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Electronic Flea Comb

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    4 Reviews
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      21.08.2012 02:25
      Very helpful



      A brilliant purchase and a bit of a must have I think!

      Having a kitten with fleas is no laughing matter let me tell you that much. It costs a fortune to try rid your home of them once you already have them and in the meantime you get itchy and even bite marks and the animal can be driven to distraction a well as yourself.

      After de-fleaing my home and Myrtle to my satisfaction which seemed to take ages to do I knew I needed a long term solution to keep fleas at bay as I wasn't going through all that again. I'm not overly keen at chemically treating my beloved pet all the time however I have popped a flea collar on her and decided to try that along with an electronic flea zapper idea I spotted on Amazon.

      This particular one is called the Gotcha Flea Killer Comb and it cost me £4.95 including postage and packaging which I though wasn't too much of an expensive buy considering its poison free and in the long term costs less than a dose of Frontline month after month!

      The Packaging:

      This simply comes encased in see through plastic and with a green card within it and on that we are of course told that it is a Gotcha! Flea Killer Comb 'Safe and effective flea control for cats and dogs that destroys fleas instantly' and that it is of course poison free as I mentioned earlier and that it kills fleas from egg to adult. On the back of the packaging we are told a bit bout the product and how to use the comb and we re also shown diagrams of how to use it and how to pop batteries within in it and so on, we are given a few warnings to adhere to and contact details for the manufacturer (STV International Ltd) are given. The packaging of this is highly informative and understandable an at the time my kitten was very young and this is suitable to use on puppies and kittens which I was very happy about.

      The Comb Itself:

      Well the comb I have is bright yellow with a large indented panel so I can rest my fingers easily on it, there is a small easy to push dark blue button on it that says on and off on it and to the other side of it the word Gotcha! appears. To the bottom of it you have a section of silver and black hard to the touch 'elector' bristles and above those a small sticky outy light and when you turn the unit to its on position it makes no noise at all and is completely silent running and the light shines all over the bristles a light blue but bright colour. This takes 2 triple AAA batteries which easily slide into the back of the unit with no hardship at all and your ready to go.

      This works by when you turn the unit on the LED light charges the grill (bristles) with electricity as well as the light allowing you to see what your doing really well You gently brush you cat or dog downwards and any fleas or insects should be electrocuted and killed dead flat and caught within the bristles which you can see and then you pull them out on a peace of tissue or whatever and dispose of it.

      I find this unit ever so simple to use and Myrtle actually likes being groomed with this. At first I thought the unit felt a bit cheaply made but I have used this regularly and I think actually this will stand the test of time for us. I did find a flea once, it was dead so whether it was dead already or this unit killed it I'm not sure to be fair but this also removed hair that was coming out as well and left Myrtle looking very dapper indeed.

      I like this unit very much as does Myrts. The batteries last forever in it (well almost lol) and it gives me peace of mind knowing I'm not continuously giving her medication which is something I am opposed to. It does a perfect job for us and I still do visually check for fleas daily but so far none at all have put in an appearance and I groom her with this often just to keep on top of the fleas.

      The perfect buy for us and very worth the money for peace of mind in our opinion!

      Available from Amazon though Google if interested.

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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        03.11.2008 17:02
        Very helpful



        Great for get rid of living fleas, but not a prevention.....

        As many of you many know I am the very proud owner of a five year old, old English sheep dog and I have just adopted another one at six months old. So the grooming and maintenance of these two has become very time consuming.

        I have never had a problem with fleas before, but as I have just taken in this rescue I have noticed a few crawling. They have not affected my other dog as she is on the frontline flea treatment, but I was worrying about using this on the rescue I have taken in, until I have been to the vet check up that is.

        I have spent the day spraying the house and using flea shampoo on the puppy, this way I can kill the fleas before I have a major problem on my hands. Anyway on my Sunday afternoon visit to Tesco, I found this Epilady electronic flea zapper comb, and thought it looked like I could help in my situation.


        The Epilady flea zapper is a comb that detects and removes fleas from your pet's fur, by emitting an electronic charge through the metal prongs on the come. This charge will either kill the fleas or stun them long enough for you to remove them from your pet.

        If the flea is big enough it will be able to get removed with the comb, but if the little bleeders area small enough to fit through the gaps in the comb, you will have no option but to pull it out yourself. This is pretty disgusting, but usually they are dead after the electric charge has hit them.

        If you are thinking this is pretty cruel for your pet, well you are wrong it will not shock, stun or harm your pet in any way. In fact they seem to enjoy it as it vibrates, they think you are being nice and giving them a massage.

        This handy little comb is effective for both cats and dogs, and will let you know if fleas are present before killing them and clearing your problem quickly.


        The Epilady Flea Zapper is great little instrument similar to a clothing tagger the clothing shops use to attach tags to clothes before displaying them. It is roughly six inches long and is very compact and light weight, making it very easy to use as it fits neatly into the palm of your hand.

        This unit is battery operated and runs off of two AA batteries, which come complete with the comb when you buy it. The batteries are standard so you will never have a problem replacing them, you cannot use rechargeable batteries in this device.

        The zapper in made of a heavy duty plastic and the comb is metal, the actual comb is retractable so when you are not using it, it can be pushed back into the device to prevent damage of rust on the prongs.

        The come is made with small prongs that sit very close together, this is similar to a hair lice comb.

        HOW TO USE

        This is very easy to use, all you need to do is set the teeth of the comb at a 45degree angle and comb the dog it the direction of the hairs growth, this will pull out the fleas as you brush. If you don't comb the pet in the direction of its hairs growth this will be very painful for the animal and very difficult for you to collect fleas.

        This is exactly the same a combing your pet, but if fleas are present the devise will start buzzing, as the comb comes in contact or near any fleas. If you get buzzing and then it stops you can be assured that the devise has killed or stunned them, now pull the comb down the hair and your flea will be stuck to the comb, you will need to remove any dead fleas from the comb before you can carry on as it will not stun any more until the comb is clear.

        To take the fleas off of the come you can pick it out, which I did as it was a lot quicker then retracting the comb so the flea falls off. I did try this but the flea would fall out bounce and I would be on my hands and knees looking for it, so I would stick to picking them out.

        This Eiplady zapper not only comes with batteries, but also a little brush that is used to clean the comb after every use, this brush was also handy to remove fleas from the comb.

        Before you even attempt to try this you should read all of the instructions, as I would have used it after the dog had been bathed as she had wet hair. I always comb the dog when her hair is wet, it seems to get the knots out better and quicker. Anyway the point being this should not be used on wet hair, common sense really but I am so glad I read the instructions.


        This cost me 15.00 at Tesco, It is located in the pet isle next to the flea treatments and shampoos.

        I also got a manufactures warranty for one year and two AA batteries.

        You can also buy this online at many pet websites, I have seen this for 14.95 but postage need to be added so I feel like I have got myself yet another bargain.

        MY OPINION

        My first impression was why is there a lady shave in the pet isle. This is why I really picked it you as I found it very novel and assumed that someone had dumped it there.

        After reading it I decided to give it a go, as it is chemical free and very easy to use. This was ideal for me as I didn't want to put frontline on the puppy until I had seen the vet for the right dosages, for her.

        This can be used on any type of dog, but with old English having long hair and the comb being so fine I was constantly tugging away at her. So if you have a long hair dog I would recommend you brush and knots and snags out before hand.

        I am amazed how this could pick up and detect fleas that even I struggled to see, it is a great little device that really works. I don't think I will trade in the frontline just yet as I don't think this will keep fleas at bay.

        Yes it will remove fleas but it won't prevent them, so I will only ever use it when I have a flea problem, which is very unlikely when I get them both on frontline.

        I think this is perfect for a few fleas but if you pet has hundreds then, I would look for another alternative.


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          28.10.2008 16:53
          Very helpful



          Flea removal without chemicals

          Just over a week ago there was an addition to our household, a small but very lively Border collie puppy. Unfortunately, he came with "attachments" - in the form of fleas! To be honest, I wasn't too surprised and had previously treated the house in preparation for his arrival but, due to a change in circumstances at the farm where he was born, he was a younger puppy than we previously expected. As he was so young, I felt it would be unwise to use chemicals to treat his problem - so, Zephyr had to be zapped!

          The Epilady Flea Zapper is an electronic comb which will detect and remove fleas. The majority of these will be killed on contact but others will be stunned long enough to dispose of them in other ways. I usually have a container with water to make sure they are finished off to my satisfaction.

          The Flea Zapper is a neat little instrument about five and a half inches long and fits nicely into your hand. It is powered by two AA batteries and when switched on emits a faint high-pitched buzz. The actual comb is retractable and usually housed in the main part of the item; it is typical of a flea comb with short teeth set very close together. The on/off switch is above this.

          This is very simple to use. The teeth of the comb should be set to an angle of about 45 degrees when combing the animal. Zephyr had no problem with this - either with the high-pitched sound or the actual combing. The indication that fleas are around is when the sound stops. You will then see the extent of your flea problem. I have to say I was completely horrified, even though the farmer had warned that he (the puppy) may have a few fleas as he had been too young to treat, I hadn't expected quite so many!

          As I mentioned, when fleas are 'zapped' the sound stops and any fleas picked up after this are likely to be still alive. They all have to be removed before the 'buzz' will start again. Included with the item is a small brush for cleaning the teeth but a well aimed fingernail is sometimes required for the stubborn one that clings on (even though it may be a corpse). The directions are to use the zapper every day for two consecutive weeks to eliminate any younger fleas that may not have been on the animal previously.

          The instructions come in English, French and Spanish and include the usual warnings about avoiding contact with eyes and mouth and not using on wet hair as well as cautions for people with pacemakers etc. There is also a limited Warranty.

          I believe the usual price for the Epilady Flea Zapper is around £19.99 but you can find them cheaper than this. I bought mine for £14.49.

          Would I recommend this - most certainly. It isn't always a good time to bath an animal, or treat it with chemicals so any help for the removal of fleas has to be good. I certainly know that Zephyr (and the cats) will be itching less because of it.

          Many thanks for reading - I hope it has been of use.



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            16.06.2008 14:59
            Very helpful



            A quick and easy way to solve a flea problem

            One of the downsides of keeping pets is the concern that from time to time they might harbour a few pets of their own in the form of fleas. I am fortunate that I have very light coloured cats so I can easily tell if one hops on board and to be honest it is rare that we have a problem. My present three cats have never had fleas at all but I am ever watchful.

            Last week I took two of them to the vets for their annual booster shots and later that night I was stroking one of them on my knee when I spotted a black speck on his coat. I went to pick it off and it moved! Oh dear, could it be one of them had acquired a flea? Now please understand I am not saying that there is a problem at my vets but it is the one time of year when my cats are in close contact with other animals so it always possible someone hitched a ride in the waiting room.

            Whilst I was sitting there worrying I suddenly remembered a gadget I had bought years ago 'just in case'. It was an electronic flea comb which, it was claimed, would electrocute fleas on contact. I had never had cause to use it before but it seemed to be worth a try especially as I wouldn't be able to get hold of any flea treatments at that time of night.

            The Electronic flea comb takes two AA batteries which fit into the handle. The teeth of the comb retract into the handle so you just insert the batteries, release the teeth and then gently comb through the coat whilst pressing a little red button on top of the comb.

            It took minutes to get it ready and then I set to work on the cat with the moving black speck. I first targetted the general area where I had seen the problem. Within seconds the comb emitted a beep and sure enough, whatever the insect was, it was zapped, dead and resting on the teeth of the comb. I combed the cat all over and only found the one 'problem'. Next I combed through the other two cats and only got one more 'beep' which turned out to be a tiny winged insect and not a flea.

            Overall I have to say I was impressed. It certainly did what it said it would and very effectively too. The teeth of the comb have plastic tips at the end so that the cat (or dog) doesn't get a shock as you use it and none of the cats seemed to mind me using it at all although they did jump a little when it beeped. My cats are semi-longhaired cats and the comb went through thir coats easily enough although I would imagine it might be more difficult if the coats were really thick.

            Would I recommend it?

            Yes I would, for the occasional problem, as it is effective. However it obviously does not help in getting rid of flea eggs and larvae so if you have a serious infestation you would need other products as well to treat carpets and bedding. I do like the 'spot on' products for prevention and cure if your pets are vulnerable but for odd incidents I think this is great.

            I also think it would be handy to use regularly to check to see if your pets have fleas - no beeps would mean they haven't got a problem. Now that I have finally used it I plan to use it occasionally on the cats just for my own peace of mind, especially in the Summer months when they spend a lot of time outdoors. I can't remember when I bought mine but they are available now for around £20 or less and that is a small price to pay for something which is effective and can be used over and over again.


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          • Product Details

            Contains a built-in electronic device designed to detect fleas on contact with the teeth / suitable for cats / dogs / rabbits suseptable to flea infestation.

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