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Drontal Wormer Plus Flavour For Dogs

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Drontal Plus is an effective treatment against worms in dogs. Whilst the initial cost outlay is fairly high, it gets to work very quickly and is consistently effective.

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    8 Reviews
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      21.03.2013 14:29
      Very helpful



      Drontal plus

      Like any responsible dog owner we take the time to make sure the health and wellbeing of our dog is cared for and that include giving him certain medicines at different times in the year to prevent him from getting things that dogs are prone to.

      One of the things that dogs need to look out for are roundworm and tapeworm. So what are they? Well, according to an article I read, "Tapeworms are a parasite that are found in the small intestine of dogs. The most common tapeworm found in dogs is the Dipylidium Caninum. They are flat and segmented, white in colour and can grow up to 20cm long. They attach themselves to the dog's intestine by their hook like mouth." Now, what exactly do these do to dogs? Well, the article goes on to say that, "In young puppies untreated roundworms can cause the bowel to rupture and that Dogs should be discouraged from pooping where kids play, as roundworms are especially dangerous to children. Roundworm eggs can lie dormant in a sandbox for years. Once they enter the child host they can migrate to the child's liver, lungs, eyes or brain and become permanently encysted.

      Gosh, that information has me really scared so I'm glad that we protect Eddie. I believe the best way to treat this then is by prevention and not cure and so I make sure I am up to date giving my dog his roundworm and tapeworm tablets and the Drontal plus ones are great.

      According to the packaging Drontal plus is a wormer for dogs and one tablet covers 10kg bodyweight. It kills & protects against round, tape, whip and hookworms. One tablet contains 50mg Praziquantel, 144mg Pyrantel Embonate and 150mg Febantel for the control of tapeworms and roundworms of dogs and puppies.

      They are quite easy to give to your dog. The best way to do it is by disguising it in food although somehow Eddie always manages to understand what is going on and doesn't want to eat his food when we have given his tablet so what we find really works is to put a tablet into a piece of sausage or a piece of cheese, food he really can't ignore and not eat and so we know that he has swallowed the tablet. You don't need to starve your dog before treatment so this really is a quick and convenient way to treat your dog.

      We buy our tablets from our vets because that is convenient for us but I think this is quite an expensive way of doing it and I know you can find tablets cheaper on the internet but I like to know where they have come from and that they are legitimate. You should give this treatment to your dog every three months so he continues to be covered.


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      08.08.2012 15:26
      Very helpful



      Not for me

      I've had dogs for 16 years and always make it a point to worm them every 6 months. Years ago my late dog Benny got tapeworm and it was horrendous. The poor little mite was throwing up these massive long worms and also pooing them out!!!! He was a pup at the time and had them when I got him. I always always worm my dogs every 3 months and since then I've not ever had a problem with worms.

      I have always just used an all in one wormer available in the Supermarket or pet shops and it has served me well. For some reason whilst browsing on VetUK I decided to get DrontalPlus for my late dog Cookie. Drontal is used by vets and supposed to be the best wormer there is. My vet has often asked if I want him to worm them but when you factor in consultation fees plus the price they charge for the wormer it's just too expensive. I've always just done it myself.

      Drontal is very easy to use, it comes with full instructions and you give the tablets according to weight. I find it easy to give my dogs any tablets because I get a bit of grated cheese and form it around the tablet and they lap it up.

      I since this for my dog Cookie who has since sadly passed of old age. It was quite a few years back now that I used it and the experience was so bad that I've never used it again since on any of my dogs.

      I weighed Cookie and gave him just half a tablet, he was only a little Chihuahua. For a full 48 hours after giving him the tablet he had diarrhoea and vomitting all day and night!!! It was an absolute nightmare. I've never seen a reaction like it. Since then I have never used it again, not on Cookie for sure and I would be wary to try it with my two dogs now.

      Don't get me wrong Drontal is a well known trusted wormer used by all vets. Something in it may just not have been right for Cookie but the experience was enough to put me off for life. I'm a very experienced dog owner and have been worming every 3 months for 16 years, I know I gave the correct dose, I checked that the tablet was in date so I know nothing was wrong on that side of things. No dount if I tried it again with the dogs I have now everything would be fine. I just don't want to risk it after seeing what Cookie went through after giving it to him.

      Drontal is available to buy in all Vets, pet websites such as vetuk and pets at home. price varies depending on how much you need as it's based on size and weight of your dog.

      RIP My little Cookie who passed 14/4/2012 aged 16.


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      05.08.2012 17:52
      Very helpful



      Down with the worms!

      The huge recent ad campaign for Bayer's Drontal tablet has many people going gooey at the cute signature schnauzer featured on their TV films, but there is a serious side to Drontal.

      Bayer is a huge multi national company the features predominantly in human healthcare, but also has agricultural and animal healthcare sections. Their slogan is Science for a better life.

      Their Drontal product is advertised as Britains top wormer.

      Drontal treat several types of worms
      Round worms - the typical child like image of spaghetti worms. These exist in an animals gut - they may occasionally pass out in faeces where they can be seen. They can also infect humans.
      Tapeworms - these can grow much longer than roundworms. Fleas carry the eggs of tape worms and if a dog has fleas, they may groom excessively eating some fleas - getting the eggs of worms in their guts. That particular idea scares me horribly! It also mean it is vital to worm as well if flea have been noted on a pet!
      Hookworms - often carried by foxes
      Whip worms.
      It does not treat lungworm.

      Drontal contains praziquantel, pyrantel embonate and febantel.

      Drontal dosage is calculated at one tablet per 10kg (keeping it nice and simple for those of us mathematically challenged!) The tablets can be split in half relatively easily although not always quite precise (my dog is 5kg) and slightly less easily in to quarters. There are also XL tabs available for dogs over 30kg

      It is recommended that puppies are dosed more regularly but after 6 months worming is recommended once every three months. The packets it comes in have great little stickers on the back (little purple dogs) to stick in calendars etc - being once every 3 months the date of the last dose is quite easily forgotten!

      Wormers do not remain in the system so the tablet works by killing and clearing the system and there is not long term residual effect. This is slightly unnerving as being a scavenger out on walks I tend to be worried my dog may be reinfested! It can lead to some stomach problems for 12-48 hours after.
      Some worms may be seen in faeces.

      If a dog has worms a wormer can be given more regularly - as advised by a vet. Very regular dosage of wormers may be used for treatment of other conditions.
      Classic signs of worms may be lack of energy, poor coat, white grains in faeces and poor appetite although not all these symptoms may occur and there might be another reason for these.

      Bayer have recently produced bone shape tablets which are supposed to be more palatable - rather like biscuits. I have to be honest I think this is more to appeal to owners than dogs - my dog will eat anything given a little encouragement and for her this is not necessary. She would eat an entire box of Drontal if allowed! Any reluctant dogs may take them wrapped in ham or cheese or another nice treat!
      Surely they may have been better making the cat tablets more palatable - in my experience felines are far more discerning than the average pooch!?

      I have never noticed any side effects with the Drontal for my dog it seems to work its way through her system with minimal effect - even on her poo! Occasionally some dogs may have a slight reaction and very rarely make them sick - so it is worth keeping an eye on dogs after their Drontal! I generally try to give hers between meals so if it does cause any issue I can adjust her food accordingly.

      Available in shops, on the net or at vets from 1.30 per tablet, not including any postage if required. The tablets are in foil cases (easily ripped open) and usually in an envelope with drontal plus written on. Parts of tablet if the dog only needs halves store realy well - I wrap them in clingfilm or foil and put in an airtight container and leave till 3 months later. Then it is just a case of remembering where I put them.

      I generally find it a very easy reliable way to worm my dog - but then she takes them like candy - and would recommend it.

      cLIZS383 also on ciao under the same name.


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        29.04.2012 10:58
        Very helpful



        Good item to keep the dog healthy

        When it comes to keeping your dog nice and healthy you need to take your time in finding the correct treatment but also at a good price. With all the online shopping websites and now veterinary websites appearing everywhere the chances of you getting a good deal for pet accessories and medication is better than ever.

        My Rough Collie at a young age was given worming tablets via the vets as they had to monitor his weight and they controlled what he took and how often. Now he is over 6 months old it is up to me to control this part of his life and with the vets charging a small fortune I found myself buying the medication offline.
        They suggested Drontal which is what I use for my cats and to be honest it seems to work from my previous experience. Drontal plus is a flavoured worming tablet which kills tapeworm and roundworm and prevents them from coming back or ever showing up in your dog.

        The idea is you put the tablet inside your dog's mouth and they take one of these every three months to combat the potential threat of worms which can be seriously dangerous to your dog's health.
        Now the recommended amount for your dog is displayed on most websites but usually it is 1 tablet for every 10kg your dog weighs. My dog weighs 20kg so he requires two of these flavoured tablets every three months.

        The tablets are quite big but not so big your dog will not swallow them and to be honest most dogs tend to just eat them straight down as they believe it is a treat for them and they do appear that way. Everything so far is good because my dog swallows this tablet directly down the throat and without hesitation.

        I find myself not needing to worry about worming him again for three months. The dosages are odd because some places suggest a puppy can take these tablets but I am unsure if that is accurate. I prefer a vet to help me with a puppy as they can give syrup type medication which does the same job.
        You do not need to give your dog starvation which is good so they can go into the mouth at any time you want and they never seem to cause many problems although the odd occasion my dogs in the past have been sick from worming tablets.

        There are guidelines on what to do if your dog already has worms so you might see these when they go to the toilet which is not a nice sight but if you do then your asked to give them more treatment within 14 days to fully kill them all.

        You get one tablet for around £1.73 on some websites and they can cost even more or sometimes less depending on where you look. You usually get them in a piece of folded cardboard with instructions on the back and most websites carry guidelines for weight and dosages which is excellent.

        If your dog is over 25kg you require the Drontal XL tablets which are for the bigger dogs and are no doubt bigger in overall size. People should read the ingredients in case there dogs are allergic to anything.


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        25.03.2011 10:44
        1 Comment



        Would use nothing less

        I wont use any other worming product but this. It is easy to administer and works brilliantly.
        With the XL tablet it means you are not filling a large dogs food bowl up with lots of tablets.
        The tablets are best bought from the internet as they dont need a perscription they can be bought from any pet store, it works out cheaper then.
        My dogs are good eaters and the tablets are put in the food bowl and are gone byt he end of the meal. Alternatively they can be administered directly to the dog or concealed in food. Either way the dogs seem to just eat them and I've never had any problems with my dogs taking them.

        This wormer kills and protects against worms and does not have any side effects on my dogs although I have heard from friends with small dogs that it upsets their stomachs on the day administered.
        There are cheaper worming products on the market but this is so good that I would not change products. Saying that this product is not that expensive anyway being roughtly £5 for the XL tablet (30kg of dog) and £1.50 for the normal tablet (10kg of dog). Buy in bulk too as hey last for ages in the cupborad and are cheaper when bought this way.


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          17.06.2009 22:10
          Very helpful



          A fantastic product, essential for all dog owners.

          *What is Drontal Plus For Dogs?*
          These highly effective Drontal Plus tablets are a veterinary grade worming medicine, produced by the German based chemical company Bayer, manufacturers of a wide range of pet medicines, flea treatments, worming solutions and health benefiting pet treats.

          *The product itself*
          Worms. They're horrible little buggers, they get ingested by your dog, invest his gut and stomach, causing painful bloating, tummy upsets and even malnutrition, and then when your dog goes to the toilet, he passes on some of his unwelcome friends to every other dog who goes pass the mess. It's a vicious circle, and unfortunately, even in this day and age- there is nothing available to prevent the nasty little sods- there are only products available to treat the problem once it has started.

          There are many different worming preparations available, and to the novice dog owner, or even the experienced one, it can be hard to know which one to choose for the best. There are tablets, pastes, granules, liquids and even treatments which are applied externally and there seems to be endless brands available too. It is quite tempting to choose any old one from the pet shop but worming really is one area which needs some special attention, in order to make sure you get the best possible medication that kills every little bugger that may be lurking inside your dogs body!

          After years of dog ownership, if there is one thing I have learnt regarding worm treatment it is that the brands sold in pet shops such as Bob Martin and Johnsons are quite simply, pants. They just don't do the job, which is why now, when it comes to worming, Drontal is one of only two brands I'll consider going anywhere near Benson and Grace with.

          Drontal Plus is a veterinary graded professional worming preparation, available in liquid form for puppies and oral tablet form for adult dogs, handily with added beef flavouring to make the product taste more like a treat for your dog and it is the only worming tablet which will kill pretty much every type of intestinal worm found in the UK- such as roundworm, tapeworm, hookworms and whipworms.

          It is designed to be administered every 3 months (for adult dogs), although this depends on personal circumstances- for example, if you have children or live in a rural area you may well wish to worm your dog more regulary and is the worlds most trusted worming medication, with vets prescribing more Drontal tablets per year than all the other worming brands put together.

          As mentioned earlier, there is no product available to prevent worms, you can only treat them, and the general recommendation from most veterinary professionals is that you routinely treat your dog regulary to eliminate any small worms and prevent a full blown serious infestation which can not only be painful and very dangerous for your dog, but also to humans, especially children as there are serious health risks to children posed by a rare species of tapeworm, which can in the most serious cases, cause blindness.

          Drontal tablets come packaged, singularly, in grey and white foil blister packs and then often supplied in a small cardboard sleeve which gives the contact details for Bayer and then your vet will normally note dosage instructions on the packet, as it varies for each individual dog.

          Handily, on the cardboard sleeves, there are also four small stickers, which you can peel off and stick on your calendar to remind you when your pet next needs worming.

          *Price & Availability*
          As Drontal is a licensed veterinary medicine, availability is somewhat limited. You may only purchase Drontal from veterinary surgeries, various places online (make sure they are genuine) and more recently, from some of the larger Pets At Home stores- in all these places however, you must be at least 16 years old to purchase and they can only be sold to you by authorised personnel.

          I personally purchase Drontal from work and although prices vary from practice to practice, in my practice we sell tablets singularly- £2.60 each- and each tablet treats 10kg of your dogs body weight, so therefore the heavier your dog, the more tablets are needed. For large dogs however, there is Drontal XL, which costs £2.90 a tablet and one tablet is needed for every 35kg of body weight.

          Prices are slightly cheaper online, although I do strongly recommend purchasing from a veterinary surgery as you can be sure the tablets are genuine Drontal ones and there is advice available on hand straight away from your vet should you need any help or information regarding worming.

          *My opinion*
          There are a number of difference reasons as to why I am so hot on keeping up the worming treatment with my dogs. Firstly, we live in a very rural area, surrounded by livestock so therefore worms are pretty easy to the dogs to pick up and seeing as I own so many animals, the thought of a worm infestation doesn't bare thinking about. It would be devastating and even fatal to some of my smaller animals if they were to catch them. Last, but not least, Grace and Benson accompany me to work everyday, so they are around the patients a lot, and I can't run the risk of them passing on worms to the other animals in the surgery, especially the seriously ill ones.

          So for this reason, Drontal is a big part of our routine. I have to admit I am not overly keen on giving the dogs medication for a problem they don't even have, but it really is a necessity, and the reason I administer Drontal tablets to the dogs once a month, without fail.

          Benson is nearly 50kg and Grace not far behind at 36kg, so it is the Drontal XL version I use. The mutts know their routine- everytime they see that little purple packet, they know it is time for their worming tablets. I use 1 tablet for Grace and Benson will have 1 ¼. The tablets, only around a centimetre in diameter are presectioned into four pieces, which makes dividing the tablets easy and because they are beef flavoured, very rarely will the dogs cause a fuss about taking them. They will generally just chew them like a treat but if they do act up, the tablets are small enough to easy hide in a slice of ham, or failing that, they can simply be popped at the back of the throat.

          Another thing I like about Drontal is the fact that they can be fed with or without food. Not so long ago, all worming tablets required the dog to go without food for 24 hours after administration but these tablets can be safely given, alongside food, and they are still going to be effective. I tend to give Grace and Benson their tablets around mid day, only because my lunch hour is the only free time I tend to get on busier days at work and this gives me time to get the tablets I need from the stock cupboard, add them to my bill to be taken from my wages and then give them to the dogs. Grace and Benson would have been fed that morning, around 7am and will be getting fed that evening at 7pm, so it is pretty much slap bang in the middle of their meal times and the tablets still work perfectly.

          They are incredibly effective. My dogs have only ever had worms once, and that was around 6 months ago when I fostered a dog that had an infestation, but a quick dose of Drontal to Grace, Benson and the foster dog sorted the problem out instantly. You can tell the tablets are working as you will see the dead worms in the dogs faeces- not pleasant, but a sure fire way to prove the tablets do work and a single does was all that was needed.

          That is the only time Grace and Benson have had worms, and I have Drontal to thank for this. I alternate the Drontal tablets with another brand called Panacur, purely because there is talk that worms may become immune to one brand of wormer- this hasn't been proven, I just like to alternate just in case seeing as the dogs not getting worms is something that is so important in my household. The tablets are easy on their stomachs, never have the dogs been sick or suffered diarrhoea after having the Drontal tablets, nor have they suffered any other unwanted side effects. Alfie, my best friends little Shih Tzu, has the most sensitive stomach I have ever come across in a dog, and these Drontal tablets don't even affect him, so that is saying something.

          Overall, I cannot recommend them highly enough. They do the job fantastically, quickly, effortlessly and pleasantly- they create no stress or upset for the dog and they are simple to the owner to handle and administer. No measuring out messy liquids, trying to disguise granules or dealing with sticky pastes- a simple tablet, flavoured so can be fed like a treat, is all that is needed to keep your dog happy, healthy and free of worms- protecting both your pet and your family.

          Regardless of breed, age or size- Drontal is the only worming tablet I'd 100% recommend to any dog.


          As a little side note, the symptoms of a worm infestation are as follows:

          - ''Scooting''. This is when your dog drags his rear end across the floor
          - A bloated stomach, particularly in puppies
          - Sickness and/or diarrhoea
          - Nibbling at the base of the tail
          - Restlessness
          - Worms visible in the faeces
          - Blood, a tar like substance or mucus in the faeces
          - Loss of appetite


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            14.11.2008 23:04
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Safe, gentle and effective.

            I have just recently switched over to drontal for worming my dog having tried several other brands of worming tablet.  Our puppy is a little Bichon Frise, he's now eight months old.When he was approx 12 weeks old the vet gave him some worming tablets for young puppies but these made him really ill.  After that we tried some commercially available ones from the local pet superstore.  These were ok and didn't make him ill but didn't seem to be awfully effective either.  After another visit to our vet we were recommended drontal and have never looked back.  It is strong enough to be effective and yet is gentle on his stomach.  (Elliott has hypersensitivity in his gut so we have to be very careful with we give him).  As Elliott is just a little dog, he only takes half a table as a single dose.  The tablets are easy to break up and we just store the 'spare' half back in the plastic popper thing secured with a bit of sellotape. Ell takes the tablet with no problems just mixed in with a bit of his favourite food - he doesn't even know he's had it!

            Only thing i've noticed is that his poo is a funny mustardy colour the next day (sorry if TMI lol). I don't mind this though as I sort of feel as though it's definitely working if I see that.


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              10.10.2008 10:57
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              All dog owners should be giving these to their pets every 3 months

              If you are a dog owner chances are your vet has mentioned these to you at some point, or at least a worming tablet equivalent.

              You may have noticed the adverts pop up this year with a Miniature Schnauzer looking annoyed and the caption
              Worms? Absolutely Not! When I first got my dog these tablets were only available to buy from the vets, however I have recently noticed they are now for sale in Pets At Home and I also got some this year from Crufts.

              I pay around £1.50 for a tablet and I give it to my dog every 12 weeks as recommended by my vets. It comes in a little card pouch with some stickers on the front which I use to put in my diary to remind me when I need to give them. I was told my dog's weight meant she needed 70% of a tablet but the vet nurse told me just to give her the whole tablet *I suggest you follow whatever advise you are given from the vets or the store you buy them from* Due to this I have never tried to break the tablet up so do not know how easy or difficult this would be.

              The tablet itself is round and size wise it is slightly larger than a 5 pence piece. Each tablet comes in a silver tablet case similar to the tablets we would use. Each has written on the front Drontal Plus Tablets
              ad us vet
              50 mg Praziquantel
              150 mg Febantel
              144 mg Pyrantel embonate
              alson with the bayer sign.

              A small piece of paper is included with information on. The box states one tablet per 10kg of weight, gives the expiry date (I bought these in March and they expire November 2009) It says not to use simultaneously with piperazine compounds, do not exceed recommended dose with pregnant dogs, consult a vet before giving to pregnant dogs, wash hands after use, tapeworm infection is certain to recur unless control of intermediate hosts such as fleas, mice ect is undertaken, do not store about 25 degreesC, do not remove tablets from packaging until required and discard any unused parts and finally that it can be given with out without food.

              I used to have to hold my dog down to get these tablets in and it was not fun for either of us! She gave up after the second time she had them and she realised she was going to have to eat it. Now I ask her to show her teeth which she willingly does and I pop the tablet into her mouth and hold her mouth closed for a few seconds and massage her throat until she swallows it - this is how the vet showed me how to do it (the third treatment she did!) and my dog stays for a pat after and does not run off, which I am certain she would do if this hurt or upset her. Again ask your vet for help if you need it with getting your dog to take the tablet, I am just explaining how I manage to get my dog to take them after I got help from my vet.

              The stop worms dead website says you should give these tablets four times a year (possibly more if your dog gets repeated fleas). The don't rule out side effects of occasional vomiting but my dog has never experienced this. It states that "Drontal Plus controls all intestinal worms found in dogs in the UK". It also states that humans can get effected by roundworm from dog mess, which can cause permanent eye damage. Lots more information is available on the website.

              As I mentioned I make a not in my diary as to when these are due, I think it is so important for all dog owners to give these tablets to their dogs not only for the health of the dog but because roundworm (Toxocara canis) can effect people. They are not very expensive and anyone who invests in a dog should be prepared to do everything they need to lead a healthy life and part of that will be flea and worming tablets/formula.


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            • Product Details

              Dog wormer / administer in single doses / an effective treatment for tapeworms and roundworms.

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