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Fetch Pet Chucka

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Brand: Fetch Pet Toys / Animals Equipment Type: Dog Toys

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    1 Review
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      18.05.2008 20:07
      Very helpful



      Worth its weight in pure gold!

      *What is the Fetch Pet Chucka?*
      This fantastic product, produced by Fetch Pet Toys Ltd who manufacture a large range of dog and cat toys, is designed to help overcome the problem of owners not ever being able to throw the ball far enough for their dogs liking!

      *The product itself*
      On first impressions, the Chucka is an odd looking piece of equipment, it incorporates a long plastic arm with an easy grip handle on one end, and a shaped cup on the other in which a tennis ball fits perfectly. In total the 'arm' is just under a metre long, but is curved and also slightly flexible which allows you to throw the ball even further, the cut out grips on the handle makes the Chucka very easy to hold and prevents your grip from slipping and the whole thing flying out of your hand when you chuck the ball. The length of the arm also stops you from having to bend right down to pick up the ball, which perhaps makes it ideal for people with back or mobility problems, the best feature however is that you don't have to touch the tennis ball at all, when your dog retrieves the ball, you can just ask him to drop it, and then push the cup end over the ball to pick it up and throw again, which means no more slobber covered hands! You really don't have to be a strong thrower either for the ball to go long distances, you simply raise the Chucka and swing it forward and the ball will fly out the cup, the more force you use, obviously the further the ball will go. The Chucka comes with a ball emblazoned with the Chucka logo, however the cup at the end will fit any standard sized tennis ball, or exact same size rubber ball, making it suitable for most breeds of dog, except the toy breeds that would probably be unable to pick the ball up. Smaller balls could possibly be used, but would not fit in the cup snugly and you wouldn't be able to use the cup to pick up the ball.
      The products is made from strong plastic, and available in orange, blue, purple, green and red meaning if you are really sad like me, you should be able to choose a colour to match that of your dogs lead.

      The Chucka comes with clear plastic around the end part, which keeps the included ball enclosed, the arm part of the Chucka however is not packaged so you can get an idea of the grip and flexibility of the product in the shop before you purchase it. Enclosed is a cardboard insert which tells you a bit about the product, aswell as contact address for Fetch Pet Toys Ltd should you have any comments or complaints.

      *Price & Availability*
      Many different versions and unnamed brands of these ball launchers are available, and can be picked up in the Poundshop (I discovered this after I brought mine) and I'm sure they work just as well. I purchased my Chucka for £5.99 from my small local pet shop, and they are available from Pets At Home and many online pet stores too.

      *My opinion*
      This product is quite literally a god send to me and probably every other owner of a fetch loving dog. As many of you will already know (because I don't shut up about them), I have three amazing dogs. The oldest, Ruby, may be of a ''you threw it, so you go and blooming fetch it'' attitude but the other two couldn't be more different- Grace and Benson would chase and retrieve a ball all day long given half the chance. But as they are very big dogs and I'm possibly the worlds worst thrower, the tennis ball always would end up only a few steps for them in front of me- hardly great exercise or very much fun, so when I saw this product I brought it straight away. It now comes on almost all of our walks, which provides great exercise as they run after the ball, or race each other to get there first. The Chucka allows me to throw the ball around 100m, which is a fair enough distance and much further than I could ever throw without it, the handle lives up to its claims of being easy to grip and its easy to pick up the ball and throw again, without getting your hands covered in slobber, mud or whatever else the ball may have landed in. The product is lightweight and easy to carry when not in use, and the ball will sit in the cup without falling out, but either Benson or Grace will always carry the ball when we're walking, so to me it doesn't make much difference. Despite being very lightweight, and flimsy, it has lasted very well and is very strong, I've had my Chucka for a year or so now, it shows no sign of damage and if needed, its very easily cleaned in warm water and normal washing up liquid.

      *Pro's & Con's*
      + Provides excellent exercise for dogs, particularly useful if walks are limited for whatever reason
      + You do not need to touch the ball, nor bend down to pick it up
      + Throws the ball long distances with very little effort
      + Fits any standard size tennis ball
      + Lightweight and easy to carry
      + Good grip on handle, ball releases from the cup easily when thrown
      + Ball stays put in cup when walking along, with the Chucka not in use

      - Its possible to over exercise young dogs, and it could easily happen with this product. Games of fetch (or any extensive exercise) should be limited until the dog is at least 8 months old for small dogs, 1 year for medium dogs and 18months for the bigger breeds. This is to avoid stress and damage on developing bones and muscles
      - Very small breeds will be unable to pick up tennis balls


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      Fetch toy designed for dogs

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