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Ferplast Dandy XXL

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Brand: Ferplast

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    1 Review
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      18.09.2012 09:53
      Very helpful



      The perfect dog bed for larger breeds.

      When I first got my Greyhound Oscar he was just six weeks old and very tiny! So small in fact he could walk underneath my cats! I bought him a dog crate to sleep in so that I could line the floor with puppy training pads and, should he wee or poo during the night, I could just change these pads rather than wondering around the house trying to find out where 'that smell' was coming from or worse, stepping in what was causing 'that smell' when I was still half asleep.

      Once Oscar had had his injections and was able to go outside he was pretty quick and easy to housetrain and those puppy training pads were replaced with soft blankets and the likes and before I knew it I'd accidently turned this crate into his bed! So I went on the hunt for an actual dog bed for him.

      Oscar only really uses his bed when I'm either busy doing things around the house or I'm not in. If I'm sat watching tv he's usually curled up on the sofa with me and he sleeps on my bed at night time too but he still spends at least a couple of hours a day in his bed (I think he sleeps more than the cats) so I had no problems in forking out a fair bit of money for something that was decent, comfortable and would last. Oscar was around four months when I bought his bed so I needed to get something quite a bit bigger than he needed at that moment in time so I wouldn't have to upgrade a few months down the line.

      I bought this bed from Pets at Home where it cost £70. I'm sure it can be bought from other places although a quick internet search hasn't revealed any other shops stocking this bed. The bed is huge, a lot bigger than a Greyhound needs to be completely honest but then, my double bed is a lot bigger than I need it to be but I wouldn't dream of getting anything smaller! This is an XXL bed measuring 25x80x130cm and it does fit perfectly in the space his dog crate used to be so doesn't leave my front room looking bare. It's an oval shape with high, thick walls and a very soft cushion in the centre. I've got in the bed with Oscar on a few occasions for a cuddle (there's plenty of room) and I can confirm this bed is extremely comfy, I think I'd happily doze off in her myself!

      It's dark brown in colour with a lighter brown on the inside of the raised walls which goes perfectly with my brown and red front room although I don't think these neutral colours would upset anybodies colour scheme really. It's basically a soft version of those plastic dog beds you can get. It felt very high quality to me in the shop and the experience I have with Ferplast items is positive so I didn't hesitate to buy it.

      As soon as I got this bed home I set it down in the living room (there was no packaging) and let Oscar climb inside. Oscar apparently loved this bed, confirmed by his wagging tail and the fact little Oscar popped out for a little bit to have a look too! For the last seven months he's been sleeping in there during the day and has no problems getting in and out as he desires at all. At four months old, when I first bought this bed, Oscar looked completely lost in this massive bed and, as he's got bigger (he's not too far from fully grown now) he's padding it out a little more although it's safe to say he's never going to outgrow this! Providing it stays intact then I this will last him for his entire life.

      I see no reason why it wouldn't stay intact either. This is a well made dog bed, very high quality. Oscar has used this daily for the past seven months and to be honest it still looks good as new. The bed itself is far too big to stick in the washer and just the cushion would be quite a struggle so I tend to just use the same fabric cleaner I use on my sofa and this get out any stains perfectly fine without upsetting Oscar's skin plus it doesn't leave the bed out of bounds for as long as washing it would either. None of the stitching has come undone and, even when Oscar has been 'digging' at the bed because he's lost a bone underneath the cushion, nothing has ripped or tore or looks even close to doing so.

      It's a great bed which seems like it will stand the test of time well making it good value for his money. Should I ever decide to get a Great Dane in the future I'm sorted for a bed too!


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  • Product Details

    Extra-extra large brown dog bed

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