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Fiprokil Spot On Solution for Medium Dogs

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Brand: Fibrospot / Type: Flea Control

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    1 Review
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      05.09.2011 11:48
      Very helpful



      A Great cheaper alternative flea treatment

      I have a few dogs and sometimes the payments for treatments such as Flea and Worming can become expensive and recently I found a much cheaper alternative for flea treatment.

      I was paying quite a bit of money for Frontline spot on which is a great product and offers great assistance in helping combat fleas which can appear at random.

      The vet informed me a few months ago about a new product named Fiprospot which does exactly the same job as Frontline but was cheaper by just a few pounds.

      The product is designed for all dog sizes so if you have a big dog in terms of weight perhaps a Labrador or you have a small terrier the sizes are all catered for. You pick the size you want to use and then you make the purchase.

      At first I was dubious as to whether this product would offer peace of mind like other flea treatments do and I was amazed by some of the results. I had let my dog stay around a friend's home for a week whilst I went away for a small break and when we returned the poor dog had been covered in fleas and it was just a challenge to remove them.

      I put on the Fiprospot on product and I noticed within 24 hours that I went through my dog and I found some fleas but they were dead and I knew the product was working. You are given a pipette like you do with other flea treatment products and you cut the end off and put this on the dog's neck.

      The idea is to use the entire contents and squeeze it all into the fur and just massage the product around and around until it looks like the fur is soaking wet. The dog tends to try and wipe away the product because of the sensation it leaves the dog but usually it makes the dogs fleas die and disappear instantly.

      The idea about this product is that the flea will bite the dog and die and this is because once you put this pipette solution on to the neck area it slowly works it ways into the glands and it makes it way around the body to the various hair tips and sadly for the fleas they bite the dog they die.

      I did notice more fleas appearing though on my dog even though they had died they did appear to be multiplying rather quickly but I found this is normal because the formula attracts the fleas and then it lures them to a death which sounds cruel but for your own piece of mind and your pets this is a clever substance.

      Dogs or cats get bitten by a flea and sometimes they pay no interest but other times rashes and rather horrible scratching takes place which leads to infections and irritation so you need to product your pets and this product being cheaper than Frontline has the same ingredients and does the same job.

      There is perhaps one downside to using this product and that is when you apply the product you never quite know if all the formula has gone onto the dog and whether you have massaged it into the fur and skin enough. If you have a rough hair dog it might be more difficult compared to a smooth hair dog.

      You can get all sizes so all dogs are covered and it works really well and that has to be a good reason to try it even just to compare it to your current product. In my view a great product which saves me money.

      Also to note is that this product does not need a prescription from vets and can be purchased online as well.


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    • Product Details

      Fiprokil Spot On Solution 134mg for Medium Dogs 3 Pipettes is supplied by Bob Martin. Fiprokil Spot On Solution 134mg for Medium Dogs 3 Pipettes is a fantastic product. You can now purchase Fiprokil Spot On Solution 134mg for Medium Dogs 3 Pipettes from pharmacyfirst.co.uk. Fiprokil Spot On Solution 134mg for Medium Dogs 3 Pipettes has been well received since its launch by Bob Martin.

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