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Dry Foam Shampoo for Cats and Dogs

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Brand: Johnson's

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    1 Review
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      07.09.2012 00:20
      Very helpful



      A superb dry shampoo for dogs and cats

      Review of Johnson's Dry Foam Shampoo for Dogs and Cats

      We own a very large, very soppy, pedigree greyhound called Rob-Dog. He is a gentle giant, amenable and placid. Rob-Dog is easy to care for as he is so laid back, however recently we noticed that he was beginning to become a little smelly. He is a big boy, 36 inches tall from paw to ear, which is a lot of dog to clean! Ordinarily, pet owners would bathe their dog but we do not have a bath-tub only a shower cubicle and there is no way our dog would fit into it or we could be able to wash him. The alternative option of buckets of water in the garden didn't seem very satisfactory.

      My daughter was shopping in our local branch of Pets at Home recently and she picked up this aerosol of dry foam shampoo for me to try.

      ==The Product And How To Use It==

      Johnson's Dry Foam shampoo is presented in a white metal can bearing a picture of a white 'Scottie' dog and a white cat. The aerosol is topped with a blue lid and all directions for use and other information can be found on the can. The can holds 150ml of product.

      This dry shampoo is designed for use on both dogs and cats. It is very simple to use. I took Rob-Dog into the garden for his dry bath and followed the instructions. First I sprayed the foam into my hands and then massaged it into his coat, working on a small area at a time.

      The aerosol spray comes out with a bit of a 'whooshing' noise; this did not phase my dog at all, but possibly would upset a more nervous animal. The foam is virtually the same as a hair mousse designed for humans. It is white coloured, thin foam which thickens with air contact. It worked into my dog's short, dense fur quickly and did not leave it more than slightly moist. It took quite a few sprays to cover my dog and I found it pleasant to use. Rob-Dog had no objection to the procedure and stood calmly as I covered him with the foam. It has a really nice smell, sort of herbal and fresh.

      Once you have worked the foam into the dog's fur, the next step is to rub the dog briskly with a towel to remove any trace of moisture and then brush their coat.

      Johnson's Dry Foam cost £3.99 from Pets at Home and I used approximately half a can on my dog, meaning for Rob-Dog we will get two 'baths' from the can. Naturally how many uses you will get from each can depends on the size of your pet.

      As I have only used it on a dog, obviously I have no experience of using the dry foam on cats. According to the instructions supplied by Johnson's the procedure for using with a cat is basically the same as for dogs, but the product should be used sparingly and the cat discouraged from grooming during the process.

      ==So, Does It Work?==

      The short answer is a resounding 'yes'. This dry shampoo is an excellent product. It cleansed, freshened and revived Rob-Dog's coat. He has black fur and this was left soft and extremely shiny. He looked and smelled really good immediately after I used this dry foam and the effects are still noticeable two weeks after using it. The fresh smell has faded but Rob-dog is still gleaming!

      ==Warnings and Advice==

      Johnson's are a well-known company who make many different products for animal care. Johnson's Veterinary products are based in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands.
      Johnson's advise that this Dry Foam Shampoo should only be used on dry fur; it is for external use on animals only. The product should not be used around your animal's eyes, ears, mouth or genital area.
      Should be kept out of reach of children and do not burn the container, even when empty. The product is highly flammable.

      I was surprised that there was no guidance given regarding the age of animal that this can be used on. I would have thought that puppies, kittens, pregnant or nursing animals might have been mentioned, but as they are not, I can only assume this product would be safe to use on them.

      ==My Thoughts and Conclusion==

      This is an excellent solution to my problem of how to clean my dog. I was very impressed at both the ease of use and the results. My dog suffered no trauma or stress during use; in fact I think he actually enjoyed the whole process of his dry shampoo. His coat was left beautifully clean and conditioned. The product smells good and it did not irritate my skin at all during use. I did not bother to wear gloves, although perhaps I should have done so! I did of course wash my hands thoroughly after using this and the foam washed away, leaving no trace or any skin sensitivity.

      I feel that £3.99 is a reasonable price to pay for this product and I would not hesitate to recommend it to other pet owners. I am awarding Johnson's Dry Foam Shampoo a 5* rating.

      Thank you for reading.

      ©brittle1906 September 2012
      N.B. My reviews may be found on other sites under the same user name.


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      Dry foam shampoo fpr dogs and cats

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