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Dechra Cleanaural Dog Ear Cleaner

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Manufacturer: Dechra / Type: Dog Grooming

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    1 Review
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      30.09.2010 13:07
      Very helpful



      5/5 from us!

      After noticing my dogs ears were looking a little grubby from his outside adventures I decided to look for a good ear cleaner for him. I tried one previous this, and it was useless, but this 'Cleanaural' ear cleaner is absolutely fantastic.

      Cleanaural is available in two sizes: 50ml (costing £4.83 at Chemist Direct online) and 250ml (costing £15.99 from chemist direct online). I find this a very reasonable price for such a good quality product, and definitely feel that it is value for money.

      The cleaner comes in a silver bottle. The label on it has a small tab which you can pull to unfold the underneath of the label and view the ingredients and instructions for use. There is also a 'use by' date on the side of the bottle, my use by date was around 2 years after I purchased my bottle. I find that I don't need a lot of it (even for my dog's giant ears!) so I would advise buying the smaller bottle to save having to throw it out after it's use by date if you only require a small amount.

      To use the cleaner you simply take off the lid to reveal the rubber nozzle. The nozzle has a small plastic cap over it which I would recommend you keep. After you've removed the cap, place the nozzle into the entrance of the upper area of the dog's ear canal. Gently squeeze the bottle, and apply the cleaner liberally to the ear. Gently massage the outside of the ear canal before allowing your dog to shake it's head (the clean will probably spray out so don't do it anywhere you don't want ear cleaner!) Wipe away any remaining dirt or ear cleaner with cotton wool.

      I must just state that I don't use cotton wool, as I worry the fibres may separate and remain in my dos ears. Instead I use baby wipes, as they are already moist, so won't scratch the ear, and they are able to absorb any excess cleaner as well as wipe off any left over dirt.

      The amount of dirt this ear cleaner gets out of a dog's ears can be quite impressive. It tends to come out as brown smear on a baby wipe for me, probably because my dog goes on a lot of muddy walks and is prone to getting dirt etc/ into his ears while he's flapping them around. I don't need to use this cleaner very often, maybe once every couple of months for my dog, but the cleaner's label states it can be used up to once/twice a week if required.

      The most memorable thing about this cleaner is it's smell. It has a very strong smell, which does smell slightly chemical-like but isn't an awful smell. The cleaner is formulated from organic solvents and moisturisers designed to help keep your dog's ears in good condition. They are strong enough to soften or dissolve wax and ear debris but have a pH of 6.5, which shouldn't affect the balance of your dog's ears. This cleaner will not stain or discolour any fur it comes in contact with.

      I have found this to be a fantastic product, which really does everything it says on the label. It's gentle enough to use on my dogs ears and hasn't caused any problems with them. I would highly recommend it!


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