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Exmarid Deep Cleansing Shampoo

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Brand: Exmarid / Animal: Dog / Type: Shampoo

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    2 Reviews
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      13.03.2012 20:41
      Very helpful



      One to use regularly only if you can bear the smell

      Due to not having been groomed in a few months, Sawyer's hair is getting very long. Therefore every time we go out for a walk in the park or forest, thanks to the rainy weather, he gets really muddy and has to have a bath.
      I know that mini schnauzers can be prone to skin problems such as dryness, and while Sawyer hasn't had any problems in that area, I didn't want to dry his skin out by bathing him all the time. Also, I noticed he had been licking his front paws a lot recently and wondered if something had irritated them.

      I saw this shampoo in my local Jollyes store and decided to buy it as it was a reasonable price.

      This shampoo promises to work for dogs who have dry, scaly or irritated skin. The back of the bottle also says that this contains a 'natural anti-scurf alternative to coal tar.'

      This shampoo comes in a white plastic bottle and contains 250ml. To dispense you just squeeze it out of the bottom.
      Unlike some dog shampoos, you don't need to dilute this in a certain amount of water before applying it to your dog's fur; you simply squeeze out as much or as little as you need and apply it 'neat'.

      I found that this lathered up really quickly. It can be hard to get a good lather up when shampooing Sawyer sometimes and I find I end up using a lot of shampoo just to get a lather on all of his body. However this created a decent amount, and I didn't use too much of the shampoo. I did find that it took longer to rinse this out of his coat in comparison to some dog shampoos I have used in the past, but I don't mind this taking a long time provided it's thoroughly gone. After drying, Sawyer's coat on the main part of his body was extremely fluffy looking, while the furnishings on his legs, his beard, and his eyebrows felt quite smooth and silky. The shampoo also made them nice and white - it really is impossible trying to keep a schnauzer's beard from getting discoloured but this did about as well as any dog shampoo I have used. In the few days since using this, I have found that his coat doesn't seem as tatty as it normally would after shampooing and blowdrying, despite being quite long at the moment.

      Sawyer doesn't seem to be licking at his paws as much now since he was shampooed with this - I am not sure if it's because of this product or just one of those things.

      This shampoo is a mid-brown colour - when I squeezed it out, my immediate impression was that it was similar to the colour of Coke. It's reasonably thin but not runny.
      Now - the smell. I had had a sniff of this before buying it, and it seemed weird but not too strong. When I got home and started shampooing Sawyer with this, the smell was really strong, and it lingered (and still lingers) on Sawyer's coat. I can smell it off the rubber gloves I use for bathing him, and I could smell it in the bathroom for about 24 hours after usage.

      I am not sure how to describe the smell but it is like an outdoor disinfectant! I guess the closest thing I could compare it to would be a very, very mild-smelling Jeyes Fluid.

      This costs around £4.15 which is fairly standard for this kind of product, and cheaper than a lot of brands such as PetHead.

      If I had any worries about Sawyer's skin, yes, I would use this without hesitation. I do like the way this left his coat but I really don't think I could tolerate him smelling like this all the time.
      I will be buying a different shampoo to use on a regular basis but I will be keeping my bottle of this in the cupboard to use when and if it is needed.


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      08.05.2011 12:47
      Very helpful



      A shampoo for dogs that suffer from dry and itchy skin.

      Something that we didn't know before we got our little West Highland dog eight years ago is that they're renowned for having skin problems. After spending over a thousand pounds at the vets over the past eight years (thank goodness we took out insurance when he was a puppy!) my family are now definitely experts on the skin of West Highland dogs! Harry suffers from eczema on his skin and frequently it becomes infected when his skin gets really dry despite all our efforts to keep it healthy. One thing that has improved the health of his skin over the years is giving him fairly regular shampoos with ExmaRid Deep Cleansing Shampoo.

      The ExmaRid Deep Cleansing Shampoo comes in a standard white bottle which, funnily enough, has a picture of a white West Highland dog on the front. It's advertised as being a "deep cleansing shampoo" which is suitable for dogs prone to "dry, scaly and itchy skin" which is exactly what Harry suffers with. It's advertised as containing a natural anti scurf alternative to coal tar that will leave the dog's skin in beautiful condition. This shampoo was actually recommended to me by my vet as an alternative to the more expensive Malaseb shampoo which retails at around the £14 mark and is best for dog's that suffer from skin conditions.

      The directions for use are to wet the dog's coat thoroughly and then to add 20ml to 30ml of the concentrated shampoo to an equal amount of warm water - the shampoo on its own would be too strong for a dog's skin directly so we tend to dilute it in a cup prior to starting bath time! It then recommends you massage the diluted shampoo into the dogs coat before rinsing thoroughly with warm water and then drying as normal. The bottle doesn't provide any guidance on how often you're meant to use the shampoo but we tend to wash Harry once every ten days to two weeks depending on how dirty he is to keep his skin as healthy as possible.

      Now while this shampoo hasn't cured Harry's eczema and dry skin it has certainly made it better, he used to spend ages itching every day and constantly be waking up from his sleep to itch but that's really calmed down now. He still gets itchy three or four times a day but it's much less frequent and he's not had a single skin infection since we started using this shampoo a couple of months ago. I don't really think there is going to be a cure for his itchiness but there are certainly ways to make it more bearable for him and this seems to do a really good job in trying to achieve that from what we've seen so far... we're impressed really!

      We bought our 250ml bottle of ExmaRid Deep Cleansing Shampoo from Pets At Home for £4.99 which is much cheaper than the previous brand we were using. I have seen it for around the £4 mark on different websites but I've always found it easier to pick up a couple of bottles while I'm in Pets At Home. We will definitely be purchasing a bottle of this shampoo again in the future, we find a full bottle lasts for about ten shampoos in total so about five months on average which is pretty good value for money. I'm giving this the full five stars as it's certainly made little Harry itch a lot less which means fewer trips to the vets for us!

      Thanks for reading.


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