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Flamingo Puppy Shampoo

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Brand: Flamingo / Type: Dog Shampoo

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    1 Review
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      04.08.2010 11:01
      Very helpful



      A great shampoo if you don't mind the mink oil

      We got our dog from the shelter and although they took good care of her she stank like a plague when we first brought her home. Puppies and dogs are not to be showered to often but we were in luck since in the shelter they suggested we give her a bath in a few days since she also needed her anti parasite capsule which is applied on skin, clean skin.

      We went to the pet store and purchased this shampoo since it was one of the rare that was made specially for puppies (well at least at that store). It was just under £4 for a 300ml bottle so I don't think it is really expensive.

      There is a thing about this shampoo which we noticed after purchase. We were advised by the saleslady which shampoo is the best and we have good experience with guidance from this saleslady so we bought it without much checking. This shampoo is enriched with mink oil, if we knew that before we probably would be buying a different one (if there would be an option) but what was done, was done. If you have a problem with this then this shampoo is certainly not for you. I do have a problem with this but not to the extent that I would return the shampoo I should have checked it before. On the bright side mink oil is supposed to be really great for skin, but I would prefer an alternative such as macadamia oil.

      After a few stinky days the time to give the small one a bath finally came. And so did the frustration.
      Quoting the label:

      "Specially for young dogs. The gentle ingredients in this shampoo provide extra care for young dogs. Degreasing is minimal and the shampoo provides a protective coating on the skin and coat. Spread the shampoo evenly over the wet fur. Massage until a beneficial layer of foam develops. Rinse with lukewarm water and dry off well."

      Very poetic label I must say but how much do you use it? What if the dog drinks it, what if it goes into a dog's eye? What if? I understand that shampoos for older dogs don't have specific instructions but when you have a small puppy that is third the size of your cat you begin to wonder what if? Puppy is a delicate little creature and more instructions on the shampoo would be more than welcome or at least some advice. We seek advice from people that have more experience with small puppies and the advices were to use very little shampoo, not to wash the head and avoid contact to eyes and mouth at all cost - not only can it cause some problems with a puppy that small it can also make it hate bathing if it gets a negative experience at a first go.

      After the "learning" session was done it was finally time to give the small one a bath. She absolutely hated the water. Applying the shampoo did not cause any additional stress so I can assume she did not mind it much. The shampoo was easy to spread and it foamed quickly enough. We rinsed it off along with tons of dirt and the torture was over really quickly. It really is a puppy friendly shampoo.

      If you smell the shampoo it will remind you of baby oil such as Johnson's baby oil. When you smell the puppy the scent remains similar, a bit milder and with a notch of natural doggy smell. I like it.

      After we dried her up the fur looked amazing, it had a nice shine to it and had volume. It was really soft to the touch. Four days later it is the same.

      How to rate this product?
      It is good at what it is supposed to do 5 stars
      It smells great 5 stars
      Price is right 5 stars
      Minsk oil 1 star
      Poor instructions 3 stars

      In overall I do fell it deserves 4 stars!


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