever. What did help for this was ginger, a little bit of grated root ginger in the dogs food helped immensely.

      So then I was left with a an expensive bottle of DAP which I didn't have a use for therefore when I got my second dog I thought I would give it a second chance. I sprayed DAP in his bed area and in the car to helping my puppy settle in, again I did not find it helped settle him down at all. It has just taken time naturally for him to settle in and get used to the car.

      Basically I think there are no easy short cuts for training/helping your dog with problems.

      Look for other options before parting with your money.


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        06.06.2008 17:43
        Very helpful



        Keeps your pupy Kalm

        D.A.P. stands for Dog Appeasing Pheromone.

        Appeasing means to bring to a state of peace or quiet and a pheromone is a chemical substance that serves especialy as a stimulus to other individuals of the same species for one or more behavioural responses. In mammals all lactating animals release substances called "appeasing pheromones" to reassure their offspring. These pheromones help to calm the puppy in unknown environments and when meeting new experiences. The properties of this pheromone can persist into adult age.

        D.A.P. spray reproduces all the properties of this natural pheromone.

        I got some ofthis spray when my puppy was young. He was very poorly when he was young so received constant care and there was never a time when he was left completely alone. So once he was better we had to start to leave him, only for short periods, obviously as he was still just a puppy. It was recommended by one of the Veterinary Nurses I work with.

        It claims to "help comfort puppies and adult dogs in situations they may find worrying or which make them apprehensive. the spray can be used for events both inside and outside the house, such as -

        Travelling in the car
        Adjusting to a new environment (new home, strangers, kennels)
        Visiting the vet, hospitalisation
        New and unpredictable situations

        The spray helps stop or prevent fear related reactions expressed as -

        Destruction, house soiling
        Vocalisation (whimpering/whining)

        It can also be used in other specific situations, please speak to your Veterinary Surgeon"

        Above " " as per leaflet taken from product.

        I had bought an indoor cage for my puppy as I had been advised that puppies can feel more secure when left. I initially would only leave him for very short periods of time and 15 or so minutes before leaving I would spray the D.A.P. directly onto his bedding. It is advised that the effects of the spray will last a maximum of 2 hours, but in reality this could differ.

        I am sure this pheromone spray helped my little puppy while I wasn't with him as he always appeared relaxed and there was no evidence of stress - No signs of excess salivation and his bedding was always as I had left it. I used to use this in the car on his many trips out as I have owned a dog who was a nervous wreck in the car. We like to go for lots of walks and some of our favourite walks are a car journey away, we didn't want our pup to miss out on these walks by being frightened to go in the car. Once again I am convinced this spray helped as he loves going in the car.

        ** Composition **

        Canine Appeasing Pheromone 2%
        Isopropanol q.s. 60ml

        D.A.P. can also be bought as a plug-in and can help with older dogs who have various behavioural problems in the house - please seek the advice of your Vet or Veterinary Nurse. Their are claims that it can help calm your pet during firework season (BAN THEM !!)

        It comes in a 60ml glass pump action spray bottle. There are precautions such as care when spraying on materials and furnishings and also warnings regarding accidental contact with your eyes and skin.

        The company who makes the D.A.P. range is
        Ceva Animal Health Ltd

        Cost wise your are looking at between £15 and £20. You can buy itfrom your vet or an online pharmacy-which can be cheaper as they have less overheads and don't have to pay trained staff.

        I would definately recommend this for anyone with a new puppy and will certainly use it again myself if I get any more pups in the future.


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      • Product Details

        Dog Appeasing Pheromone helps prevent or reduce fear related reactions expressed as: Destruction / inappropriate toileting / vocalisation (whimpering, whining) / salivation / vomiting / panting.

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